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Software-update: For The Record

Wie geen seconde wil missen van zijn of haar favoriete soap, serie of film, kan met behulp van het programma For The Record de beelden van de aanwezige tv-kaart op de pc opnemen. Het programma maakt daarbij gebruik van een intelligente regelset, zodat het bijvoorbeeld mogelijk is alle CSI-afleveringen op te nemen die tussen zeven en elf uur 's avonds worden uitgezonden en die nog niet eerder zijn opgenomen. Het kan daarbij gebruikmaken van online tv-gidsen, zodat de programmering niet handmatig hoeft te worden ingevoerd. Voor meer informatie verwijzen we jullie door naar deze handleiding in pdf-formaat. De ontwikkelaars hebben versie uitgebracht en die voorzien van de volgende aankondiging en lijst met veranderingen:

Version 1.4 of For The Record has been released.

The main focus of this release was to add full support for radio channels and teletext, and support MediaPortal 1.0.2 (and 1.0.1).

But a lot more was added: a new full-blown EPG grid in the Management Console, even more powerful scheduling (AND/OR/NOT), a much nicer status tray tooltip, a more powerful IM-Bot, automatic thumbnails, much faster remote access,...

Here is the list of implemented changes since
  • Core: radio channels, radio channel groups and radio schedules are now supported (note: major API change!).
  • Core: added teletext support for TV channels.
  • Core: automatic creation of thumbnails for your recordings (.thmb files).
  • Core: added optional channel broadcast time (start/stop) which makes sure pre/post-recording doesn't use time when the channel is not available (for example BBC which starts to transmit at 20:00).
  • Core: processing commands can be set to be the default for television schedules, radio schedules or both.
  • Core: it's now possible to select Windows Authentication for SQL Server during setup.
  • Core: an unwatched recording is now only removed from the previously recorded history when it is deleted by automatic cleanup.
  • Core: added a new service transport mode: Binary HTTPS (custom binding, much faster for remote access).
  • Core: modified TV server recorder/tuner to use the new DVB-EPG hook (MP 1.0.1 only!).
  • Core: added WCF reader quotas to service endpoints now (were already applied to client channels).
  • Core: tweaked skipped recordings code: if a first recording had a conflict, but a repeat kicks in, the original conflict is removed since it's no longer an actual problem.
  • Core: it's now possible to set a negative manual post-processing time for a recording to help resolve conflicts.
  • Core: when recorder/tuners are initialized during startup any initial failures will not be logged until after the retries.
  • Core: fixed MySQL create script for Unix-based MySQL systems.
  • IM-Bot: added a bunch of new commands: cancel <program-number>, delete schedule <program-number>, record <program-number> { once | daily | weekly | workingdays | weekends | anytime } [ new | all ], search guide <text>, search result <title-number>, show channels <group>, show groups, show guide <channel> [day-number], uncancel <program-number>.
  • IM-Bot: tweak to to close an open conversation with a contact when that contact goes offline or comes back online.
  • IM-Bot: status command now also shows the live streams (if any).
  • IM-Bot: added "tv" and "radio" commands.
  • IM-Bot: now displays the basic server status as a personal message.
  • MediaPortal: added a channel import wizard in the MediaPortal recorder/tuner.
  • MediaPortal: tweaked code that handles skipping the pre-record on recordings for recordings that have just started.
  • MediaPortal: added radio and teletext screens.
  • MediaPortal: plugin will now only complain once if the core services couldn't be found.
  • MediaPortal: the mini-guide in will now cycle through all your groups.
  • MediaPortal (1.0.1 and 1.0.2): support the new 1.0.1 skins
  • MediaPortal (1.0.1 and 1.0.2): skipping chapters (comskip) will now show the info bar with the number of minutes/seconds that were skipped.
  • Management Console: TV guide panel has been replaced with a new full-blown EPG grid.
  • Management Console: implemented connection profiles, command-line argument can be connection profile name to use now.
  • Management Console: upcoming/active recordings now show (and sort by) the channel number.
  • Management Console: added "Show Thumbnail" to Management Console's Recorded Programs popup menu.
  • Management Console: shows the server name in the window title.
  • Management Console: implemented multi-selection in the Recorded Programs treeview.
  • Management Console: added pre- and post-record overrides to an upcoming program's context menu.
  • Management Console: live TV/Radio panel now shows icons and supports the same context menu as the guide.
  • Management Console: added icons to the program context menu in the Management Console.
  • Management Console: programs in 's Live TV/Radio panel are now clickable.
  • Management Console: guide panel now remembers its time and position.
  • Web Access: rounded panels now use anti-aliased corners.
  • Web Access: when editing a schedule, getting a group's channels is MUCH faster now.
  • Web Access: implemented sorting for Upcoming Programs and Schedules.
  • Management Console and Web Access: it's now possible to use AND, OR and NOT logic for all "Contains" rules.
  • Management Console and Web Access: it's now possible to select "Not on channels" and "Not in categories" as a rule.
  • Management Console and Web Access: implemented "OR" logic for (episode) title equals, starts with and episode number equals.
  • Management Console and MediaPortal: channel "tunability" for live TV/Radio is now shown.
  • MediaPortal TV Server 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 recorder/tuner now has auto-create possibility for both channels and groups for DVB-EPG.
  • Server Status Tray App: implemented new custom status tooltip, way cooler!
  • Server Status Tray App: now support Binary HTTPS for remote connections.
  • Server Status Tray App: tweaked status tooltip form for Windows 7, to handle the situation when the icon is in the taskbar's popup window.
  • Server Status Tray App: now shows any active live streams (in its popup and with its icon color).
  • Changed setup to include MP 1.0, 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 assemblies, making installation automatic on all systems.
  • SD importer fixes for time zone correction and missing programs.
TvGuideImporter : The command line interface was changed since the previous version.

ForTheRecord.TvGuideImporter plugin=ClickFinder mode=quiet

ForTheRecord.TvGuideImporter plugin=SchedulesDirect mode=quiet
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows XP, Windows Vista
Website For The Record
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)



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Submitter: JurgenDep

Bron: For The Record


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