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Software-update: D7 4.2.1

D7 logo (60 pix)D7 is een programma dat kan worden gebruikt voor het verhelpen van allerhande problemen in Windows, het verwijderen van malware en het maken van een backup van persoonlijke bestanden en instellingen. Het programma maakt gebruik van zelfontwikkelde oplossingen en leunt verder op diverse externe tooltjes, die ook hier in de Meuktracker regelmatig voorbijkomen, zoals Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, HijackThis en de tooltjes van Piriform. D7 is echter een krachtige tool die ook een hoop schade kan aanrichten en is daarom vooral voor de ervaren pc-techneut bedoeld. D7 is nog volop in ontwikkeling en moet als bètamateriaal worden beschouwd. Sinds de vorige vermelding in de Meuktracker zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen doorgevoerd:

Changes in version 4.2.1
  • Fixed issue with scanning 32bit sections of the registry on 64bit systems! (This means "List Installed Apps" from the offline tab now works fully on the local OS, and 32bit entries are now detected by Malware Scan on 64bit systems!)
  • Re-enabled function that disables the WOW 64bit FS Redirector during certain functions (function disabled since late 3.x.x)
  • With the FS Redirector disabling code now working for 64bit OSes, enabled scanning of both System32 and SysWOW64 dirs in Malware Scan's "System32 Files" scan.
  • You now have the option to display D7's running path in the title bar. (Enable in D7 Config, Behavior Tab, General Behavior)
  • You can now right-click and copy lines of text in the D7 Info Report window.
  • You can now add a Home Page to the internal browser.
  • Fixed Minidump label showing "- 12:00:00" when no dumps are found, but the directory exists (dumps used to be there...)
Changes in version 4.2.0
  • Added "List Installed Apps" to the Offline Tools tab and "Get Installed Apps List" to DataGrab - purpose: to retrieve a list of installed applications from the offline partition's OS, useful prior to a Format/Reload of a system that you cannot boot into for standard D7 Reporting purposes.
  • Added code to download/install the VirusTotal uploader on a system (and to 3rd Party Tools when it doesn't exist.)
  • Added option to install the VT Uploader if it doesn't exist in 3rd Party Tools, when in Malware Scan and clicking on "Upload to VirusTotal"
  • Hopefully fixed an issue preventing the Time Sync from possibly erroring out before it is able to show the sync form.
  • Added code to hopefully prevent D7 from locking up during "Delete Temp Files" routine in some rare cases.
  • Added more code to detect missing 3rd Party Tools, and prompt you to update the D7 Default Profile and then the tools via Ketarin.
  • For the curious, when/if you select to Donate! or you view the Release Notes, or sometimes randomly (among other messages) displayed in the lower status bar, you are shown the actual number of donations to date, as well as a general number of confirmed D7 original downloads.
  • Revised the HDD free space alert on the Info tab to report "Upgrade Hard Drive?" if partition has less than 10% free space, or "Upgrade Hard Drive!" (note the exclamation point) when it has less than 1GB free space available. Previously I had this at a fixed 20% which did not take into account today's increasingly more common larger hard drives.
Changes in version 4.1.9
  • Added OEStandardProperty as an ADS stream that is filtered when you check "Windows Mail" in the ADS filter section of Malware Scan. Previously I only filtered OECustomProperty.
  • Added download link for Portable HDTune 2.55 when you click the button and the app isn't found in 3rd Party ToolsPortable HDTune, since the link in Ketarin gets broken frequently by Softpedia... Note once you have the app, there isn't a need to update it - this is the final free version available.
  • Added new VirusTotal Uploader functionality to D7. Now, if you have D73rd Party ToolsVirusTotalUpload2.exe available, D7 will automatically use this utility to upload the selected file to Else, the old method of copying the path/filename to the clipboard and opening the webpage still applies.
  • Added new VirusTotal Uploader functionality, automatic signature checking, and D7 Internal Browser options to filehandler.exe
  • Fixed issue of Adobe Flash control panel not being detected on some systems.
Changes in version 4.1.8
  • Added more Nirsoft utilities for the Reporting button on the Internet tab, where you can now optionally get HTML reports on web browsing history, cookies, and search history, and optionally email all reports.
  • Added Disable Auto Restart on BSOD and Enable Minidumps to Offline Tools tab.
  • Added the new Adobe Flash control panel to the Internet menu.
  • Some minor fixes/adjustments.
Changes in version 4.1.7
  • Fixed Browse buttons on Junction Wrapper.
  • Added new functionality to the Junction Wrapper, where it will offer to move files to the target for you if the source directory already exists.
  • D7 now un-checks a checked item if you click the button to run it at any time. Useful to remember what you have run, also useful in D7 Auto when you want to skip ahead, and not re-run the same thing later.
  • You can now define static paths in the Custom Tools menu.
  • D7 now displays the last ticker/system message at the bottom, when you don't check for updates.
  • Misc minor adjustments.
Changes in version 4.1.6
  • Added WhatIsHang from to the Tweaks > Crash Control tab.
  • Added SpaceSniffer as a disk mapping tool to the maintenance tab. I felt it scanned a LOT faster than Treeview, and is portable.
  • Added a wrapper for Sysinternals Junction.exe on the Tweaks > Misc tab.
  • Tweaked the 3rd Party Tools setup process - turns out the command line 7-Zip works fine on all OSes.
  • Added missing option to apply only static DNS settings on the NIC form.
  • More hood work.
Changes in version 4.1.5
  • Fixed Toggle Hidden Files on/off functionality issue on some systems.
  • Added ability to auto close the time sync form on success.
  • Some under the hood work.
Changes in version 4.1.4
  • Changed the Update 3rd Party Tools function to use Ketarin. Included support for different Ketarin profiles.
  • Updated the setup process for D7 3rd Party Tools with Ketarin.
Changes in version 4.1.3
  • Added automatic file signature checking in Malware Scan when clicking on a file; sigcheck.exe must exist in the 3rd Party Tools dir.
  • Added ability to configure custom apps to run from either 3rd Party Tools, OR a static location.
  • Fixed a critical bug in D7 when working with files that are in a path with a . in the path name. Previously the . threw off D7, thinking that the directory was a file.
  • Improved D7's ability to strip parameters from file path strings when working with registry entries.
Changes in version 4.1.2
  • Fixed issue where D7 appears to freeze while verifying signatures in Malware Scan.
Changes in version 4.1.1
  • Added Toggle Hidden Files OFF feature to D7 on shutdown to complement the reverse on startup. Config in D7 Config > Startup Behavior.
  • Added new features to Malware Scan, KillEmAll, and the Work with File Context Menu item, utilizing sigcheck.exe from Sysinternals! (sigcheck.exe must be in 3rd Party Tools dir; the Ketarin XML on the website has been updated to include this app!) Thanks Dronzer on Technibble for the great idea!
  • Fixed bug where Toggle Hidden Files OFF on the Tweaks tab did not function as expected (it actually toggled hidden files ON). Thanks, Simon!
  • Fixed Restart D7 Now option, to actually restart D7!
  • Added Rename Only option to Malware Scan and KillEmAll
  • Added OECustomProperty to be filtered from ADS results via checkbox in Malware Scan.
Changes in version 4.1.0
  • Added SFC wrapper for Vista/7 enabling easy single file scans and/or scans on offline Windows partitions.
  • Added detection of pirated Windows product keys according to this MSKB:
Changes in version 4.0.9
  • Updated the feedback form to give you the option to put your message in the default mail client instead of having to configure an SMTP server in D7 Config.
  • Updated the NIC form adding profiling with static IP settings (whassat? If you didn't know, get there by clicking the IP ADDRESS at the top of D7.)
  • Fixed bug: After D7 crash during D7 Auto Malware, you are prompted to resume the D7 Auto routine. If you chose no, D7 did nothing, but also thought you were still in the malware routine. Fixed.
Changes in version 4.0.8
  • Fixed missing Select All / Select None in Malware Scan.
  • Misc. under the hood type stuff.
Changes in version 4.0.7
  • Fixed a bug preventing KillEmAll v1.2.1 from executing outside of D7.
  • Added ability to pull up Explorer style file properties inside of KillEmAll and Malware Scan, by clicking on the "File Attributes" label.
  • Added some tooltip text here and there, added the finger cursor to a few more labels you can click on, other minor things, etc.
Changes in version 4.0.6
  • Ability to overwrite HOSTS file with a Custom HOSTS file you can drop inside your 3rd Party Tools directory.
  • Now when deleting live malware, you shouldn't get the Windows prompt to "try again" or cancel (previously you had to click CANCEL in order for D7 to actually delete the file.)
Changes in version 4.0.5
  • Fixed a bug preventing the toggle hidden files from working.
  • Fixed a bug in the AutoLogon options form.
  • Disabled by default startup shortcut checks for everyone, just once, to improve startup speed. If you liked it, you can re-add it later."
  • Corrected an issue some users may have experienced with D7 not starting under the local System account when requested, under Vista/7.
  • Prevented D7 from prompting you to run something with system access when D7 is already running under the local system account and any child process will also be under the system account anyway.
  • Misc Fixes.
Changes in version 4.0.4
  • Added Force Logoff and Force Restart D7 to the Power/Reboot menu.
  • Fixed issue with not copying path to clipboard before opening in Malware Scan v3
  • Added code to unload D7 when force logging off a user account via a D7 action.
Changes in version 4.0.3
  • Fixed an issue with Custom Apps not executing in D7 Auto Malware scans.
  • Changed behavior of D7 Auto to wait on KillEmAll form to close before continuing.
  • Added logoff option to D7 Auto / Malware tab when it comes to restarting Explorer.exe when under the system account.
  • Added link to Malware Scan and KillEmAll interface. When clicked, the selected item is copied to the clipboard so you can paste it right inside the VirusTotal browse dialog.
  • Attempt to smooth out issues with D7 Auto while reloading Explorer.exe and the RunOnce key (where D7 lives) firing, causing issues with D7 restarting a second copy of itself that assumes it had crashed.
Changes in version 4.0.2
  • D7 now alerts you prior to resuming D7 Auto after a crash, giving you the option to cancel.
  • Added KillEmAll to the start of the D7 Malware lineup. It makes sense, in some situations.
  • Added option to kill explorer.exe during D7 Auto Malware
  • Rearranged D7 Auto Malware routine so it made more sense as to how I was using it these days.
Versienummer 4.2.1
Releasestatus Unstable
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Website Foolish IT
Licentietype Freeware

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

09-08-2011 • 11:14

2 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: mrtnptrs

Bron: Foolish IT


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Iemand ervaring met deze tov alleen malware bytes?
Daar is geen vergelijk in te maken... Malware Bytes is een anti-malware/spyware tool pur sang... D7 combineert de kracht van meerdere soorten tools in een handige interface, waar o.a. Malware Bytes voor gebruikt wordt... het programma zou dus in principe minimaal hetzelfde moeten kunnen.

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