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Bron: Inside Mac Games

Inside Mac Games heeft een interview met John Carmack op het net gezet. In het interview wordt wat heen en weer gebabbeld over (Quake3) performance verschillen tussen de PC en Mac (G4):

Bernier: What do you think about the new Apple G4-velocity engine (aka, AltiVec)?

Carmack: It has the same basic capabilities as the Intel and AMD extensions, but it has several conveniences beyond them. The main one is just architectural -- trinary ops are a lot nicer than destructive binary ops. Like the PIII, but unlike AMD, the registers are separate, so they can be used at any time. There are improvements in permutation and other housekeeping tasks.

The AltiVec compiler support is better than the x86 solutions, but that is a mixed blessing. I don't consider encouraging people to write compiler specific code a particularly good thing. The incoming memory streaming is nice, but Intel's write combining is better for outgoing streaming. [break] En over de G4 hype zegt-ie: [/break] Don't believe any hype about the G4 being "three times as fast" as a pentium III. It isn't. It is somewhat faster per clock on average, but definitely not twice as fast, and it trails the fastest x86 machines by quite a few mhz right now, and that isn't likely to change due to its short pipeline length.

The G4 is great. I like it. Everyone should keep their claims rational.

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