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Software-update: WebGUI 7.0.7

WebGUI is een content management systeem en applicatieframework waarmee op eenvoudige wijze een website kan worden beheerd en ingericht zonder dat men hiervoor uitgebreide technische kennis hoeft te bezitten. Het bevat onder andere een foto-album, blog, forum, RSS-feeds en een SOAP frontend. Voor meer informatie is het handig om de beschrijving van het programma door te nemen, of een kijkje te nemen op de website van WOSSA. De ontwikkelaars van Plain Black hebben een nieuwe versie op de wereld gezet met 7.0.7 als het versienummer. De lijst met aanpassingen ziet er als volgt uit:

Many bug fixes, plus a few new minor features in this release. You now may assign multiple resources to a task in the project management system, and you have the option of using asset vs real urls for images. This is a recommended upgrade for all WebGUI users.
  • rfe: Image Management (funded by Formation Design Systems)
  • fix: can't change default size of text fields (midellaq)
  • fix: sqlform trunctate search results doesn't work (Martin Kamerbeek / Procolix)
  • fixed some of bugs in the sqlform concerning file uploads, cross table constraints and the join selector on non-key/value pair fields (Martin Kamerbeek / Procolix)
  • fix: Add event does not work WebGUI 7.0.5 in combination with Proxy Caching turned off (Wouter van Oijen / ProcoliX)
  • When going to an image by it's webgui url in admin mode, you are now shown the image instead of being taken to the edit screen for the image.
  • fixed a bug in the Layout Asset where the asset would not inherit the Layout template of its parent on addition (Martin Kamerbeek / Procolix)
  • fixed some issues with getting original values and template fields in the overrides section of the Shortcut asset (Martin Kamerbeek / Procolix)
  • fix: extra elements (tags) do not show up in HTML source (Martin Kamerbeek / Procolix)
  • fix: Error in StockData Default View Template (Wouter van Oijen / Procolix)
  • fix: Matrix 'Can instantiate template' and also fixed a bug where the style and printable style were not set for the Collabs attached to the listings in the Matrix (Martin Kamerbeek / Procolix)
  • fix: Spectre::Admin Error Message (xhunter)
  • fix: invalid getUrl usage in EventManagementSystem
  • fix: assets incorrectly setting Last-Modified by revisionDate only
  • fix: SyndicatedContent caching the wrong thing and not displaying after first time
  • fix: Database cache trying to freeze non-references with Storable
  • fix: Apache version string component came before Apache's own version number
  • RFE: JavaScript confirmation rather than page load for deleteUser
  • RFE: JavaScript confirmation rather than page load for deleteGroup
  • RFE: show which user locked an asset in the asset manager
  • fix: dashlet user preference setting causing nested dashboard to appear
  • fix: saving edits to dashlet shortcuts kicks you out of your version tag
  • fix: Discussion tmpl variables in Article asset
  • fix: dashlet www_saveUserPrefs refusing to execute
  • API change: ProfileField::new now returns undef for invalid fields
  • API change: in ProfileField, the get*Fields family of methods are now class methods
  • API change: 'func' and 'op' are now reserved and not usable as profile fields
  • fix: project editing in project management systems not reading fields correctly
  • fix: JavaScript race condition in dashlet prefs form
  • fix: caching problem with overrides in dashlets
  • fix: CS pagination does not work for visitors
  • fixed a problem in the search indexer and made the tabform css compatible with tinymce. (Martin Kamerbeek / Procolix)
  • fixed WeatherData Wobject, noaa format had changed (ekennedy)
  • fix: Matrix (updated detailed listing template to include the screenshot) and fixed a bug in sbin/ wher it didn't handle images with uppercased extensions properly (Martin Kamerbeek / Procolix)
  • new: In the Project Management asset, tasks can now have multiple resources, which may be users or groups. Original single-resource data is migrated to the new schema by the 7.0.7 upgrade script.
  • fix: makePrintable operation with other styleId
  • fix: RandomThread macro not working properly. Only CS's with more than one thread are considered for the random search
  • new: Tasks in the Project Management can now be assigned non-work lag time that is added to the main work duration of the task.
  • new: Projects in the Project Management asset can now be assigned observer groups; users who are not in the observer group cannot view any aspects of the project.
Versienummer 7.0.7
Besturingssystemen Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris, UNIX, Windows Server 2003
Website Plain Black Corporation
Bestandsgrootte 5,95MB
Licentietype GPL





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