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Weer een nieuwe site om rekening mee te houden:, volledig toegewijdt aan de (jaja) de nVidia NV10:

We are pleased to announce the launch of, a new hardware related web site dedicated to NVIDIA's upcoming chip, the NV10.

Though the final product name will probably not be called NV10, we decided to launch the site and name it, as we feel that a comprehensive source for the upcoming technology is needed even now at such an early stage. The short domain name will also provide an easy to remember URL.

The new web site is being maintained by an experienced staff of hardware reporters, and currently provides the one and only publication dedicated to the upcoming chip. Current active sections are the news section, updated with all related news from around the web, as well as a F.A.Q. and a preview section. Other sections (such as reviews, interviews, tweaking, files and more) will be updated when the information becomes available.

We believe will provide you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of information dedicated to NVIDIA's upcoming technology. [break]...en nu ik daar toch aan het rondwandelen ben kan ik net zo goed deze nieuwsposting over een NV10 interview van PowerGamerz mee pikken:[/break] There's a lot of people who've been talking about how a good xform and lighting engine can off-load the CPU. To give some rough guesstimates, a game like Quake2 or Quake3 probably spends something between 15% and 20% of its time transforming vertices. That's time that the CPU really should be spending doing things like better A.I., or nicer particle systems, model physics, etc. There's no games out there that use lighting now. One of the big reasons is that in order to make lighting look good, you need a lot more geometry in a scene (since lighting is applied at each vertex). But, if you add more vertices, then your CPU needs to get bogged down lighting all those extra vertices. So instead, many 3D games chose to follow the likes of Quake2 and use lightmaps.

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21-08-1999 • 20:47

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Bron: AnandTech Webnews

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