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Software-update: Skype for Linux

Skype logo (75 pix) Donderdag is er met versienummer de eerste stabiele 2.0-release van het voip-programma Skype for Linux verschenen. Het zal de meeste bezoekers inmiddels bekend zijn wat er met dit programma gedaan kan worden, dus verdere introductie lijkt ons niet nodig . Het programma is vanaf deze pagina voor verschillende Linux-distributies verkrijgbaar en de download ligt voor alle versies rond de 15MB. Het changelog van deze release laat de volgende veranderingen zien:

New features:
  • Add call cost per minute to 1:1 SkypeOut calls.
  • Add UI detection of Slovak, Farsi (Persian) and Vietnamese language files.
  • Added privacy option to disable the sending of the number of contacts you have to your contacts.
  • Implement HashLinkURL to provide easy links to #12345 references in chats.
  • Shadows on user avatars on contact card.
  • Show an indicator when the user is on an embedded device such as a Skype phone.
  • API: BTN_PRESSED/BTN_RELEASED are now implemented.
  • API: SEARCH ACTIVECHATS is now implemented.
Bugs fixed:
  • 1:1 chats should not have Leave Chat button.
  • Add a blinking window effect for some windows which are already open when we get a new chat message.
  • Add a workaround for a KWin issue preventing closed minimized chats from being reopened.
  • Add bubbles from mood message to avatars on contact card.
  • Add right-click context menu to chat window for copying text/links.
  • Avoid status text being truncated on status button in profile editor.
  • BTN_PRESSED YES should activate Call functionality regardless of double-click action.
  • Be sure the chat window doesn't reappear after we leave the chat.
  • Call Ringing sound shouldn't be audible during Do Not Disturb status mode.
  • Can't add a contact to a chat using drag and drop.
  • Change Call Hold/Resume button at the correct times (even when changing hold/resume during fullscreen video)
  • Change file transfer filename to saved filename if different from original filename in transfer window.
  • Compare chats in recent chats/etc menus correctly to check if they are unread.
  • Contacts shouldn't disappear when they're moved between columns when receiving contacts.
  • Copy URLs to both X selection and Clipboard, as users may want to middle-click the copied link into their browser.
  • Crash after 2 minutes of signing in if we are signed out at that time.
  • Crash after signing in with incorrect details after signing out.
  • Display video in full-screen at correct aspect ratio regardless of monitor dimensions.
  • Do not always put new chat windows at top left corner if no previous setting found, let window manager determine position.
  • Do not freeze when opening options dialog
  • Do not initialise /dev/video0 whenever we start a video call (could prevent video from working when video0 fails)
  • Do not instantly close Voicemail events when clicking the play button in new events panel.
  • Do not let Voicemail messages continue to play in the background after closing them.
  • Do not show authorisation options in context menu for events if we already authorised the user.
  • Do not unnecessarily init device twice when starting video (speeds up video init by 50%)
  • Downscaling for Myself View / Oversized Video on X11 (non-accelerated).
  • echo123 should be called Skype Test Call and should not have an 'Request Authorization' option.
  • Ending an incoming conference call should be allowed to redirect to Voicemail also.
  • Escape should close send contacts window before we attempt to send contacts.
  • Fix for chat being stuck in unread state in certain cases.
  • Fix for video output when not using XShm extension.
  • Fix locking up the client for up to 30 seconds randomly sometimes for heavy Skype users.
  • If main window is thinner than login window and right-aligned, it would move to the left after restart.
  • Incoming calls should be redirected to Voicemail if configured to do so and another call is active.
  • Make 'Invite selected contacts to conference call' option work in contact list multiple selections menu.
  • Make contact list even more responsive whilst loading historical calls.
  • Make login/startup much faster and cleaner.
  • Make missed event text for birthdays clearer.
  • Many bugfixes to video in call window to handle window updates during paused video calls.
  • Only move main window if we have a previously saved position.
  • Only play chat message sent sound for actual sent messages and emotive actions.
  • Properly remember unread chats as unread after a Skype restart.
  • Receive Contacts should close when Escape is pressed.
  • Remember 'Show Myself View' setting during the video call (when switching to fullscreen and back, etc).
  • Remember chat splitter arrangement per user for 1:1 chats.
  • Remember chat window position per user for 1:1 chats.
  • Remember show/hide chat member list setting per user for 1:1 chats.
  • Remove grey contact card background.
  • Reordered Voicemail Options dialog to keep individual Voicemail features independent.
  • Send Contacts should cancel and/or close when Escape is pressed.
  • Shortened SkypeIn and SkypeOut call error messages.
  • Shrink myself view so it scales better on Xv and properly on X11.
  • Starting a conference call with a MySpace contact would result in a single call being made to 'myspace'.
  • Stop window from moving lower and lower on each restart.
  • Update chat window area size correctly after clearing to avoid mystery scrollbar returning.
  • Video call window is out of shape if the contact has a really long name.
  • API: SET CHATMESSAGE [id] SEEN should remove now-read chats from events panel.
  • All localizations updated:
    • Bulgarian
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Traditional Chinese
    • German
    • Estonian
    • French
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Latvian
    • Lithuanian
    • Polish
    • Portuguese Portugal
    • Brazilian Portuguese
    • Romanian
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Thai
    • Turkish
Known Issues
  • 64-bit users may need to upgrade their gspca or uvc drivers if their webcam is not being detected by Skype.
  • uvc users should upgrade to revision 166 or later of this driver if they are having issues with Skype.
  • Non-accelerated X11 output currently doesn't scale video output. This means that in full-screen, the video will be smaller than the available screen size. And similarly, in video preview, you will only see a cropped section of the actual video window.
  • Contact Groups are currently not yet implemented.
  • fglrx (ATi graphics) users should be running 8.40.x or later drivers
Skype for Linux screenshot
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Linux
Website Skype
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

Reacties (10)

Wijzig sortering
Gelukkig ondersteunt Skype voor Linux sinds versie 2.0 ook webcams.

Ik zou liever een open source equivalent voor Skype gebruiken (Ekiga bijvoorbeeld), maar helaas zijn er geen open source programma's die het Skype protocol ondersteunen - Skype doet z'n best om de details van hoe het protocol werkt geheim te houden... :(

Er zijn ook wel open source alternatieven voor Skype voor Windows te krijgen, maar mijn Windows-gebruikende vrienden hebben weer andere vrienden enz. enz. die allemaal Skype gebruiken.
Ik vraag me af wanneer sms support nou eindelijk eens naar de linux versie geport wordt.
Ik zit hier al een tijdje mee, en wil de linux versie bijna crippleware gaan noemen. :(
een native 64 bits versie zou zo langzamerhand ook welkom zijn....
Inderdaad, hoewel de 32-bits versie zonder al te veel moeite gewoon werkt op 64-bit Linux. (Voor Ubuntu bijvoorbeeld: HOWTO: Install Skype on 64-bit Ubuntu).
Damn. Dit ziet er strak uit, zou zeer welkom zijn onder Windows ook. *gebruikt zelf nog 2.5x*
En nog steeds staat er zo'n oud screenshot bij... deze is nog van 1.x... Zo ziet skype er tegenwoordig uit onder linux.
Ik pas het graag aan, maar ik gebruik geen Linux en de link die je geeft werkt niet voor mij. Zo gauw ik een beter screenshot heb pas ik het artikel meteen aan.
De screenshots op de website van Skype vond ik te klein om te gebruiken. Op veler verzoek nog iets verder gezocht en heb nu een beter screenshot gevonden en geplaatst. \o/

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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