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Bron: Sourceforge

Vienna is een applicatie voor het MacOS X-platform en wordt speciaal ontwikkeld voor het CIX-conferentie systeem. Met deze applicatie is het onder andere mogelijk om off-line een conferentie na te lezen. Versie 1.2.0 is onlangs uitgebracht met het volgende changelog:

Major Features:
  • Fill Message Gaps.
  • Drag and drop messages between folders or other applications.
  • Online mode.
  • Full CIX Conference List Browser.
  • Revised Tasks Window.
  • Basic AppleScript Support
Minor Changes:
  • Mark Thread Read (shortcut = 'Z')
  • Support Shift+P, Shift+M, Shift+R and Shift+I to mark entire thread (from root forward).
  • Centralise the shortcut key handling so they work when the focus is in the message list.
  • Compact Database on File menu now has ellipsis removed.
  • Dropped Priority and Ignore from available columns in message list.
  • Properly set row height in message list when changing font.
  • Can now specify number of recent messages to get when joining a new conference or topic.
  • Changed Accounts tab in Preferences to CIX.
  • When inserting messages, the title is now taken from the first non blank line.
  • Renamed preferences file to
  • Moved file source from .Mac to SourceForge so the location in MacPAD.url now changes to
  • URL registration contention between Vienna and Parlance. (ICGetPref). Allow user to pick the cix: handler.
  • Show Original now works properly in Draft and Out Basket folders.
  • Handle < a href=" prefix and URLs wrapped in <...> spread across lines.
  • Support styling '**COPIED FROM:' links.
  • Added popup menu to Folders tree for those of us who won't use Ctrl+Click.
  • Indicate conferences that are read-only/full in the message view and folder tree with a lock icon. (This is only detected when Vienna adds new messages to the folder).
  • "Search Folders" renamed to "Smart Folders".
  • Fixed crash that was re-introduced when opening the Vienna dictionary from the Apple Script Editor.
  • Fixed bug where /, * or _ followed by a whitespace inadvertently styles the following text.
  • Support a small set of commands via AppleScript:
  • Fixed line wrap bug with long URLs.
  • Make export code not call the db on the export thread and show a little more detail in the progress pane.
  • Bumped up default timeout to 45 seconds.
  • Add support for recovering a scratchpad if the download was interrupted.
  • Correctly show unread priority message count on app icon after deleting a folder that has unread priority messages.
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