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Software-update: WinSCP 4.0.1 beta

Met het programma WinSCP kunnen op een veilige manier bestanden worden gekopieerd binnen een lokaal netwerk, via Secure Copy, of over het internet, via Secure FTP. Het kan daarnaast automatisch verschillende mappen synchroniseren en bestanden bewerken met de ingebouwde text editor. Voor een overzicht van alle mogelijkheden van dit programma verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina. De Tsjechische ontwikkelaar, Martin Prikryl, heeft versie 4.0.1 beta de deur uitgedaan met de volgende aanpassingen:

Version 4.0.1 beta:
  • FTP core upgraded to FileZilla 2.2.32. The upgrade solves some vulnerabilities.
  • When Session sheet is automatically selected on Login dialog (creation of new session, etc.), the Host name box is focused.
  • Username of the main session is reused for background transfers.
  • Different set of keepalive settings is used for FTP. FTP now has keepalives enabled by default.
  • For convenience, file mask “*.” matches files without an extension (even if the name does not include the dot at all).
  • When window is minimized during transfer that is part of synchronization, it stays minimized till the end of synchronization.
  • After failure to open session requested from command line, login window is not shown.
  • Command Open in PuTTY uses tunnel for current session.
  • Global configuration that can be set on login dialog (user interface style, logging) is saved when session it saved.
  • Alt+F6 now edits the link (if applicable).
  • Bug fix: Checksum calculation with SFTP protocol was not working at all.
  • Bug fix: For remote directories with names like “C:”, the icons of local drives were used.
  • Bug fix: Proxy setting were ignored when setting up SSH tunnel.
  • Bug fix: Password for proxy was ignored with FTP.
  • Bug fix: SFTP uploads occasionally hanged.
  • Bug fix: Prompts (such as password prompts) for background transfers froze the main window.
  • Bug fix: It was not possible to change path by Browse button (such as path to a log file).
  • Bug fix: Yes to All on overwrite confirmation box was not working (FTP only).
  • Bug fix: For automatic transfers (uploads from editor, synchronization), the transfer was incorrectly automatically “resumed” when source file was larger than destination one, leaving content of file corrupted (FTP only). The issue may also make uploads from editor impossible in case server does not support (text file) transfer resuming.
  • Bug fix: Local files excluded from transfer (upload) were indefinitely locked by WinSCP.
  • Bug fix: Script failed once it needed to ask for password (with SFTP and SCP only).
  • Bug fix: Open session in PUTTY did not use stored password.
  • Bug fix: When switching back to WinSCP internal editor from another application, the main WinSCP window was focused instead.
  • Bug fix: When synchronization occurred while the Keep remote directory up to date dialog was minimized, it was not possible to restore it.
Version 4.0 beta:
  • FTP support (based on FileZilla project).
  • WinSCP can itself setup SSH tunnel to allow indirect connections through proxy SSH host.
  • WinSCP executable is now named WinSCP.exe instead of WinSCP3.exe. The same change applies to default installation path and Start menu group (for upgrades, existing WinSCP3 path is preserved).
  • Added simple “typical installation” option to setup that requires no further interaction from the user (apart from interface selection for fresh installs).
  • Optional minimization to taskbar notification area (system tray).
  • When executed as standalone (not installed) for the very first time, an INI file is used by default, if user has write permissions to directory, where WinSCP is executed from.
  • Taskbar balloons optionally used for notifications when appropriate:
    • When inactive session is disconnected.
    • When background transfer queue is emptied (except for active session, when queue list is visible).
    • When user interaction is required, while WinSCP is minimized.
    • When new release is detected.
  • File checksum can be calculated from Properties dialog (providing the server supports the functionality).
  • SFTP uploads optimized.
  • New option for handling of remote file timestamps: Preserve remote timestamp.
  • New scripting option option batch continue. When set, WinSCP ignores and skips all errors.
  • New scripting option option echo to enable echoing of commands being executed.
  • New command to execute the last ad hoc custom command.
  • Tabs on Login dialog that have no usable option for current context (e.g. protocol) are hidden.
  • “Host hasn’t answered for X seconds” message disappears itself once the response finally arrives also in scripting.
  • File edited in an internal editor can be reloaded (refreshed).
  • Support for SSPI authentication.
  • Support for Kerberos ticket forwarding.
  • Configuration can be exported to an INI file.
  • New command Duplicate session.
  • Mirror mode for synchronization, where files are updated on any timestamp difference (i.e. even newer files are updated).
  • Custom commands history stores also the command options.
  • Preview changes for synchronization is enabled by default.
  • Quick preset buttons for Windows and Unix systems on Environment tab of Login dialog (visible when advanced options are turned off only).
  • It is no longer required to specify username of login dialog. User is prompted for username once required (and only if required).
  • Information shown on status bar were reduced.
  • Environment variables can be used in most configurable paths (like path to random seed file, log file, configuration INI file, PuTTY executable, folder for temporary files, private key file, etc.). The syntax is %NAME%. Part of U3 support.
  • Script aborts eventually after receiving no answer for prompt (like password prompt), when running in batch mode.
  • Whole authentication prompt is shown, even if it spans multiple lines.
  • When Shift key is hold while New session or Duplicate session commands are selected, the session is opened in new instance (window) of WinSCP.
  • Button Load on Stored sessions tab of Login dialog renamed to Edit.
  • F1 opens help for current tab on Login and Preferences dialogs.
  • What’s this button on dialog caption (?) opens help directly.
  • Button Help replaced with Close on Login dialog.
  • Single log file is used for all connections of one session (background transfer connections, secondary shell connection, tunnel connection).
  • During silent uninstall, user is not prompted for cleanup of application data.
  • Workaround for SSH servers based on cryptlib, which reports invalid files types in response to SSH_FXP_LSTAT request.
  • Configuration of GSSAPI/SSPI authentication is exported to PuTTY sessions.
  • When changing configuration storage, also caches (change directory cache, accepted SSH host keys, accepted banners) are transferred to the new storage.
  • Context menu of permissions popup and input boxes has clipboard management commands.
  • Menu item captions capitalized according to Windows standard.
  • More internal error messages from PuTTY code are being localized.
  • When saving the edited session under the same name, overwrite confirmation is not requested.
  • Shell options of SCP tab of login dialog redesigned.
  • Timestamps are saved in numerical format into an INI file for portability among systems with different date/time format.
  • Status bar message about preset auto-selection can be clicked to reveal information about the preset.
  • Preset information dialog has Configure button that opens preset preferences.
  • Detection of OpenSSH sftp-server is more strict, not to apply on other SFTP servers running under OpenSSH.
  • Pattern hint link for log file name added.
  • For fatal errors (e.g. “lost connection”), original cause of the problem is kept as a top message, as opposite to regular errors, where contextual error message is on top.
  • Buttons Login and Save on Login dialog swapped.
  • When Handles SSH-2 key re-exchange badly bug is enabled, the Key exchange tab is hidden.
  • Web page shortcuts in Start menu are now direct shortcuts instead of shortcuts to URL file.
  • New button What’s new on information box about updates.
  • Bug fix: Failure when changing languages (particularly with “Data execution protection” enabled).
  • Bug fix: Failure, when remote command had character % in its error output.
  • Bug fix: Close button were default even, if path box on Space available tab of Server and protocol information dialog had focus.
  • Bug fix: Remote home directory of session was set to current working directory, after switching sessions.
  • Bug fix: Local home directory were changing while switching sessions, even when changing of local panel state with sessions is disabled.
  • Bug fix: INI file specified by filename-only using /ini parameter was not looked for in current working directory.
  • Bug fix: Ad hoc command executed from file panel context menu was executed for selected files, despite the menu being opened for not-selected file.
  • Bug fix: Infinite loop of error messages when connection was broken while timeout message was being shown.
  • Bug fix: Trailing delimiter text were occasionally left in remote command output.
  • Bug fix: Some authentication progress steps were not shown on authentication window for secondary shell sessions.
  • Bug fix: Inactive sessions were not kept alive.
  • Bug fix: Incorrect sizing of internal editor windows opened on non-primary monitor.
  • Bug fix: Automatic retry after timeout was not working.
  • Bug fix: Stored session may be lost when letter case was changed solely during rename.
  • Bug fix: It was not possible to cancel text mode upload with SCP protocol.
  • Bug fix: Change directory cache may become corrupted when using INI file for configuration.
  • Bug fix: Drag&drop download was not working, if relative path was used for temporary folder. Part of U3 support.
  • Bug fix: After startup, button on taskbar was not “pressed”, even if WinSCP login dialog had focus.
  • Bug fix: Failure when closing console window.
  • Bug fix: When moving files from remote directory tree, the tree was not updated after operation, leaving icon for no-longer-existing directory.
  • Bug fix: Octal display of file permissions was not filled if no permissions were set for a file.
  • Bug fix: Failure to change attributes of local files was not reported sometime.
Versienummer 4.0.1 beta
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website WinSCP
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


29-05-2007 • 12:12

7 Linkedin

Bron: WinSCP


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Reacties (7)

Wijzig sortering
Hee da's mooi! Ik had versie 4 blijkbaar over 't hoofd gezien, want ik zie dat FTP nu ingebouwd zit. Echt ideaal dus dat je nu niet meer hoeft te switchen tussen 2 clients.

Ik had dat nooit verwacht dat FTP er in zou komen, aangezien de auteur ten stelligste weigerde deze feature in te bouwen.
Inderdaad, dat wist ik ook niet. Is wel lang geleden dat ik dit programma heb gebruikt, maar nu het ook FTP ondersteuning heeft ga ik er zeker een keer naar kijken. Het is een geweldige tool.

Wel raar trouwens, dat ze er nu FTP in doen, eerst stond er op de site iets over dat het er nooit in zou komen. Maarja, blijkbaar was daar vraag naar :)
Er zullen met mij nog wel mensen geweest zijn die wat hebben gedoneerd met de vraag FTP toe te voegen denk ik zo, toch goed om te zien dat het echt helpt :9
4.02 beta is er ook al weer...

Bug fix: Popup menus invoked from buttons were not working.

Verder een erg goede tool.
is een van de mooiste standaard programma's die je moet hebben als webdeveloper/server beheerder.
Zeker nog nooit van Konqueror gehoord? :)
Windows en Konqueror? :z (buiten dingen als Cygwin om)

WinSCP is echt een fantastische tool! Ik ken eingelijk geen enkel ander programma dat meerdere bestanden 'live' kan bijwerken (editen en gelijk het resultaat op je server zien). Handig is ook de simpele scripting en het synchroniseren.

Dat er nu FTP in zit is toch vooral door het enorme gesmeek van mensen om dat er toch in te bouwen. Het standpunt van de ontwikkelaar van dit programma blijft dat elke serverbeheerder vrij simpel SFTP accounts kan maken (zonder shell toegang te geven) en dat FTP al flinke tijd achterhaald is. Jammer dat hosts dat niet overnemen, FTP zou eigenlijk niet meer gebruikt moeten worden om de vaak gevoelige informatie als scripts (met daarin wachtwoordgegevens) over te zetten.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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