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VIA Interview

De Russische gasten van iXBT hebben een interview afgenomen met VIA. Hier heb je een klein stukje:

Q: At first we would like to ask you a question that has been attracting public attention lately, namely we would like to ask you about the recent deal with Cyrix. How will it influence the marketing strategy of your company and the company's business in general?

A: Exciting stuff indeed. But there is not a lot I can disclose right now due to the fact that we only announced an LOI (letter of intention) to purchase Cyrix. Details of the agreement will be disclosed in the near future. Obviously Cyrix rounds out our product portfolio very well and provides us a clear hedge into the future integration trend. We will market Cyrix processors; but at the same time our chipsets will be engineered and marketed to optimally support AMD, Intel and other processors in the marketplace.

Q: Another so impatiently awaited product from VIA is a new chipset for AMD K7. Could you, please, say a few words about its main features, in particular about the supported memory, system bus and AGP 4x compatibility?

A: With our K7 chipset we aim to emulate the success we've had supporting the K6-2. Aside from the FSB, this product, which is set for introduction early next month, offers the same features as our upcoming P6-level chipsets: PC133 SDRAM, VCM/133, ESDRAM memory types, AGP 4x, UDMA/66, 4 USB ports, asynch bus settings. The main difference is the 100MHz DDR FSB to AMD's Slot A Athlon processor.

Q: Are you going to provide a competitive product to Intel 810? If you are, then could you, please, tell us a bit about its main features? When can we expect this product to appear?

A: We do have a product that will compete with the i810. Right now, we are using the Trident Blade 3D core in a product called ProMedia. Expect an intro in the august month. Beyond that we will integrate the S3 Savage 4 core into our Pro133 north bridge.

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04-08-1999 • 21:27

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Bron: iXBT Labs

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