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Software-update: gxine 0.5.0

Het programma gxine is de GTK front end voor xine, een opensource multimediaspeler voor GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Irix en Mac OS X. Het programma kan cd's, dvd's en vcd's afspelen, lust avi-, mov-, wmv-, en mp3-bestanden en ook multimediastreams van het internet vormen geen enkel probleem. Versie 0.5.0 is door de ontwikkelaars naar buiten gebracht en voorzien van de volgende veranderingen:

Well, here it is. This is where the shiny new stuff has been lurking for the past six months :-) The new stuff includes a separate toolbar window (optional) and a keypad window - and they're redefinable in XML. Changed stuff includes the settings window (it's gained tabs and a graphic equaliser), quite a lot of the UI layout and, well, see for yourself... You'll need GTK+ 2.6 or later, and a window manager which understands full-screen windows (if it doesn't, full-screen mode won't work).

  • Reorganised and/or reimplemented large chunks of the UI.
    • There are now top-level menus for audio and video.
    • The toolbar is now defined using XML-based structures.
    • There's a "remote control"-style window.
    (Some of this is done to avoid deprecated bits of GTK+ and GLib.)
  • Drag-resizing the main window now alters the scaling factor.
    • The window can be shrunk more easily.
    • Changes in video size no longer force the scale to the default value or a value set via the window menu or set_video_size().
  • Allow the windowed-mode controls to be in a separate window. There's a new prefs option to control whether this happens (requires gxine to be restarted to take effect). The window can be hidden and can be stuck to the video window.
  • Added a Javascript console. You can now see the errors generated by your key bindings :-)
  • Added startup script support. Error reporting is via the JS console. Certain commands (dialogue boxes, stream, playlist, media marks) have no effect, other than to generate warnings, during startup.
  • Made the deinterlacer configuration generic. This allows use of post-plugins such as 'pp'.
    NOTE: unless deinterlacing is done by an active plugin, the old deinterlacing method is used automatically.
  • Separated the settings window into video and audio parts.
  • Added a graphic equaliser (in the settings window).
  • Added clipboard support to the playlist and media marks windows.
  • Removed the "up" & "down" buttons in the playlist window.
  • Added a "file" button to the 'open MRL' dialogue box. This makes it easier to open some local MRLs, e.g. a DVD image on a hard disk.
  • Added a "copy to mediamarks" button to the playlist window.
  • Editing the currently-played item's playlist entry makes an off-list copy of the original entry. Adding to mediamarks copies the original.
  • Reimplemented full-screen mode (it now reuses the main window).
    • Force windowed mode for audio-only with no visualisation.
  • Improved the LIRC support:
    • also read ~/.lircrc (mappings in ~/.gxine/lircrc have priority);
    • if the connection to lircd is lost, try to reconnect.
  • Moving the stream position slider no longer selects normal play.
  • Require GTK+ 2.6 and external Spidermonkey JS library.
  • Added autoconf tests for C99 and certain GCC extensions.
  • Add support for unblanking via DPMS, and prefer to use it.
  • Unblank when starting or resuming playback.
  • Separated utility functions and UI slider code.
  • Made the playlist and speaker buttons themeable. Prefix "gxine-media-", names "playlist", "speaker", "speaker-mute".
  • Added JS settings objects for:
    • each control in the settings window;
    • various xine parameters and gxine runtime configuration items. Some of these were previously accessed via JS functions: these functions are now deprecated. You should upgrade your key bindings.
  • Added JS callback function.
  • Reworked the time widget and info bar. These can now be configured via $SYSCONFDIR/gxine/gtkrc (typically /etc/gxine/gtkrc), ~/.gtkrc-2.0 or ~/.gxine/gtkrc.
  • Improved default widget handling (action on Return/Enter).
  • Improved info bar metadata update.
  • Show more metadata (if available) in the stream info window. If there's too much, use an ellipsis.
  • Playlist next and previous now wrap.
  • Switched to GtkFileChooser for the file dialogue boxes. (Based on a patch from Arjan Timmerman .)
  • Make use of GNOME VFS (if available) as a backend for GtkFileChooser. Allow non-local URLs where we can currently cope with them.
  • Keep dialogue boxes above their parent windows.
  • Moved "title from stream" out * Show DVD title/chapter/angle count (if available) in stream info.
  • Switched to tool buttons in playlist, media marks, key bindings.
  • Improved ASX parsing. Don't complain about unrecognised elements. gxine doesn't support some and I'm not planning to check for them. Use (which is standard) instead of
  • Listen for extended MRL ref events (if available at compile time).
  • The browser plugin no longer causes the playlist to be cleared. There's an extra option -a --add to support this.
  • The splash window is now a popup (no effect on new window placement).
  • Don't use deprecated GNOME VFS MIME functions.
  • Prevent F10 and Menu from being used in (new) key bindings. (These are hard-wired within GTK for menu display purposes.)
  • Should now cope with movement between (logical) screens.
  • Adjusted the default size to force recalc of the initial video size.
  • Unshade the video window on entry to full-screen mode.
  • Link the full-screen toolbar position to the window position.
  • Reworked the video widget; gxine now uses one thread less.
  • Shift focus-grabbing from the video widget to the main window. (Keyboard grab would be used but for problems with some utilities.) of the playlist/mediamark item editor dbox's buttons area.
  • Handle externally-generated screen resolution changes (XRandR).
  • Handle window-manager-generated main window fullscreen toggling.
  • Reworked the "setup wizards" dialogue box.
  • Overhauled error message handling (and write them to stderr).
Versienummer 0.5.0
Besturingssystemen Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, UNIX
Website xine
Bestandsgrootte 805,00KB
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


31-10-2005 • 16:50

5 Linkedin Google+

Bron: xine


Reacties (5)

Wijzig sortering
Voor Gnome is er de veel betere Xine frontend (misschien wel beste media player) Totem. Voor KDE is er kmplayer als enige bruikbare qt frontend voor zowel Xine als MPlayer (de nieuwe Kaffeine zuigt hard). Gxine is wel handig in andere Window Managers zoals XFce of Fluxbox omdat je dan geen Gnome of KDE libs nodig hebt, maar het is dan meer een noodoplossing voor mij. De GUI is bijhoorlijk slecht.
Gui is wel wat minder, niet zo enorm slecht vind ik. Totem is erg spaarzaam met zijn debug info als het eens niet goed gaat, en zowat het enige wat hij dan kan/doet is afsluiten, zonder een goede foutmelding te geven. Heb problemen met het ding gehad met bezette sound servers. Ik gebruik Amarok, zelfs onder Gnome gewoon(dus met KDE libs). Werkt geweldig als Jukebox, zelfs web frontend erbij, Shoutcast shouter ingebouwd. Werkt erg snel en erg intuitief. Gebruik VLC om snel ff wat te bekijken. Die heeft alleen wat probs met settings schermpjes die kennelijk dynamisch gemaakt worden, die soms wat vreemd getekend worden.

Voor de liefhebbers, ik heb toch alle players waar hier over gesproken word..
Ik heb gxine geprobeerd. Het werkt wel goed.
maar ik vind mplayer nog steeds een stuk fijner gebruiken.
Ik vindt Kaffeine juist een van de beste player voor Linux.

Wat vindt jou zo slecht aan Kaffeine?
Kaffeine 0.4.3b ging het echt de goede kant op. Maar vanaf 0.5 is het echt verschrikkelijk slecht geworden met die trage tabbed interface en crash bugs die maar niet opgelost worden.

Iemand moet 0.4.3b forken, dat zou echt goed zijn.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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