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Meer Tom bashing

Ik kom net bij een leuke verzameling sites tegen met spul over de Q3Test benchmarks van Tom. Jammie!

Die van HardOCP en Ars Technica hebben we al gehad. Laten we binnen bij Hardware Central, die heeft er twee: Q3A Timedemo scores a Hoax? en To Thomas Pabst, with love:

In my opinion, Tom's Hardware has taken a nosedive in the public's eye recently. After selling his soul to nVidia, his articles have gained some extreme bias. We see fewer and fewer updates, and they become more poorly written (see excerpt on page 1 for example). How could anyone out there still believe his Q3A benchmark scores are indicative of anything? I will guarantee this: When Brian Hook's scores come out (shortly), the scores will be 20-50% lower than Tom's across the board, and you may see different cards in the lead in different areas. I would bet the farm on it. [break]Om het nog prettiger te maken hebben ze een poll op de frontpage: "Do you still think Tom's Hardware is a reliable source of hardware information? Laat ik de arme man steunen -> 83,7% zegt nee.

Volgende: "Tomzilla's Downfall" bij Dimension 128. Deze is erg lekker :[/break] We are witnessing web-publishing history being made, folks. Tomzilla has always been known by many webmasters to be an arrogant and pompous git, and his credibility has long been in question in the hardware scene, but with his latest jury-rigged, balls-up of an article, prepared with little consideration to accuracy, combined with his arrogant rebuttal of all the inevitable criticism, Tomzilla has pissed off a few too many people, most notably the hardware companies upon whom he so much relies for his advertising income, and the thousands of websites which send him so much traffic!

There is a common phrase "No man is an island", and I'm afraid that also applies to websites like Tomzilla's. For a long time, Tomzilla has acted as if he is soley responsible for the ridiculous success of his website, which is far from true. Most of his visitors came to know of his existance soley because other websites chose to link to his site. There was a time, long ago, when dinosaurs walked the Earth, when Tomzilla's site was a truly interesting resource for the latest hardware news. Not everyone can boast of having published the world's first reviews of the Intel Pentium II and AMD K6. [break]Next: Extreme Hardware: E3, Tom & Other news: [/break] As for Tom, I really can't believe the level of negative sentiment I'm finding around the net. Tom's pulled a boner quite a few times, but this Q3A Test timedemo fiasco might just be the straw that broke the camel's back. Tom's Hardware is a very successful site, but the reasons for its success have little to do with the current content he's producing. At one time, Tom was the only real source of cutting-edge internet hardware reviews, and I frequented the site daily. Tom struck while the iron was hot, and retained many of his early readers and gained even more as word of his site spread. Unfortunately, as the site's popularity increased, the level of content decreased and the overt favoritism became pretty noticeable. I was very surprised to see comments and quotes from hardware manufacturers confirming that they are not impressed with Tom's reviewing process.

As the saying goes, "with great power comes great responsibility", and Tom owes it to his readers to report the news and not just use his articles to generate more hits by posting "I got it first" erroneous benchmarks on pre-beta software. And before you fire off that email, I am not jealous of Tom's Hardware. Those who read Tom's articles are just as welcome to read ours, but "hit grab" reporting like his Q3A Test timedemo roundup simply reinforces the established media's belief that the Web is a morass of misinformation and hype. That hurts everyone who runs a website. [break]En tenslotte: Mr. T wants you to love him bij[/break] An interesting turn of events: as I type this, Tom has already changed his Q3test article and is now openly defending himself on his site, with so many authorities questioning the validity of his data. It even seems that Mr. T is claiming that none other than Brian Hooke has it all wrong. Who am I to believe, Brain Hooke or Tom? 'Nuff said

The opinion that Tom's Hardware Site has fallen from the premadonna spot it once held is shared by many hardware webmasters, and it is unfortunate and quite detrimental to see that Tom's word is still considered as the "gospel" by so many. We're all entitled to stating our opinions. Unfortunately, too many fear repraisal and remain silent. I believe it's time to speak out a little more......

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15-05-1999 • 07:51

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Hard OCP vs. Thomas Pabst Nieuws van 29 februari 2000

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En toch krijgt hij nog steeds meer pageviews dan tweakers... jammer hoor.
Waarom komt hier nu opeens weer commentaar op ?

deze thread hoort :Z te zijn !!
Het lijkt zo onderhand wel Tom Raider <img src= width=15 height=15>
Okay... daar is dus geen bungy jump touwtje meer aan vast te knopen... die gaat een smak maken waar de honden geen brood meer van lusten...
tom = dood

...en weg is de bookmark...

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