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Software-update: Webgui 7.6.15

Webgui is een contentmanagementsysteem en applicatieframework waarmee een website beheerd en ingericht kan worden zonder dat hiervoor uitgebreide technische kennis nodig is. Het pakket bevat onder andere een fotoalbum, een weblog, een forum, een rss-feedgenerator en een soap-frontend. De ontwikkelaars hebben versie 7.6.15 in de stable-tak uitgebracht en van de volgende lijst met veranderingen voorzien:

Version 7.6.15:
  • fixed #9852: Users can accept private messages from Visitor, but Visitor cannot send messages
  • Fixed a bug with Gallery where using the web service (iphone or iPhoto) would cause images and albums to be uploaded as "admin" rather than the user that actually uploaded them.
  • Labeled Survey 2.0 as beta, per our quality policy.
  • fixed #9836: Matrix: Group to Add Listings is missing
  • fixed #9873: third-> first in post template help
  • fixed #9892: Typo in "Default Gallery View Album" Template [TEMPLATE]
Version 7.6.14:
  • fixed: IE6 shows Admin Bar over Asset Manager
  • fixed #9808: Search i18n
  • fixed #9818: deleteAttachedFiles bug (THE REVENGE)
  • fixed #9809: Pagination list up to 10/20: not working correctly on last pages.
  • fixed #9820: Survey: political party spelled wrong
  • fixed #9819: Survey: hoverhelp showing instead of field name
  • fixed #9822: Matrix: Wrong field label
  • fixed #9823: Matrix: no cancel button in add/edit listing
Version 7.6.13:
  • fixed AdSpace bug: impressions and clicks for most non-human web clients will not be counted.
  • fixed #9760: DataForm not working in
  • fixed #9759: Delete Entry Button missing in Data Form
  • fixed #9767: FileAsset breaks 'null' rule for FileAsset table
  • fixed defaultValues of undef cause mysql5.1 to complain about columns that are set to be NOT NULL. 5.0 doesn't care.
  • International text retrieval has been optimized
  • fixed #9766: Thingy Pagination Broken
  • fixed #9779: Gallery: js for search (datepicker?) included in album view
  • fixed #9783: payment methods are not added
  • fixed #9785: Delete All button not working in Account/Inbox [TEMPLATE]
  • fixed #9803: Survey 2.0- Gradebook spelled wrong
  • fixed #9801: Survey 2.0- Template spelled wrong
  • fixed #9802: Survey Template field names to be consistent
  • fixed: HTMLForm generated forms have an extra double quote in the table tag.
Version 7.6.12:
  • fixed: During postback on a recurring transaction, the routine could error out instead of catching an error.
  • fixed: Do not show the Edit entry in the More menu in the asset manager if the asset is locked.
  • fixed #9677: no output from form helper template variable sticky.form and stick.label
  • fixed #9738: Gallery Title [TEMPLATE]
  • fixed #9739: Gallery Delete Album Template [TEMPLATE]
  • fixed #9737: Upgrade Missed a Config Option
  • fixed #9169: E-mail to Collab System creates invalid asset
  • fixed #9746: Shop: Add a new address unneeded extra click
  • fixed #9747: Account Contributions: URLs are wrong.
  • fixed #9749: Account Manager: AIM link
  • fixed #9751: Account Manager: problem sorting in Contributions
  • fixed #9750: Account Manager: Inbox Messages per Page [TEMPLATE]
  • fixed: If the Get Credentials template is deleted for the ITransact PayDriver, it now gives you an error message instead of throwing an error.
  • fixed: Collaboration groupToEditPost should not be blank
  • fixed: WebGUI::User->isInGroup had bad default groupId
  • fixed: Fix a layout problem in the Contributions, similar to the Inbox[TEMPLATE]
Version 7.6.12:

I'm excited to say that later today WebGUI 7.6 will finally be shedding it's beta label. And there are a few secret projects for 7.6 I've been working on that I can finally share with you!

The first project is that we have built an iPhone app that will allow you to upload pictures from your iPhone directly to your favorite WebGUI photo gallery! You can either upload photos from your camera roll, or take a new one and upload it right after taking it. This should be great for those taking pictures on site at live events. And best of all, we're releasing it free. It's sitting in the App Store approval process right now, and I hope it will be out for you to start using this week.

The second project is a plugin for iPhoto on your mac. With this plugin you can upload a whole album of photos directly to your WebGUI site without leaving iPhoto. We're also investigating building a Google Picasa plugin so that Windows users will have the same functionality available to them. For these plugins we're charging a nominal $10 fee to help cover the cost of development. The iPhoto plugin is available in the bazaar now!

But 7.6 isn't all about special projects. It has tons of new features right in WebGUI. We implemented well over 100 community suggested RFE's in this release. In addition, we added some new major features:
  • We rewrote the Survey from the ground up. It's now all Ajax, so it's much faster to build out surveys and take take surveys. And the survey engine is much more flexible, so it can now tackle even more complex surveys quickly and easily.
  • We rewrote the Matrix from the ground up as well. As you probably know WebGUI's Matrix asset powers, the world's number one stop for evaluating content products, as well as a host of other matrix sites. The new matrix is much faster, uses WebGUI's new comment system, has lots of new helpful features like stickies, and each listing in the matrix gets it's own search engine friendly URL.
  • There's also a new admin bar, which is ultra configurable, and has categories under the new content menu. This configurability goes far beyond the admin bar though, you can also use it to rename fields and tabs in all your assets, or even get rid of certain tabs that aren't useful to your users, and create new ones that are.
  • Probably the biggest new feature is the rewrite of account management. In this you get a new speedy interface to WebGUI's inbox, a new user-friendly way to manage friends and other social networking features, and the whole thing is both configurable and pluggable so you can add your own account components to your own sites.
There are lots of other things WebGUI 7.6 brings to the table, and I'm sure you'll discover them as soon as 7.6 is released. It will be coming out later today, and both the beta and demo servers will be updated to run it so you can play around.

But wait! There's more! Over the next month you'll also see an updated WRE, for WebGUI 7.6 so that when you install new sites you won't have to add the extra Perl modules 7.6 requires, and there's a new version of the Content Manager's Guide on it's way for WebGUI 7.6 as well.
Versienummer 7.6.15
Releasestatus Stable
Besturingssystemen Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, UNIX
Website Plain Black Corporation
Bestandsgrootte 16,53MB
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink



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