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Bron: cocoaforge

De ontwikkelaars van het programma Vienna voor het Mac OS X-platform hebben versie 2.1.1 de deur uitgedaan. Met dit programma kan je allerlei RSS- en Atom-feeds binnenhalen en vervolgens bewaren in een lokale SQLite database. Ook kunnen aanwezige weblinks in de feeds via de op Safari gebaseerde ge´ntegreerde browser bezocht worden. De aankondiging samen met de lijst van aanpassingen ziet er als volgt uit:

We're happy to announce that Vienna 2.1.1 has been officially released. You can download it from within Vienna via the Check for Updates menu item or from the Vienna Downloads page.

Vienna 2.1.1 contains a number of bug fixes and is recommended for all Vienna users. It also has a few new neat features, such as the single-key shortcut 'n' for the Next Unread command, Javascript support for styles -- which we think will lead to some really cool and useful style innovations, and automatic emptying of the trash. Note that if you choose to have the trash emptied automatically when Vienna quits, the process of quitting could take a few seconds, and you might see the spinning pinwheel.

Warning: The empty trash dialog could cause a problem if you hide Vienna and then quit from the Dock menu. See here for the problem and for the (easy) solution.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!

Version 2.1.1:
  • Added Danish localisation. (Thanks to David Munch).
  • Added Czech localisation. (Thanks to Jakub Formanek).
  • If the manual sort order for folders is corrupt, it is automatically reset.
  • Fixed date parsing for fractional seconds.
  • The -profile switch is now propagated to a new instance of Vienna if Vienna is restarted.
  • Added more built-in styles.
  • Added Advanced preferences pane to enable or disable Javascript.
  • Fixed bug where folder passwords were not being properly saved and loaded.
  • Save open tabs with unloaded URLs.
  • Fixed bug: when selecting articles list via right-click, menu items were disabled.
  • When manually refreshing all subscriptions, reset the automatic refresh timer.
  • Article title appears when article is dragged to iChat (and probably to other apps).
  • If a feed item lacks a guid, identify the item by full title and link rather than by a hash.
  • Added Applescript command: "mark all subscriptions read".
  • Single-key shortcut 'n' for Next Unread command.
  • Fixed bug where http-equiv refresh could cause infinite redirect loop.
  • Disabled permanent redirect (HTTP 301), because some servers send it mistakenly.
  • New feature: Empty trash automatically on quitting. (Thanks to Hwang Hi.)
  • Fixed bug: subscriptions duplicated when exporting by AppleScript. (Thanks to Darren Kulp.)
  • Added support for blogging with Pukka and BlogThing.
  • Email page link from browser tab.
  • Don't show dialog when exporting subscriptions by AppleScript. (Thanks to Darren Kulp.)
  • Help localized to German.
  • Enable JavaScript for styles using the file "script.js", if it exists. (Thanks to Les Orchard).
  • Fixed bug: article pane failed to display articles for subscriptions with feed: URL.
  • Don't unnecessarily refresh article pane after folder refresh.
  • Fixed DefaultDatabase preference.
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