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Software-update: gxine 0.5.9

Het programma gxine is de GTK front end voor xine, een opensource multimediaspeler voor GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Irix en Mac OS X. Het programma kan cd's, dvd's en vcd's afspelen, lust avi-, mov-, wmv-, en mp3-bestanden en ook multimediastreams van het internet vormen geen enkel probleem. Versie 0.5.9 is door de ontwikkelaars uitgebracht en voorzien van de volgende veranderingen sinds de vorige vermelding in de meuktracker:

Version 0.5.9:
  • Added some code to cope with xscreensaver blanking the screen. (Ubuntu bug 64136) (original patch by Jani Monoses)
  • Cope with building when using Seamonkey libjs. (Gentoo bug 151088)
  • Fixes for when closing the 'about' dialogue box. (Ubuntu bug 64134)
  • Fixed a bug which could cause gxine to hang (in X client libs) during startup if it should try to report an error.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause millions of errors when trying and failing to display the logo image, e.g. if something which is expected to be present, such as the MPEG elementary stream demuxer, is missing.
  • Altered gxine.desktop for HIG compliance. (Based on Ubuntu bug 74979)
  • Avoid the possibility of a few (harmless) warnings during startup.
  • Correctly display preference items which have instant effects.
  • Added a simple segfault handler.
  • Added an option to show time remaining for the current stream instead of time elapsed. This can be toggled temporarily by clicking on the elapsed/remaining time display.
  • Added --geometry option (standard X-style). While this sets the initial position & size, the size is then overridden by the video.
  • Added a config item to control whether the display is kept unblanked during *any* playback (with video or visualisation), much as for fullscreen mode. Default is off (unchanged behaviour).
  • Added tooltips to the post-plugin parameter value widgets. Whether these are translated is up to the post plugin.
  • Altered the plugin chain windows' preferences buttons so that it's clearer which plugins are being configured.
  • Replace F10 hard-wiring with usage of gtk-menu-bar-accel.
  • Don't set the primary selection when copying - this is clipboard territory.
  • Allow compile-time logo file format selection. Choose between "mpeg" (logo.mpv; needs MPEG elementary demuxer) and "image" (logo.jpg; requires the image demuxer). The default is mpeg.
  • Added JS playlist.repeat & playlist.random, both with value 'v' and method 'toggle()'.
  • Bumped minimum automake requirement to 1.9.
  • Fix building on FreeBSD, replace a recursive pthread mutex with glib's equivalent.
Version 0.5.8:
  • Added support for editable menu shortcuts.
  • Another VO deinterlacer fix - 0.5.7 broke support for tvtime, though pp worked better.
  • Fixed a typo in (affecting Xinerama options).
  • Upgraded npapi.h from mozilla-dev (Debian). This fixes the browser plugin on 64-bit.
  • Improved the display of the plugin help text.
  • Fixed a locking bug which could cause gxine to hang on exit.
  • Re-marked windows as transient-for (broken in 0.5.7).
  • Display timestamps in log entries differently (needs xine-lib 1.1.3).
  • New keymap description handling: untranslated text is stored in the bindings file and unmodified default text is translated for display.
  • Minor cleanups (configuration file names, g_build_filename etc.).
  • Use the monitor width rather than the logical screen width for the full-screen toolbar. Fixes a problem in Xinerama side-by-side mode.
  • Oops. XRandR support got broken ages ago... check for it again.
  • Unbreak Xinerama check on XFree86 (at least, on 4.3 in Debian sarge).
  • Improved the toolbar focus handling somewhat.
  • Fixed F10 in full-screen mode when using combined video/toolbar window in windowed mode.
  • Added a JS "eject()" function and a key binding entry for it.
  • Don't use dbus if gnome-screensaver isn't available, and don't provide a default path for it at build time.
  • HTTP redirect support (playlists etc.) (Ubuntu bug 60007)
  • Allow --help & --version to work without $DISPLAY being set.
Version 0.5.7:
  • Restored disabling of VO deinterlacer when there are active deinterlacer plugins. I finally realised what was missing...
  • Added names to some windows for use in ~/.gxine/gtkrc: video, fs_toolbar, wm_toolbar.
  • Added a few name attributes to the toolbar XML and some example style info (commented out) to the default gtkrc for the full-screen toolbar.
  • When determining a default MRL title, resolve symbolic links.
  • Prevent text insertion before the system-wide startup script.
  • A couple of Undo shortcuts got missed in 0.5.6.
  • Fixed some problems with switching to/from full-screen.
  • Fixed a startup bug in the window size submenu. (Bug 1487691)
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the video window from being shrunk. (Ubuntu bug 46403)
  • Fixed a problem with update of the window size menu.
  • Hopefully fixed a Javascript crash-on-start bug. (Bug 1482697)
  • Added a watchdog which will abort gxine if it hangs for 30s. (Disabled by default.)
  • Italian translation from Diego Pettenò.
  • Build fixes for autoconf 2.59c and later.
Version 0.5.6:
  • Fixed some translation bugs: labels in menus in the prefs window weren't being translated, and some tooltips translations were in the wrong place. (Any prefs window text which still isn't translated is likely to be in xine-lib.)
  • Fixed health check for CD and DVD drives (wrong config option names). Cope with relevant media.*.device being null; set to default when the health check is run.
  • Fixed a couple of possible hangs.
  • Added "splash screen" config option. (Bug 1445189)
  • Added -s/--splash to complement -S/--no-splash.
  • Allow the video widget to remain hidden after playing an audio-only stream. (Bug 1393626)
  • Fixed some related resizing problems.
  • Fixed a problem which caused the video widget to be blanked. This is caused when the input focus is passed between the video widget and another widget in the same window; the answer is to prevent the video widget from ever having the input focus. (Bug 1391404) (Debian bug 355906)
  • MRL protocols may contain hyphens (bug 1463224) and numbers. Allow VDR event matching for MRLs beginning with "vdr", not "vdr:/".
  • Fixed compilation failure with -DLOG. (Bug 1463237)
  • Playlist reordering was working with GTK+ 2.6 but not 2.8. Fixed for 2.8.
  • Fixed a problem which caused the volume to be modified regardless on startup. (Bug 1466277)
  • Prevent the main window from reclaiming the input focus if Xinerama is active. (Ubuntu bug 40768)
  • Fix a few problems with the full-screen toolbar - positioning (Xinerama) and input focus.
  • Reworked the JS callback() code to avoid some possible hangs.
  • Include the explanation when displaying messages from xine-lib.
  • {a,v}o_postproc.set_chain() were broken and didn't update the prefs. Added a r/w interface: {a,v}o_postproc.chain.
  • Prevent full-screen mode when the video widget is hidden.
  • Minor display tweaks: quotation marks '' → ‘’, "" → “”. Not done globally, though.
  • The MRL open dbox now has a history (for the current session).
  • Each plugin selector in the plugin chain config windows now has a tooltip which reflects the chosen plugin (if the plugin supplies a short help string).
  • Allow the "load playlist" button to load more than just gxine's own playlist format.
  • Added JS functions playlist_load and playlist_delete.
  • JS function playlist_add can now take a title parameter.
  • Support non-UTF-8 consoles (patch from Led). The default g_print and g_printerr transliteration isn't adequate, though, so we do our own - using GLib functions...
  • More translation markup and a Ukrainian translation (both from Led).
  • Support non-UTF-8 consoles. (Patch from Led.)
  • Restore the window size on exit from full-screen mode (if the user hasn't altered the window size setting).
  • Added a "Reset" option to reset the window size. Basically, this acts like an aspect ratio change...
  • Don't hide tab & border for single-page notebooks in the prefs window.
  • Allow the Undo key to work wherever there's an Undo button.
  • Added some code to cope with gnome-screensaver blanking the screen despite our (previous) best efforts. (Based on totem's screensaver code.) (Ubuntu bug 36153)
Versienummer 0.5.9
Besturingssystemen Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, UNIX
Website xine
Bestandsgrootte 999,00KB
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


18-12-2006 • 15:31

3 Linkedin Google+

Bron: xine


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Wijzig sortering
Dit was altijd mijn favoriete player onder linux, vooral vanwege de browser plugin. Maar sinds de mplayer browserplugin zo goed is doorontwikkeld en een beter beeld geeft kan deze player mij niet meer interesseren.
Mplayer heeft nog steeds moeite met DVD menu's-daarom wint Xine bij mij :Y)
Wanneer ik op Uitzendiggemist een uitzending bekijk met MPlayer, dan zie'tie er toch erg blokkerig uit. Onder Windows met een willekeurige andere player is dat probleem een stuk kleiner.

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