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Software-update: D7 6.3.101

D7 logo (60 pix)D7 is een programma dat kan worden gebruikt voor het verhelpen van allerhande problemen in Windows, het verwijderen van malware en het maken van een backup van persoonlijke bestanden en instellingen. Het programma maakt gebruik van zelfontwikkelde oplossingen en leunt verder op diverse externe tooltjes, die ook in de Meuktracker regelmatig voorbijkomen, zoals HitmanPro, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, HijackThis en de tooltjes van Piriform. D7 is echter een krachtige tool, die ook een hoop schade kan aanrichten en is daarom vooral bedoeld voor de ervaren pc-techneut. Het programma is nog volop in ontwikkeling en moet als bètamateriaal worden beschouwd. Sinds de vorige vermelding in de Meuktracker zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Changes in version 6.3.101
  • Now deleting Unstoppable Copier settings prior to running DataGrab so everything with USC should be default.
  • Mostly added new details to existing items that didn't show any information in the details pane.
Changes in version 6.3.100
  • Fixed D7 trying to store reports in the root of the OS partition under certain configurations.
Changes in version 6.3.99
  • Added options to disable UAC when D7 starts and enable UAC when it closes, visit D7 Config > Behavior > Startup Behavior to enable the options!
  • Disabled experimental SSD check before Defraggler until I can get it working more accurately.
Changes in version 6.3.97
  • Fixed a bug in the User Autologon option where Autologon setting didn't take effect in Windows Vista with a blank user password.
  • Windows activation check now ignores Windows clients configured to activate via a KMS server.
Changes in version 6.3.96
  • Fixed "Force Removal" option for Shell Extensions Config to remove context menu items left behind after a D7 crash during an update to v6.3.93+ with Skins enabled.
Changes in version 6.3.95
  • Updated D7's Update form to allow you to pick and choose which Ketarin profiles to run during the D7 update.
Changes in version 6.3.93
  • Implemented new submenu for D7's Explorer context menus in Windows 7 only, to free up the context menu clutter.
Changes in version 6.3.79
  • Fixed status bar not updating after SSD check when manually running Defraggler via button click.
Changes in version 6.3.78
  • Added SSD detection (untested on actual SSDs) to run prior to Defraggler (by default in auto mode only) to skip Defraggler if an SSD is detected. Visit D7 Config > Defraggler Behavior.
  • Added ability to run Defraggler automatically when running manually via button click, using same parameters as it does in Auto Mode. Visit D7 Config > Defraggler Behavior.
Changes in version 6.3.77
  • D7's SFC functions now detect if SFC is disabled via Registry, and re-enables it if so (changes do require a Windows restart to take effect.)
  • New Custom Apps config option "Run in CMD.EXE" which creates a batch file to run your app in, changing to the current app's directory before running the app. Purpose is for some apps that don't function properly when run normally via D7.
Changes in version 6.3.76
  • Fixed: Auto Mode not remembering where you left off during Malware removal after an app forces a reboot.
Changes in version 6.3.75
  • Browse for Folder dialogs now function when running under the SYSTEM account!
Changes in version 6.3.74
  • Fixed Reports window not displaying in it's entirety.
Changes in version 6.3.73
  • Added new command line parameters and their options to the D7 > Config > Scheduling page. -mergedefs -syncconfigtoserver and -syncconfigfromserver
Changes in version 6.3.70
  • D7 can now accept multiple command line parameters at once.
  • D7 config has a new page: Scheduling - provides easy ability to schedule D7 to run automatically and process it's command line functionality for automatic updating and Ketarin updating.
Changes in version 6.3.66
  • Fixed an issue with broken shortcut detection while running D7 under the SYSTEM account.
Changes in version 6.3.65
  • Now the slow Vista/7 activation check is forced on D7's first startup on each new PC - subsequent startups on the same PC will automatically skip the activation check if the initial check revealed that Windows was in fact activated.
Changes in version 6.3.63
  • Made further tweaks to Vista/7 Windows activation check accuracy.
Changes in version 6.3.61
  • Added an automated import feature for Custom Apps/Tools/Scripts. Simply drop the .CFG file for each Custom App in the appropriate subdir of \Config, and you will be prompted to import it on your next visit to that section in D7 Config. More details to follow in the online manual.
Changes in version 6.3.59
  • Squashed a bug (another one) causing D7 to create a config FILE instead of a DIRECTORY.
Changes in version 6.3.58
  • Fixed Auto Mode on the Malware page not stopping when you hit the stop button.
  • Added missing Add/Remove buttons for the wildcard search on the DataMigrage page.
  • Clicking "Get Help Online" on the config screen now takes you to the specific section of the online manual appropriate to the page you are on in the config.
  • Added more help to the config screen / custom apps with regards to variables.
  • Added a username prompt for DataRestore/DataMigrate if you started D7 with System access to avoid certain issues.
Changes in version 6.3.57
  • Added to activation status (in the details pane) the number of days remaining until activation is required, if unactivated.
Changes in version 6.3.55
  • Added Office activation data migration to DataMigrate.
  • Made further tweaks to Windows Vista/7 activation check accuracy, should no longer report windows is NOT activated when it is ;)
Changes in version 6.3.52
  • Made further improvements to the broken shortcut detection in relation to mapped drives and 64 bit OSes.
Changes in version 6.3.39
  • Made some improvements to Windows activation check accuracy, should no longer report Vista/7 as activated when they are not.
  • Made a few reliability improvements to the broken shortcut detection function. Still having issues with shortcuts to mapped drives, however.
Changes in version 6.3.23
  • Fixed a bug in DataMigrate.
Changes in version 6.3.20
  • Changed Check Services alert to show service display names instead of actual service names.
  • Added filtering for the Check Services alert to exclude certain .NET services and a few others.
Changes in version 6.3.18
  • Added a progress bar to D7 startup processes and Auto Mode on Maintenance and Malware pages.
  • Minor stuff under the hood and some verbiage changes here and there.
Changes in version 6.3.15
  • The "Also Run Ketarin" checkbox on the update screen now runs Ketarin to update all existing profiles, not just D7_DefaultApps.db
  • Added Web Search to the Search menu to make up for the missing web search bar on the old info tab.
  • Fixed Select All / Select None on Maintenance tab not properly (de)selecting some items.
  • Tweaked a little on the installed MBAM detection to avoid potential 'mbam.exe not found' error in certain circumstances.
Changes in version 6.3.13
  • Fixed D7 displaying "Checking Internet Connection" instead of "Idle..." in certain circumstances.
Changes in version 6.3.12
  • D7 now backups up MBAM definitions after a successful update, to restore at a later date if MBAM fails an update due to no internet connectivity.
Changes in version 6.3.11
  • D7 now displays the last boot time in seconds on the Info page, as reported by Windows performance event logs in Vista/7.
Changes in version 6.3.10
  • Fixed a critical error where D7 accidentally created a CONFIG FILE instead of a CONFIG DIRECTORY, causing tons of issues from errors in Custom Apps configuration to failed downloads of missing software.
Changes in version 6.3.6
  • Added a Delete Option for Custom Apps in the Config
Changes in version 6.3.5
  • You now have an unlimited number of Custom Apps, Tools, and Scripts.
  • You can now easily change the order you want your custom apps to run in Auto Mode.
  • UI changes, got rid of the optional sidebar and main tabbed interface - two less dependencies and reduces the size of D7.
Changes in version 6.2.4
  • Fixed: My Apps tab was displaying an installed version of dEventMonitor on the dSupport label.
Changes in version 6.2.3
  • KillEmAll Upload to VirusTotal now uploads the file if the VT uploader is present, or copies the file path to the clipboard for easy pasting into the VT website if not.
  • Added BatteryInfoView report output to D7's Info_Report.txt
  • Fixed a bug when creating Junctions and moving directories that started Unstoppable Copier with settings it previously used on the system (e.g. with DataGrab)
Changes in version 6.2.2
  • Fixed a bug in D7 config causing improper loading/saving of the "Display D7 version in the title bar" setting.
Changes in version 6.2.1
  • Fixed a bug on the Custom Apps/Tools/Scripts configuration screen.
Changes in version 6.2.0
  • Introducing direct data migration from an offline partition (or a windows.old dir) to a new Windows install with the DataMig tab.
  • Incorporated ABR Beta into D7's DataGrab/DataPut automation, at least until I can get native activation backup/restore working...
  • Fixed DataPut not importing .REG files to the currently logged in user when running with SYSTEM access.
  • Minor fixes to DataGrab and DataPut functionality.
Changes in version 6.1.18
  • DataPut can now automatically insert a backed up Windows Product Key (Vista/7) into the fresh install.
  • Made improvements to internal functions that take ownership / assign permissions on directories.
  • Fixed an issue where D7 didn't properly re-hide files on shutdown when obtaining SYSTEM access.
  • Updated Sync D7 Configuration to include a custom KEA_Whitelist.txt
Changes in version 6.1.9
  • Fixed an issue where D7 doesn't properly grab Windows product keys on 64 bit systems.
  • DataGrab now backs up Windows XP/Vista/7 activation files. (May require running D7/DataGrab with System Access... Restoration coming soon!)
Changes in version 6.1.5
  • Finally! The Sync D7.INI feature is now Sync D7 Configuration Set - which syncs D7.INI, D7_DefaultApps.ini, ActionLanguage.INI, your custom applogo.bmp and applogo.ico, and INI/BMP/ICO files in your D7\Branding directory.
Changes in version 6.1.4
  • D7 now checks on startup if the PC has any services set to auto-start with Windows which are currently not running; when found, a "Check Services!" alert will appear in the Alerts column of the Info tab.
Changes in version 6.1.3
  • DataGrab now actually has status bar updates during operation.
Changes in version 6.1.2
  • Fixed an issue where Empty Recycle Bin stopped working on XP SP3 machines.
Changes in version 6.1.1
  • DataGrab now backups up entire wireless connection profiles (not just passwords) so they can be automatically re-imported on the new OS by DataPut!!! (Vista/7 only and must be running from the current/live Windows OS for both export and import.)

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Versienummer 6.3.101
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Website Foolish IT
Bestandsgrootte 5,53MB
Licentietype Freeware

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

23-05-2012 • 18:39

4 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Foolish IT


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Reacties (4)

Wijzig sortering
Inmiddels is er al weer een nieuwe versie uit (versie 6.3.103!)
Dit zijn de veranderingen in deze nieuwe versie:

* Separated Custom Links from the Internet menu into it's own menu.

* New Menu RUN (Run/Command Prompt links from the old MAIN menu with a few new command prompt options.)

* Command Prompt junkies now have in the RUN menu the ability to browse for a PATH to open the command prompt in before opening, no more CD \Here\and\There to get where you are going!
Ja het gaat hard. Toen ik met artikel begon was het 6.3.100 en 101 was er voor ik klaar was. 8)7
Werkt het zoals, pak 'm beet, MeGUI? Zijn de verschillende programma's waar D7 op leunt aangestuurd vanuit het programma zelf of is het nog veel handmatig werk waarbij D7 je er door heen loodst? En worden deze externe programma's meegeleverd of moet je ze bij de eerste installatie handmatig toevoegen?

Ik heb al een paar keer bij kennissen/familie de hele Windows installatie opnieuw moeten doen vanwege hardnekkige malware, dus wellicht is D7 de uitkomst :) Als ik het OS kan slopen tijdens het repareren, is dat minder erg dan hem sowieso herinstalleren.
D7 is uiteindelijk alleen gevaarlijk voor de mensen die er mee werken en niet weten waar alles voor dient.
als je genoeg kennis in bezit heb over software van een computer dan is D7 een wonder programma wat eigenlijk alles doet wat Tweak programma's niet helemaal vlekkeloos kunnen doen, ofwel helemaal niet

D7 is daarmee helaas wel ondersteund vanaf het gebruik van losse modules in plaats van 1 compleet geheel
wat resulteert in je moet betalen voor bepaalde opties die gemaakt zijn door anderen
deze opties worden ook pas geïnstalleerd als de gebruiker daar animo voor heeft en er gebruik van wil maken
dit word dus niet bij de basis installatie mee geleverd

daarnaast is D7 helemaal automatisch kwa gebruik maar je moet wel zelf aangeven wat de instellingen moeten worden en daar gaat het meestal fout en soms goed(slecht) ook (uit eigen ervaring)

[Reactie gewijzigd door Emula op 24 mei 2012 21:07]

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