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Software-update: Yii PHP Framework 1.1.14

Yii PHP Framework logo (75 pix)Yii is een component based php-framework, met volgens de ontwikkelaars zeer goede prestaties, die het bijzonder geschikt maken voor het ontwikkelen van grootschalige webapplicaties. Het framework bevat tal van opties, zoals mvc, dao/ActiveRecord, I18N/L10N, caching, jQuery-based AJAX support, scaffolding, input validation, widgets, events en theming. Voor meer informatie verwijzen we naar deze pagina. De ontwikkelaars hebben versie 1.1.13 uitgebracht en hierin zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Bugs fixed:
  • #698: Now you can get and modify criteria of the current query in beforeFind() event handler
  • #1031: Fixed the bug that the filters in CGridView does not work in IE
  • #1119: Added CUploadedFile::reset() to make it more test-friendly
  • #1176: Fixed the bug that CVarDumper does't highlight well strings with quotes
  • #1376: Fixed the bug that the timestamps displayed in Web application log may not be formatted properly
  • #1377: Fixed the bug that CStarRating did not work when not setting the model property
  • #1382: Fixed space removal in CDbCriteria::compare()
  • #1384: SET NAMES problem with MSSQL PDO Provider
  • #1390: AR may lose precision if a column is declared as unsigned int for MySQL database
  • #1404: CSecurityManager::validateData() fails when the data is an array
  • #1408: CDbAuthManager may throw exception when unserializing data from auth items in PHP 5.3
  • #1432: AR find methods with JOIN in query criteria may populate AR objects with attribute values belonging to other tables
  • #1435: Table alias declared in scopes may be ignored when performing relational findByPk and findByAttributes queries
  • #1476: Fixed the bug that setting 'id' to be false will still render 'id' attribute in CHtml::radioButton and checkBox
  • #1455: CFormButtonElement generates wrong type for button tags
  • #1488: When using cookies with CJuiWidget jquery.cookie.js is not registered
  • #1493: ShellCommand wouldn't process logs after exiting.
  • #1521: CUniqueValidator may incorrectly fail the validation of a non-PK column when updating both this column and the PK column
  • #1526: CFormInputElement by default should only show error if CForm::showErrorSummary is false
  • #954: Refactored CActiveRecord and CActiveFinder so that CActiveRecord::with() always returns the AR object itself
  • #1019: Improved CDataFormatter for formatting numeric weekdays
  • #1073: Allow dependencies to be set in constructor of CChainedCacheDependency. Also allow dependencies to be specified as configurations.
  • #1087: Allow CDbCriteria to be used as dynamic relational query options
  • #1104: Added argument "$" to jQuery block to prevent $ alias conflict
  • #1108: Added option to CFileHelper::getMimeType() to allow enable and disable falling back to extension-based MIME detection
  • #1120: Improved error handling in session write handler of CDbHttpSession
  • #1128: Improved error reporting when assets directory does not exist or is not writable
  • #1222: Added relations information to Gii generated model's PHPDoc
  • #1244: CActiveRecord::count() now respects GROUP-BY and HAVING settings
  • #1347: Added CPagination::validateCurrentPage
  • #1358: Enhanced the 'together' option of HAS_MANY/MANY_MANY relations so that setting it true will ensure the related table is joined with the primary table in a single SQL
  • #1359: Added CActiveRecord::countByAttributes
  • #1361: Added linkLabelWrapper, firstItemCssClass and lastItemCssClass to CMenu
  • #1366: Added CListView::itemsTagName
  • #1371: Improved js code in gii view templates to allow easier subclassing
  • #1392: Added CCaptchaAction::fixedVerifyCode
  • #1400: Enhanced CActiveRecord::getAttributeLabel() to support returning labels for related object's attribute
  • #1412: Yii::import() now throws an exception when trying to include nonexisting PHP file
  • #1414: Several enhancements to MSSQL driver used by AR
  • #1433: Added CMessageSource::forceTranslation
  • #1434: Added zii message translation in Italian (enrico.detoma)
  • #1440: CDbException does now provide a valid error code if possible
  • #1443: Added CCheckBoxColumn::checked to allow settings checked state for each CCheckBoxColumn row
  • #1444: Added CFilter::init()
  • #1449: Changed CDbCriteria's base class to be CComponent to better report configuration errors
  • #1461: Enhanced CEmailLogRoute to support additional email headers
  • #1471: CActiveForm AJAX validation should be cancelled when the form is already submitted
  • #1509: Improved CMarkdownParser so that it can be used in console mode
  • #1525: Added support to allow customizing 'name' attribute of checkboxes generated by CCheckBoxColumn
  • #1532: Exposed the serviceName and namespace properties of CWsdlGenerator
  • Added CPortlet::hideOnEmpty property
  • Added CValidator::safe to allow marking a validator as safe or unsafe
  • Added CDbCacheDependency::params
  • Added CUrlManager::addRules()
  • Added support for using sqlsrv driver with MSSQL
  • Added CActiveForm::focus to set input focus on page load
  • #1102: Added jQuery UI as a core client script package
  • #1309: CHttpRequest::getPathInfo() now always returns decoded results
  • #1494: CHtml::ajaxSubmitButton() will generate a submit button
  • #1515: CModel::onUnsafeAttribute() will be invoked only when $safeOnly is true when calling CModel::setAttributes
  • Replaced jQuery live() with delegate() in CHtml-generated js code
  • Upgraded JQuery UI to 1.8.4
  • Upgraded code highlighter: added sh and VBScript, fixed comments in CSS and hex numbers in JavaScript
  • Added CSqlDataProvider and CArrayDataProvider
  • Added support for automatic action parameter binding from $_GET

Versienummer 1.1.14
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Scripttaal
Website Yii PHP Framework
Bestandsgrootte 3,92MB
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

Door Bart van Klaveren

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14-08-2013 • 15:18

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Submitter: BBrunekreeft

Bron: Yii PHP Framework

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Wijzig sortering
Ik blijf het jammer vinden dat dit framework toch aardig wat eigenaardigheden die het niet makkelijk maken om direct van PHP over te stappen. Ook dat versie 2 er al een lange tijd aan zit te komen, weerhoud mij om nieuwe projecten hiermee te starten. Het ziet er namelijk wel allemaal prima uit. Toch heb ik laatst voor Laravel gekozen, daar die wel een nieuwe versie had en deze op dat moment toch wat uitgebreider was (zeker ook door de packages). Verder mis ik nog wat toevoegingen vanuit de community. Daar zijn andere cmssen of frameworks toch wel beter in.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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