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Palm M505 vs Handspring Visor Prism

Chris Pittman komt met een vergelijking tussen de Palm M505 en de Handspring Visor Prism. Beide apparaatjes zijn voorzien van een 33MHz Motorola Dragonball VZ en 8 MB geheugen. De twee beestjes beschikken over een 16-bit display. De Prism gebruikt een active matrix screen met backlight. Palm gebruikt daarentegen een reflective color screen met een front light.

Uit de PocketMark benchmarks blijkt dat de handhelds bij de GraphMarks, PalmMarks en FloatMarks redelijk dicht bij elkaar liggen. De Palm M505 heeft echter een grote voorsprong bij de DBMarks en MemMarks. Dit zou ook aan een andere OS versie kunnen liggen. Hieronder de conclusie:

So, what does all this rambling mean? First off, color is not a necessity, but makes for the geek factor that we all cherish. You have to pay to play, though: at around $450, these PDA's aren't cheap. The Palm M505 has the Visor beat on size, expansion cost, screen flexibility, battery life, the cover (not a big deal, but I liked it), and the ability to flash the OS. The Visor wins in the expansion flexibility, screen brightness in low light and indoors, and the cradle category. If MemPlug gets their app out that allows programs to run from their expansion card, then the Prism will be more apt to compete in the cost of memory expansion department. I'm going to say the benchmarks are a wash and are for info only.

Looks to me like the Palm M505 kicks the hell out of the Handspring Visor Prism. OK, maybe it wasn't that bad, but the Palm is the clear winner. Not to say that the Prism didn't have its day. Before the M505, the Prism was the king of the hill. It's still a good contender and has its place when people don't care about size, won't use it in daylight, and would like the options that the Springboard platform provides. I don't think you will be disappointed with either the M505 or Prism, but the M505 just blends more features which makes it more attractive.

The Palm M505 is a great piece of equipment with all the features anyone needs in a Palm-based PDA in the near future. They put a lot of thought into the overall design, taking into account convenience, flexibility, and performance. My main gripe is the lack of contrast adjustment. Other than that I think Palm hit a home run. I bought the M505 and plan on letting it into a dear place in my heart. The Palm M505 is pcSCOOP's Excellence Award. Now we have a new champion. Who will step up to challenge it for the title?

Door Robin van Rootseler


09-05-2001 • 15:13

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Bron: PC Scoop


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