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Meer info over Hercules faillisement

Hier heb je nog wat meer info over het (waarschijnlijke) faillisement van Hercules. Dit komt van AGN 3D:

I Just got back from Hercules of Fremont California. I was just informed by the staff that Hercules is indeed "out of business". The anonymous employees told me that they site financial woes as the main reason why Hercules can no longer continue. The staff also informed me that the employees have not been paid for two weeks. The reason that they do not answer the phones is because they are working for free and are basically clearing their desk out.

It will be clear very soon when Hercules issues their press release regarding their departure from the graphics business. Hercules will also be calling the game sites with additional statements.

The staff also said that its unlikely that they will be fulfilling any more video card orders, even the ones that have been ordered weeks ago. They did say that there was some employees(out of charity) still there packing up some cards for shipment. So if your credit card was not charged, then you should not be receiving a video card. I was able to get what is probaly one of the last new Hercules TNT2 Ultras that will be seen again. They sold me the Hercules TNT2 Ultra /TV-out with dvd software for a discount price of $200. They said that if you are lucky enough to live in the Fremont area, able to arrive at Hercules Co. with the next days before they clear out, that you could also get the Hercules TNT2 Ultra/ TV-out with dvd software for the discount price of $200. [break]AVault heeft een posting met op zich weinig nieuws, maar wel een stukje over de geschiedenis van Hercules: [/break] Similar to other success stories of the computer industry, Hercules Computer Technology was launched in a garage. In this case, the garage was 10 miles northeast of San Francisco in the town of Hercules. It was there in 1982 that the first high-resolution graphics adapter for the burgeoning PC business was created, the Hercules Monochrome Graphics Adapter.

From its roots in establishing the monochrome graphics standard, Hercules pioneered advances in color graphics solutions. In the late 80s and early 90s, the company led the industry with high-end solutions based on TIGA, RISC and proprietary ASIC technologies. These products brought graphics functionality to PCs once reserved for more expensive professional systems.

Since 1992, Hercules has focused on its Windows multimedia accelerators, including an extensive line of 3D graphics cards. In November 1998, a proposed acquisition of the privately held corporation by Germany-based ELSA was terminated when the companies were unable to agree on the terms of the sale. Hercules still managed to ship its Dynamite TNT2 in June 1999, and on Aug. 9 released updated drivers for its entire TNT and TNT2 product line. [break] Verder nog wat info op de frontpage van Extreme Hardware: [/break] This pretty well sums up what all of the evidence has been pointing to: the dumped Hercules inventory, the halted TNT2 Ultra shipments, the unanswered phone calls and the USENET posting derived from an anonymous Hercules executive. This email is definitely not good news for those eagerly awaiting their Dynamite TNT2 Ultra shipments, but what can I say? I fully expect a formal announcement from Hercules early next week. [break] Tenslotte nog een artikel van 3DAlpha:[/break] When I recieved word of Hercules shutting down, I was saddened. The computer graphics market is made up mainly of companies that do not have a long standing history. Should one of the newer players have gone out of bussiness, I might not have been bothered too deeply. However, for an industry heavyweight such as Hercules to collapse so unexpectedly, it has made me step back and reconsider my views of the cut throat computer market. The loss of Hercules also means fewer companies remain to produce new graphics cards. With 3dfx and S3 acquiring STB and Diamond, respectively, the number of large, well known manufacturers still producing cards utilizing NVidia's chipsets has been cut significantly. I would not be surprised if NVidia chose to acquire their own manufacturer soon, and, in fact, it would seem almost dangerous not to do so.

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21-08-1999 • 20:47

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Misschien kan NVidia het failliete Hercules nu voor een zacht prijsje opkopen.
Misschien kan NVidia het failliete Hercules nu voor een zacht prijsje opkopen.
Ik vind erg triest dat een firma met zo'n rep. verdwijnt zoiets mag niet mogelijk zijn. het was een van de weinige fabrikanten die kwaliteits produkten fabriceerde, daar kon geen creative of diamond aan tippen
Waarschijnlijk komt er wel weer een of andere fabrikant die de merknaam Hercules over koopt. Hopelijk gaan ze 'm dan niet verkrachten zoals Escom en Tulip dat met Commodore deden.
Ik weet nog dat wij in onze eerste PC een hercules grafische kaart hadden zitten. Was zwaar klote, maar okay...

En onze eerste computer was een Commodore. Daarna een Amiga... Blijft weinig van mijn geschiedenis in de computerlarij over zo :-((

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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