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Bron: Foolish IT

D7 logo (60 pix)D7 is een programma dat kan worden gebruikt voor het verhelpen van allerhande problemen in Windows, het verwijderen van malware en het maken van een backup van persoonlijke bestanden en instellingen. Het programma maakt gebruik van zelfontwikkelde oplossingen en leunt verder op diverse externe tooltjes, die ook in de Meuktracker regelmatig voorbijkomen, zoals HitmanPro, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, HijackThis en de tooltjes van Piriform. D7 is echter een krachtige tool die ook een hoop schade kan aanrichten en is daarom vooral bedoeld voor de ervaren pc-techneut. Het programma is nog volop in ontwikkeling en moet als bètamateriaal worden beschouwd. Sinds de vorige vermelding in de Meuktracker zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Changes in version 5.7.37
  • Improved a few internal functions.
  • Fixed D7 Browser crashsing on exit when the skin pack wasn't downloaded.
Changes in version 5.7.36
  • Fixed save to BMP on screen capture.
Changes in version 5.7.35
  • Added the ability to time/date stamp a PC, useful for determining the last time the PC was serviced. Option can be configured to automatically stamp the PC in D7 Config > Behavior > General Behavior, or done manually via clicking on the Info tab label.
  • Removed D7's dependency on COMDLG32.OCX for working with the Windows Common Dialog for browse for file operations.
  • Fixed yet another sidebar issue.
Changes in version 5.7.32
  • Fixed D7 not properly creating System Restore Points on Win7 under certain circumstances.
Changes in version 5.7.28
  • Expanded Purge System Restore function to remove all Vista/7 restore points.
Changes in version 5.7.23
  • Fixed clear event logs function on Maintenance tab failing when backup directory does not exist.
  • Changed behavior of Norton Removal Tool in Internet menu to download and run automatically.
  • Added McAfee and Avast removal tools with same behavior as mentioned above.
  • Also added a link to the big list of A/V removal tools from ESET
  • Fixed splash screen covering up the shutdown prompt when you choose to close and delete D7.
  • Fixed splash screen not disappearing when refreshing the Info tab manually under certain circumstances.
Changes in version 5.7.22
  • Misc. minor stuff.
Changes in version 5.7.19
  • In the last release D7.EXE got corrupted somehow. Fixed.
Changes in version 5.7.17
  • Added a whitelist editor for KillEmAll to the D7/Main menu or when clicking on the KillEmAll label on the malware tab.
Changes in version 5.7.15
  • Corrected more sidebar issues.
Changes in version 5.7.12
  • Updated D7 to properly recognize Windows 8 and IE 10.
  • Fixed a bug on first display of the Sidebar that actually doesn't display item details.
  • Added a check to determine if D7 crashed on the last startup attempt, if so it disables Sidebar Themes on the current PC only, and optionally prompts you to visit the Config where you can disable it permanently or disable other options under Startup Behavior.
  • Misc minor stuff.
Changes in version 5.7.6
  • Added command line parameter "-disablethemes" and setting in D7 Config > Behavior > Debugging to disable Windows Theme support in D7's sidebar for troubleshooting purposes when D7 freezes or crashes during startup.
Changes in version 5.7.5
  • Added ability for D7 to generate reports when running from write-locked media.
  • Fixed issues with sidebar in FileHandler.exe and removed it from the D7 resource file.
Changes in version 5.7.3
  • Added a lot of new debugging code to D7's startup routines.
  • Added more aggressive options to Repair Windows Update Services function on the Maint(2) tab.
  • Fixed an issue with the Reporting form, commands were scrambled.
Changes in version 5.7.1
  • Fixed new sidebar and config tab not displaying options when Windows Theme was set to 'Classic' style.
Changes in version 5.7
  • Introducing a new sidebar intended as a more advanced system of displaying detailed information on various D7 functions. Currently not every tab is completed with full details for the sidebar, but I'm working on it!
  • Added ability to disable startup checks for Device Manager and Event Logs during D7 startup for speed. Config > Startup Behavior.
  • Fixed flicker on new sidebar in the D7 Config with skins enabled.
Changes in version 5.6.5
  • Fixed the Save function in D7 Config (I had accidentally switched the Save and Cancel functions in the previous two versions. Thanks to Mauricio for pointing this out!)
Changes in version 5.6.4
  • Disabled startup check for updates and downloading of custom apps when D7 doesn't have write access to it's own directory (which could cause D7 lockups in certain situations like on write-protected media.)
Changes in version 5.6.3
  • Redesigned D7's Config screen with new UI and display of DETAILS/Explanations on all config items when hovering the mouse over an item.
Changes in version 5.6.2
  • Fixed Custom App 5 & 6 not reflecting changes / executing on the Malware tab.
Changes in version 5.6.1
  • Fixed no top left corner icon showing up on certain forms with skins enabled.
Changes in version 5.6
  • D7 is now a digitally signed application! The signature is for "John Shaw" my first/last name, as Foolish IT is not an official entity.
Changes in version 5.5.28
  • Updated D7 to use the new HitmanPro 3.6
Changes in version 5.5.27
  • Added test audio function on Maint(2) tab for those as lazy and unobservant as I am.
  • Fixed splash screen for rectangular logos (a label was covering the logo partially.)
Changes in version 5.5.25
  • Added D7 Launcher download link for registered users in the D7/Main menu.
  • Added brute force function to kill all desktop.ini files during Reset Hidden Volume function.
  • Changed splash screen and a few others to work with new skins and rectangular logos.
Changes in version 5.5.23
  • Fixed Ticker Message not disabling for registered users.
Changes in version 5.5.22
  • Introduced finer form sizing control for skins.
Changes in version 5.5.21
  • D7 now has SKINS. Check the D7 menu for all options. (You may need to adjust and save the form height for certain skins in order for the status bar to be properly displayed.)
  • D7 now has support for a rectangular logo (applogo.bmp, for registered users only.)
  • D7 (free version) now has a few registration nag screens for certain functionality, and D7 Auto mode is disabled. Now is the time to register, folks!
  • Fixed My Apps checkboxes not consistent with the configuration.
  • Lots of under the hood work.
Changes in version 5.4
  • D7 Auto will now function on write-locked flash drives! (Converted the way D7 stores it's D7 Auto information from using the D7.INI file to temporarily storing this data in the registry.)
  • Introduced a Screen Lock feature (D7 Menu / right click systray icon > Lock Screen) which locks out your screen from user input, shortcut keys, Start Menu, and Task Manager displaying a custom logo/web page of your choice for usage during D7 Auto runs where you may have to leave the system unattended. The custom logo/webpage and password protect options are only available to registered D7 users.
  • Fixed a bug in testing custom scripts in the config screen.
  • Fixed a bug with running .CMD scripts from the Scripts menu.
Changes in version 5.3.15
  • Updated FixEXE.scr and Fix Shell/Run in D7 > Malware tab with new fixes for hijacked executable file associations.
Changes in version 5.3.14
  • For dSupport v2 users, added "Set Client Information" to dSupport install options and a button on the My Apps tab.
Changes in version 5.3.12
  • Added command line parameters -updateonly and -updatesilent which merely updates D7 (if available) and exits. Useful to add to Task Scheduler for keeping D7 updated daily.

Besturingssystemen:Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Website:Foolish IT
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Prachtig stukje software, alleen sinds een paar versies terug is de automatische modus uitgeschakeld voor gratis gebruikers.

Hier de laatste versie van toen alles nog gratis was:

3rd party tools gerust updaten, D7 dus niet.

Thank you ! _/-\o_

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