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Hier wat bij elkaar geraapte kritieken.......

source:JC's PC News

"Damn,that was a awesome, and strangely timed, sleep! You'd to expect that sleeping early would give you extra hours of sleep, not wake you earlier. Anyway the PC Data figures were incorrectly read. It turns out that the Intel/AMD arrangement is switched. Three of the systems of the top five are Intel-based, and the one of the top is an iMac. Tsk,tsk,tsk...AMD better pump out that K6-3 soon, they're starting on some troubles!"

"An Explanation about the AMD 66MHz buschips. The general word was that they were defective and therefore couldn't handle 100MHz bus. According to C'T magazine, some of the K6-2 chips made between 9834 and 3839 had more aggressive assumptions afor 100MHz mobo's. So on some mobo's, these processors failed to make the 100MHz bus. Starting 98/11/01, they relaxed the design a bit and all went well."

"An Interesting opinion on the K6-3's Quake II scores: Acoording to Kevin Spurway over at SI, it may be the case that there is not a large difference between the PII-450 and the K6-3 450 because the single Voodoo2 is fill-rate limited at that clock speed."

"Some ruminations on Anand's article. First off, I should note that Winstone99 favors Intel chipsets over VIA chipsets. If the VIA chipsets ever have an implementation of their AGP or Busmaster drivers or whatever it is that cripples them, then the K6-3 may add on a few more performance points on top of that, figure maybe putting the K6-3 about 10-12% above the PII, clock for clock. Nextly the gaming performance seems to be much improved. Anand didn't bench with any non 3DNow! games, but he did use Unreal, wich is universally acknowledged as having a really crappy 3DNow! implementation. In Unreal, the K63 was a hair faster than the PII at 450MHz. This leads me to believe that a K6-3-450 is probably solidly between thePII-400 and the PII-450 in x87 3D games. Mind you, that's only speculation, and I could be totally wrong. But for now, I'll just be happy with the knowledge that it wasn't entirely a bad idea for me to stick with the Super-7 platform. :)"

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26-12-1998 • 01:53

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