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Bron: DJI Interprises

NewsBin logo (90 pix) DJI Interprises heeft gisteren versie 5.20 build 7122 van NewsBin Pro uitgebracht. Dit programma is in staat om bestanden zoals foto's, films en programma’s in losse pakketjes van n of meerdere nieuwsservers te downloaden en aan de ontvangende kant weer in elkaar te zetten. De download is nog geen twee megabyte groot en kan worden gestart door op deze link te klikken. Het changelog van deze release laat de volgende veranderingen zien:

  • Newsgroup Organization Features: act on an individual group or a group of groups.
  • On-the-fly Download Prioritization: get the important stuff first.
  • Multiple Server Support: configure multiple news servers for simultaneous use.
  • Automatic Download Mode: Automatically download files while you sleep.
  • Dual Core support: Makes use of multiple processor systems, or CPUs with Hyperthreading
  • Advanced Download Management: use the Scratch list to park posts for downloading later
  • Automatic Header Updates: always have the most recent headers available for browsing.
  • NZB File Support: automatically loads NZB files, or click and drag.
  • MP3 Organizer: use MP3 ID3V2 tags to organize by albums and artist.
  • Optimal Resource Management: uses significantly less RAM than Version 4.x
  • Image Database and Viewer: store images to a database and view with built-in viewer.
  • Built in RAR Processing: AutoRAR combines split RAR files and extracts the contents.
  • Text Posting Capabilities: Post requests and short text messages to the newsgroups.
  • Customization: Apply different color schemes to identify post status.
Missing V4 Features:
  • Version 5.20 can only post text, not files.
Known Issues:
  • NewsBin database cannot be written to folders with characters other than a-z, 0-9. For example c:\pep\data will result in the Read Post Body function to fail and no newsgroups list can be saved (RPB.DB3 and GROUPS.DB3).
  • Crosspost filters won't work on old spool files (Created with any version prior to 5.1.0). Only headers downloaded with 5.1+ will respond to the crosspost filter.
  • In single tab mode, if you abort a GOG load by loading another GOG, the tab changes even thought the new GOG load is blocked with the "Spool Loading already in progress" warning.
  • Hide incompletes works on spool load but doesn't work on header download. Need to reload to hide new incompletes.
  • Kill Connections in Connections tab does not give feedback. Does not kill connections on some machines for some reason.
  • In scratch list, Add to download list adds group of selected posts in reverse order.
  • Icon in post list tab does not always switch to "completed" icon when all posts are loaded.
  • Post Properties does not show accurate "Missing" info in "Compact Mode" for compacted posts.
  • In post list, Mark All Read does not clear post list if Show New is selected.
  • In post list, add to top adds group of selected posts in reverse order.
  • In post list, Compact Mode will sometimes hide non-yEnc posts that pretend to be yEnc.
  • In Read Posts tab, if you delete the last post, the window jumps up to the beginning of the list.
  • Launch NZB always goes to download list. Does not honor "Download Manual Load NZB's" option.
  • There is no way to switch NBI files from the program anymore. To switch NBI files, close NewsBin and launch it from an existing NBI by using Windows Explorer to locate the NBI file then double-click on it to launch NewsBin.
  • First chunk for a file determined to be a duplicate gets deleted. If it is a multipart file, any other chunks downloaded are not deleted. This will not be an issue when the new scheme of downloading first chunks exclusively to check for dups is implemented.
  • Utilities/Set Font does not apply to bottom portion of Read Posts tab.
  • Utilities/Set Font does not apply to Status Tab
  • Drag and drop of groups in groups list provides no feedback.
  • UUE posts with identical subjects getting combined by mistake.
Known Cosmetic Issues:
  • There is a line overwriting Accept Filter and Reject Filter on the Filter Profiles screen.
  • The "X" to close a post list will ride over other post list options on lower screen resolutions.
NewsBin Pro 5.05 screenshot (resized)
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Fijn programma, alleen ben ik er vanaf gestapt omdat ik hem niet in de systemtray kreeg :+.
Daarvoor kan je TrayIt! voor gebruiken. Hiermee kan je elk programma minimaliseren naar de systemtray.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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