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Software-update: MorphXT 8.14

Voor het uitwisselen van bestanden kan onder andere gebruik worden gemaakt van het eDonkey-netwerk. Naast de originele client, eDonkey2000, werd er ook een open-sourceclient ontwikkeld met de pakkende naam eMule. Aangezien sommige mensen een aantal functies misten hebben ze MorphXT ontwikkeld als mod op eMule. De ontwikkelaars hebben enkele dagen geleden versie 8.14 van MorphXT vrijgegeven die gebaseerd is op eMule 0.47a met de volgende lijst van aanpassingen sinds de vorige vermelding in de meuktracker:

Version 8.14:
  • CHANGED: upload splitting class, allow more data to be send to lower latency client. The upload is not as regular as you might have been used to because of this higher latency . Short spikes in the upload are possible.
  • CHANGED: USC: Take allowed overhead out highest allowable class.
  • CHANGED: USC: take tcp/ip overhead more into account.
  • CHANGED: Upnplib: reversed some check in upnplib to have better device detection again. [leuk_he]
  • CHANGED: Upnplib: Allow 2nd instance to use also upnp [leuk_he]
  • CHANGED: Some bindipadress in preferences could cause exceptions.
  • CHANGED: Mulelistcontrol: change moment of update of display.
  • ADDED: filter bigbang server messages because of gpl violation [leuk_he]
  • ADDED: Setable CompressLevel. [leuk_he]
    A new parameter in preferences.ini can be added:
    9 is best compression, slightly more cpu use (default in eMule)
    1 is worst compression , save some cpu. Values in between also posisble for very high uploader (> 200 kb/s) and/or slow cpu some cpu can be saved.
  • ADDED: ionix advanced webserver (ionix/Aireoreion)
  • ADDED: multi user webserver in ef-mod style tabs. [leuk_he]
  • FIXED: File completion of files over 4GB.
Version 8.13:
  • FIXED: MergeKnown: statistic merge from SlugFiller mod has been fixed to avoid crash - also fixes duplicate files
  • FIXED: SCC: Khaos Category management. When you add multiple file those file are now properly associated to category reguarding setting Default to category 0, if all other methods don't match.
  • FIXED: GUI: Official fix arround unability to open completed file when they were renamed in the sharedfile window
  • FIXED: GUI: Wrong sorting arround sharedfile window
  • FIXED: Command line: Do not start after "emule exit" and emule was not running.
  • ADDED: GUI: more mod icons [Stulle]
  • ADDED: GUI: Extra infos in Client Tooltip
  • ADDED: GUI: Remaining Available Data from a client in Remaining Size column of Transfer windows
  • ADDED: Don't compress uploaded data if datarate is above 180kBytes/s
  • ADDED: Split block package accorddingly to datarate speed (idea of zz)
  • ADDED: KAD: Apply ip filter for send udp packets. No packets are send to ip that are ipfiltered on receive.[leuk_he]
  • ADDED: Official fix to work arround Reask Answer dropped for lowid behind router with NAPT enabled (pointed by DavidXanatos)
  • ADDED: Portugese braziallian (pt_br) translation [fabulous]
  • ADDED: Chinese simplified translation (zh_CN) translation [pennyliu123]
  • ADDED: More Webcache statistics displayed.
  • CHANGED: DCD: Display also current download chunk number and session completed download from a client
  • CHANGED: Some tooltip spelling thx to fabulous (pt_br translator) [leuk_he]
  • CHANGED: USC: Should now respect higher class number of slot and reduce as much as possible open slot
  • CHANGED: WAP: Removed some uneeded code
  • CHANGED: FlushThread: Reviewed to work arround not flushed data at shutdown
  • CHANGED: ReadBlockFromFileThread: Reviewed to be able to read data from disk and prepare block requested at the same time
  • CHANGED: Unlimited upload now works on WSA_WOULDBLOCK corrreclty. (No USC needed)
  • CHANGED: Update upnp library to 1.4.x (thrunk version) 26/07/2006
  • CHANGED: known.met format better compatible. (noted by david?)
  • CHANGED: Drop lower class"pre-empt" slots more often when opehing higher class slot
Version 8.13 BETA7:
  • FIX : Collection double extension from CiccioBastardo
  • CHANGED: USC: SOlve "slot explosions" from previous beta
  • CHANGED: USC: Roll back the old slot counter way
  • CHANGED: USC: Solved slot added and not needed
  • CHANGED : Dynamic Block Request, number of requested blocks.
Version 8.13 BETA6:
  • CHANGED: USC: Use same socket buffer for all class (may reduce focus effet on faster client)
  • CHANGED: USC: Slot are properly added into uploadbandwidth list
  • CHANGED: USC: LowID client are now correctly added when they missed a slot
Version 8.13 BETA5:
  • CHANGED: USC: global code review (Slot# is now displayed per class)
  • CHANGED: DBR: only request additionnal block when it remains only one block on remote client
Version 8.13 BETA4:
  • FIX: LOG: Chrash on adding ed2k link.
  • ADDED : WC: Chunk Detail Display
  • CHANGED: CDD: Chunk Detail Display homogeneous color choise
  • CHANGED: ReadBlockFromFileThead: Changed to only prebuffer up to 2*180kBytes
  • CHANGED: USC: Reworked to handle all possible case for opening slot strategy
  • CHANGED: DSB: Changed the way to accumulate data
  • CHANGED: WC: Fixed the socket transformation from clientsocketreq to webcachesocket class by preserving the connect state
  • CHANGED: Slotlimit: upspeed/3 is now per class.
  • TWEAKED: Enhanced DBR: Take into account remaining reserved data
Version 8.13 BETA3:
  • ADDED : GUI: Dont ask me again on exit dialog. (minor)
  • ADDED : GUI: Downloading Chunk Detail Display in Completed column
  • ADDED : GUI: Downloading & Uploading Chunk block limit display
  • CHANGED: DSB: Wait before sending data until we have 250ms of bandwidth to send (acummulate data)
  • REMOVED: GUI: Don't Refresh item if not needed to work arround sorting issu
Version 8.13 BETA2:
  • Minor: DSB Slotfoucs and class queue handling [leuk_he/stulle]
Version 8.13 BETA:
  • ADDED : GUI: Upload Chunk detail Column
  • CHANGED: IP+TCP header from data transfer are now considered as overhead, you still able to compare data overhead by looking at emule statusbar [SiRoB]
  • CHANGED: DSB: Rise socket buffer limit to 1MBytes (was 256kB) [SiRoB]
  • CHANGED: USC: Adapted it to get benefit of DSB [SiRoB]
Version 8.12:
  • CHANGED: DSB: Activate Dynamic socket buffer (Was forced to 256kB) [SiRoB]
Version 8.11:
  • FIXED : (major) FlushThread: Crash Fix when we canceled a file and Flush thread running [SiRoB]
  • FIXED : (minor) GUI: Busy state display now the busy state of right socket (Normal, PeerCache, WebCache) [SiRoB]
  • ADDED : DSB: Dynamic Socket Buffering [SiRoB] set socket buffer used to transfert data up to 250ms of uploadbandwidth
  • ADDED : DBR: Enhance number of requested block [SiRoB]
Version 8.10:
  • FIXED : (minor) USC: Percentage setting for PowerShare Class was not taken into account (thanks to fafner) [SiRoB]
  • FIXED : (minor) correct ipfiltering of servers based on report by bluesonicboy [leuk_he]
  • ADDED : DBR: Dynamic Block Requests by netfinity [SiRoB]
  • ADDED : minor official bug fix arround upload Obtained Parts [SiRoB] this help to properly display yellow pending upload area
  • ADDED : minor official bug fix arround DownloadClient ProgressBar [SiRoB] this prevent false green chunk display
  • ADDED : Tooltips for some preferences [leuk_he]
  • ADDED : Bindaddr added to extended preferences [leuk_he]
  • ADDED : Added a Bind addres for Upnp [leuk_he]
  • ADDED : emcrypt gpl violator protection by Xman [leuk_he]
  • ADDED : Fix connection collision [SiRoB] you can see the activities by enabling up/down log event and check the morph log
  • ADDED : GUI: Server Icon in DownloadClientsCtrl [Stulle]
  • ADDED : GUI: Powershare Graph [SiRoB]
  • ADDED : DBR: extended it to prevent extra download time (light BlueSonicBoy code) [SiRoB] avoid download stuck with very slow source (trickle) and reserve too much block
  • ADDED : SendCancelTransfer after the A4AF swap try when we run out possible block to request [SiRoB]
  • ADDED : Don't count aborted downloading source du to noneeded part as failed [SiRoB]
  • CHANGED: WC: reworked to make proxy configuration test working with random port feature [SiRoB]
  • CHANGED: ICS: reworked to take into account an A4AF swaping during a ProcessFileStatus [SiRoB]
  • CHANGED: USS: Default Forced UDP Ping has been changed to disable [SiRoB]
  • CHANGED: USS: renamed uss Force udp on, (USSUDP_FORCE), you will have to reenable if you needed it before. [leuk_he]
  • CHANGED: ImportPart: we can import part into Stopped or Paused file if AICH list is available [SiRoB]
  • CHANGED: ImportPart: Chunk with some data already written are also imported [SiRoB]
  • CHANGED: USC: proper equal bandwidth for each slot when we don't use slot focus [SiRoB]
  • CHANGED: HIDEOS & SOTN: reworked a bit to properly display hidden chunk [SiRoB]
  • CHANGED: GUI: No log messagge in log on spam. (only in verbose) [leuk_he]
  • CHANGED: GUI: focus steal check on message by raccoonI [leuk_he]
  • CHANGED: updated with zzUL-0060413-2149 with some fix arround socket requeue [SiRoB]
  • CHANGED: USC: updated to feet zz change [SiRoB]
  • CHANGED: GUI: dimmed ipfiltered servers[leuk_he]
  • CHANGED: FlushThread: Reflush When we attempted to flushBuffer whereas the thread didn't get enough time to finish [SiRoB]
Versienummer 8.14
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website MorphXT
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


08-09-2006 • 14:11

11 Linkedin Google+

Bron: MorphXT


Reacties (11)

Wijzig sortering
er zijn veel redenen om een mod te nemen. bijvoorbeeld:
deze kan files groter dan 4Gb aan.
Je kan met de nieuwe emule 0.47a ook gewoon files downloaden die groter zijn dan 4gb. Zelf gebruik ik een andere mod omdat je ook webcache in kan stellen en dat kan de gewone emule niet
Wat is het voordeel van WebCache dan eigenlijk?
Delen van bestanden rechtstreeks uit de cache van je ISP trekken. Dat gaat een stukje sneller dan van een andere client. En voor de ISP scheelt het ook de helft. WebCache werkt alleen bij bestanden die op dat moment veel uitgewisseld worden.
deze mod heeft ook friend slots die meer upload krijgen dan gewone users (kun je instellen)
en vele andere opties
bevalt me prima
aleen is ie tegenwoordig wel traag met afsluiten hier
Kan dat misschien komen omdat je enorm veel bestanden in je Sharelijst hebt? Dat is soweiso een slecht idee (kom nooit boven de 100).

Het kan ook zijn dat de bestanden erg groot zijn. Als het echt heel hinderlijk is dan moet je even contact opnemen met de ontwikkelaars. Dat kan in het Nederlands.
Kan iemand mij vertellen waarom je deze mod zou moeten hebben? emule is toch al een vrij complete client.
En upnp om automatisch de juiste poorten op de router te opnenen en sluiten...
Emule kan al bestanden aan van meer dan 4 gb
wat is het verschil tussen emule en de mod
wat kan de mod meer bieden?
Lees ik nou dubbel of houdt er iemand van overschrijven?
Als je zo graag het verschil wil weten, download en installeer het eens. Ik niet, eMule bevalt me prima (0.47a).

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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