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Software-update: D7 4.7.4

D7 logo (60 pix)D7 is een programma dat kan worden gebruikt voor het verhelpen van allerhande problemen in Windows, het verwijderen van malware en het maken van een backup van persoonlijke bestanden en instellingen. Het programma maakt gebruik van zelfontwikkelde oplossingen en leunt verder op diverse externe tooltjes, die ook hier in de Meuktracker regelmatig voorbijkomen, zoals Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, HijackThis en de tooltjes van Piriform. D7 is echter een krachtige tool die ook een hoop schade kan aanrichten en is daarom vooral bedoeld voor de ervaren pc-techneut. D7 is nog volop in ontwikkeling en moet als bètamateriaal worden beschouwd. Sinds de vorige vermelding in de Meuktracker zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen doorgevoerd:

Changes in version 4.7.4:
  • Added custom dSupport configuration save and install to dSupport tab.
Changes in version 4.7.3:
  • Added xbootmgr functionality to xperf wrapper.
  • Added Password Removal Tricks to Offline tab > Misc.
  • Added Clear Print Queue to Repair tab > Misc.
Changes in version 4.7.2:
  • Del Temp Files function now also does Windows Update temps (%windir%\SoftwareDistribution\Download)
  • Added Unlock File, Delete on Reboot, and Upload to Virus Total to Shell Extensions and Work With File.
  • Added Replace Task Manager with Process Explorer to D7 Config > General Behavior. When enabled this option takes effect while D7 is loaded only.
  • Added Del $NTUninst Dirs function to Maintenance tab. This deletes all %windir%\$NTUninstallxxxxx and $NTServicePackUninstall$ dirs. WARNING: YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO UNINSTALL WINDOWS UPDATES AFTER THIS.
Changes in version 4.7.1:
  • Fixed Sysinternals EULA prompt during certain automated operations.
  • Incorporated Sysinternals ListDLLs functionality into Shell Extensions, the Malware Scan interface, and added a full wrapper form on the Malware tab.
  • Vastly reduced Repair Permissions time by combining command line parameters for subinacl (duh!)
  • Improved internal take control function when dealing with registry keys.
  • Added my "Out of place files" detection EXEs to IFEO Modifier's drop down list (formerly just running processes.)
  • Removed Malwarebytes StartupLite from Malware tab - useless in malware removal scenarios, and already on the Maintenance tab...
  • Misc. internal function modifications.
Changes in version 4.7.0:
  • Decided to re-enable the old splash screen while D7 loads - just curious to see which functions are occupying the most startup time.
  • Although D7 Info tab, first thing already lists the Windows installation date, I added the number of DAYS since the installation as well.
  • Fixed Force Restart D7 function to actually restart D7...
  • Added Nirsoft's BatteryInfoView to the Maintenance tab. (Be sure to update 3rd Party Tools profile!)
  • Added Maintenance tab option to quickly "Defrag Startup Items" as an alternative to a full defrag (Uses Sysinternals Contig.exe to defrag individual startup items found in the Startup folder and Run/RunOnce Registry Keys under HKLM/HKCU/HKU)
Changes in version 4.6.9:
  • New 3rd Party Apps - Be sure to update your D7_DefaultApps Profile before running Ketarin!
  • Added Defrag Page File (XP) to Maintenance tab, utilizing Sysinternals Pagedfrg.exe
  • Added Shell Extension options to Securely Delete and Defrag both files and dirs, utilizing Sysinternals utilities to do the dirty work.
  • Added back Sysinternals RegDelNull as part of the Pre-Malware Scan (rarely useful, I haven't seen malware use this in years, but who knows with today's new threats.)
  • Since no one seems to notice it, now when you get the 2x Anti-Virus alert, the A/V software D7 finds to the left of the alert will now be in RED along with the alert.
Changes in version 4.6.8:
  • Now, clicking the X to close D7 will prompt you as to HOW to close D7 (completely, as if using the Close button, or partially as the previous behavior exhibited.)
  • Added Bootvis, Kernrate Viewer, and an Xperf.exe wrapper under Performance on the Maintenance tab.
  • Added Powercfg.exe Wrapper to the Tweaks tab > Misc
  • Misc. under the hood stuff.
Changes in version 4.6.7:
  • Added backup space requirement calculations to DataGrab!
  • Added Get Product Keys to Offline tab.
Changes in version 4.6.6:
  • Added Revo Uninstaller and Open Hardware Monitor to maintenance tab.
  • Fixed issue where DataGrab Free Space label displayed the source drive not the destination drive!
  • Added NTFS Junctions function to the Malware tab, since this is where it will get the most use. (it still remains on the Tweaks tab also.)
Changes in version 4.6.5:
  • D7 can now prevent system sleep mode while running. (Actually the code was in place a long time ago, I just mistakenly thought it was broken and labeled it as such.) D7 > D7 Config > General Behavior > Prevent System Sleep Mode. This does require a restart of D7.
  • D7 can now prevent the system screen saver from becoming active! D7 > D7 Config > General Behavior > Prevent Screen Saver. This also requires a restart of D7.
  • Fixed IFEO Modifier on the Malware tab added last version was not firing - now it works. :
Changes in version 4.6.4:
  • Added new method to delete malware junctions "Destroy Junction" in NTFS Junctions function.
  • Added IFEO Modifier to / and rearranged a few items in Malware tab to duplicate how I most frequently use it lately.
Changes in version 4.6.3:
  • D7 now works with NTFS Junctions via Tweaks tab > NTFS Junctions (requires NTFSLinksView from - please update your D7 Default Profile in 3rd Party Tools!)
Changes in version 4.6.2:
  • Added OpenDNS FamilyShield IPs and all three Norton DNS IPs to the Custom DNS Selection box on the NIC form.
  • Implemented a BROWSE function for the dSupport executable, a workaround for D7 not recognizing an installation of dSupport.
Changes in version 4.6.1:
  • Re-coded Desktop Refresh function for speed and to (hopefully) fix a bug where D7 doesn't start / isn't visible on some systems.
Changes in version 4.6.0:
  • Several bug fixes related to D7 properly recognizing when updates are available under certain conditions; (though there are still bugs in this area yet to be discovered.)
  • Some under the hood work.
  • Sorry, nothing else this release. I couldn't think of a new feature and haven't had any requests lately. I do have some things on the back burner, but have been extremely busy with other things lately anyway.
Changes in version 4.5.9:
  • Vastly improved Take Control (ownership / permissions) function for file system objects.
  • Vastly improved taking ownership/permissions on registry keys prior to deletion.
  • Added SearchScopes registry location (IE search engines) to Malware Scan (no whitelisting/blacklisting available yet...)
  • Added Create IFEO option to Malware Scan interface for problematic / reoccurring malware.
  • Narrowed down the Malware Scan interface to fit better in safe mode / low screen resolution usage.
  • Changed Repair Permissions routine from the old Dial-A-Fix secedit.exe method to a new method utilizing subinacl - takes far longer, but is far more thorough, fixing tons of issues occurring after some malware removals, such as Windows installer 2203, problems installing MSSE, etc.
  • Misc Fixes and minor additions.
Versienummer 4.7.4
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Website Foolish IT
Bestandsgrootte 3,49MB
Licentietype Freeware

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

30-10-2011 • 10:31

0 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: mrtnptrs

Bron: Foolish IT


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