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Software-update: Skype for Linux beta

Skype logo (60 pix) Nieuwe versies van het VoIP-programma Skype komen met grote regelmaat voor Windows uit. Voor Mac OS X en Linux is dat veel minder het geval. Ook lopen deze clients achter qua functionaliteit enige passen achter met hun Windows-broertje. Enkele dagen geleden is er met versienummer na twee eerdere alphá nu een bètaversie uitgebracht van de Linux-client. Ondanks dat de lijst met veranderingen lang is, kan er nog steeds niet van video gebruik gemaakt worden, terwijl dit wel toegezegd was. In deze blog post is meer informatie over deze uitgave te vinden, waaronder de systeem eisen. Hieronder zijn de release notes van deze versie te vinden:

New features:
  • Start Minimized option now works when auto-login is enabled.
  • Improved performance of selection and animated emoticons in chat.
  • ALSA mic volume auto-adjustment.
  • /alertsoff, /alertson, /alertson [string] for less chat annoyance.
  • (flag:iso) icons.
  • Allow 'Enter' to open event history events.
  • Allow collapsing of contacts by clicking on blue title bar.
  • Auto-open event panel when new events come in.
  • Chat history loading screen.
  • Chat myself area.
  • Ctrl-E to switch between full events and contacts view.
  • Ctrl-F, F3, Shift-F3 in chat.
  • Ctrl-U to hide offline contacts.
  • Different new events notification in systray.
  • Enable some basic skype: and callto: functionality in chat.
  • Event type selection in Quickfilter
  • Flags in dialpad and profile editor.
  • Login/Db conversion progress bar.
  • New Dialpad
  • New New Event Event Tracking
  • Quickfilter in Event History
  • Receive Contacts.
  • Send Contacts.
  • Show SkypeOut number in contact card for SkypeOut contacts.
  • Special options screens for Voicemail and Call Forwarding if features are unavailable.
  • Support skype: element, ?userinfo to view user's profiles.
  • Undelivered message notifications.
Bugs fixed:
  • Fix for ftp.. and www.. being listed as links.
  • Fix crash on exit after opening a chat window (during that session).
  • Honour the Re-add contact option in Blocked Contacts management.
  • Leave default Skype startup size the same as login screen.
  • Fix emotes button status after clicking on an emoticon.
  • Allow selecting of .gif files for avatars.
  • Refused outbound call was treated as a new missed event.
  • Fix for broken collapsing of single transfer when status changes.
  • Do not make chat windows appear in Do Not Disturb mode, regardless of setting.
  • Fix status and progress for some transfer window children.
  • Actually save e-mail and full name into profile on new account creation.
  • Crash when attempting to use the "Join to Conference" feature on incoming calls.
  • Use 48 pixel icons for chat windows.
  • Avoid ghost chats turning up in event history when creating new chat windows.
  • Fix for bad contact card selection in some cases.
  • Voicemail setting is incorrectly shown as enabled if it has never been enabled in the client.
  • Fix for a crash when deleting new birthday events.
  • Crash on Signout due to new new events animator.
  • Use foreground colour from user's settings for chat, to avoid black on black issue.
  • Fix tooltip to change properly after midnight.
  • Fix for scroll overdrawing in transfer widget.
  • Fix single click to always open chat popups.
  • Do not Request Authorisation for SkypeOut contacts.
  • In Edit SkypeOut Contact: 'RENAME' button should be called 'APPLY'
  • Hide mood message bubble when contact does not have a mood message.
  • Fix for situation 1, disabled answer call button.
  • Fix half-button clickable bug in popups for Qt 4.2.x.
  • Ctrl-W now closes chat window.
  • Don't show chat message popup for active chat window.
  • Add CallAnswered event fire.
  • Typo in default translation for call forwarding description.
  • API MINIMIZE should close to systray.
  • Actually update selected audio devices with API AUDIO_{IN,OUT},RINGER
  • Add another SkypeOut 'Invalid number' failure message.
  • Add hovering to transfer directory change button.
  • Allow collapsing with ctrl in chat memberlist.
  • Allow sending messages using Numpad Enter key.
  • Avoid mic level adjustment resetting mixer values to 0.
  • Avoid an overdrawing effect sometimes when switching groups / using quickfilter on contact list.
  • Avoid crash when collapsing events.
  • Avoid crashes/unexpected behaviour on some dual-contact list events (ie. send contacts)
  • Avoid showing old events in new events panel on startup/sometimes.
  • Avoid single click to open chats not working.
  • Blocked status icon wasn't implemented correctly.
  • Case-independent emoticons matching.
  • Centre delete multiple contacts dialog too.
  • Centre rename, block and delete widgets on screen for now to avoid them drawing offscreen sometimes.
  • Change default action for skype: link to Call if no double-click action is defined.
  • Chat input area is set to 3 lines of text upon opening.
  • Clear last event selection when switching out of event history.
  • Close Auth Request widget popup if acted upon.
  • Contact cards keep their style after being hidden in a chat with ctrl-click.
  • Crash when deleting calls.
  • Do not ask authorization from PSTN contacts.
  • Don't give Place Call / Add to Contacts / etc options for Undisclosed numbers
  • Don't hide offline contacts in chats.
  • Don't hide offline contacts in some special filters (ie. send contacts).
  • Don't jump to password prompt is username prompt is empty on login.
  • Don't lose Personal Information divider after viewing a PSTN profile.
  • Don't show unread chats as missed events on repopulation for people who have windows automagically appearing.
  • Don't trigger any event sounds/popups for /alertsoff chat.
  • Ensure transfer window reappears if a new transfer arrives or is sent.
  • Fix a crash on new events new events code.
  • Fix event bumping - necessary now without event repopulation.
  • Fix font size on chat Myself Area mood.
  • Fix for creating an 'empty' BirthdaysSeen/BirthdaysDeleted key in config.
  • Fix for loading ftp.bla.bla or www.bla.bla links in the correct browser.
  • Fix for some obscure possible behaviour where a single-selected contact could be cleared.
  • Fix receiving skypeout contacts.
  • Fix some ampersand escaping issues in Rename Widget and contact list tooltips.
  • Fix some historical chats being added with wrong icon to event history.
  • Fix some quickfilter reset issues.
  • Fix stray contact card bug.
  • Focus input area on activation change.
  • Make double-clicking work in events history with slow event expanding (ie. lots of events).
  • Make quickfilter dialing work correctly again.
  • Minimum chat input area height is 1 line of text.
  • More auto mic level fixes -- should now choose a proper mic device to change volume of for most users.
  • Only auto-open event panel if we're not Do Not Disturb.
  • PSTN numbers are now correctly shown in incoming call popup.
  • Uninitialised value in Options -> Advanced dialog.
  • Remove buttons and fix up translations for multiple authorisation request dialog.
  • Remove duplicate window when joining to conference and merging calls.
  • Revert to unselected style after using a quickfilter to find one contact, then resetting.
  • Send Connecting, Ringing Out and other user-initiated call operation sounds to headset.
  • Show completed/failed calls in event history (without repopulation).
  • Show completed/failed transfers in event history (without repopulation).
  • Show the sender of incoming contacts.
  • Some additional fixes to chat missed events repopulation.
  • Update stale quickfilter status properly on events/contacts change.
  • Update the people online count from time to time.
  • Use a smaller profile editor window if it won't fit on screen.
  • Work around some issues with event history selections.
  • Work around new user registration first attempt failure.
  • A couple of tooltips added in main window and contact card.
  • Add Privacy button to e-mail field in Profile Editor.
  • Change 'Database failure' error to alert user another instance may be running.
  • Change Ctrl-W behaviour on main window from Sign out to Hide window.
  • Change Dialpad icon in Call Window.
  • Disable the auto away/NA features more until they're implemented later.
  • Don't try to round corners on mood message bubble.
  • Memory leaks with event widgets.
  • Only animate emoticons in the currently active chat window.
  • Prettify main menu a little.
  • Add --disable-api command-line parameter to prevent connection to X11/DBus API.
  • Add --disable-cleanlooks command-line parameter to override default theme.
  • Disable UI smart 1:1 chat grouping for now to avoid unreadable chats.
Skype for Linux screenshot
Versienummer beta
Releasestatus Beta
Besturingssystemen Linux
Website Skype
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

Reacties (4)

Wijzig sortering
de vorige verzie heb ik op me ubuntu gehad, en was niet erg stabiel, wat wel fijn was was de bootup time en inlog tijd (me ubuntu stond op een oud gebakje) en toch was het veel sneller dan een nieuwe windows variant (lees: in 3 seconde opgestart, en ingelogd) maar fijn dat ze er ook nog iets aan doen, want tja de linux variant loopt VEEL achter
Hoe staat het met de ALSA support? Ik ben gestopt met Skype gebruik vanwege gebrekkige ALSA, toen ALSA geintroduceerd was ging de kwaliteit bij het gebruik van OSS ook achteruit in mijn ogen.
Ondersteund volledig ALSA (ik draai probleemloos
Kan voice chatten en mplayer/vlc/rhytmbox tegelijk. werkt prima
Het is inderdaad jammer dat de Linux client een beetje achterloopt, maarja je kan er mee bellen en daar is het programma voor bedoeld. :)

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