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Software-update: Vienna

De ontwikkelaars van het programma Vienna voor het Mac OS X-platform zijn met versie 2.0 een andere weg gaan volgen. De ondersteuning voor het CIX-conferentie systeem waarmee je onder andere off-line een conferentie kon na te lezen is verdwenen. Men heeft zich nu gericht op het ondersteunen van allerlei RSS- en Atom-feeds die vervolgens bewaard kunnen worden in een lokale SQLite database. Versie is sinds kort beschikbaar met de volgende aanpassingen:

  • Improvements to universal date parsing to fix some mis-parsed article dates.
  • Fixed OPML format in exported subscriptions to conform to the standard.
  • A warning icon now appears next to the folder name in the folders list if an error occurred when the feed was last refreshed.
  • Removed special handling of the folder column in the articles list view. The column now respects the user settings in all folder types.
  • Fix "Folder NOT xxx" implementation which wasn't working right for group folders.
  • Cmd+W closes the Download, Preference or Activity windows even when they are active.
  • $FeedDescription$ added as a tag for styles. This expands to the feed description if available.
  • Fixed bug where AppleScript 'current article' on an article in a group returns a null reference.
  • Search field now also searches in titles.
  • Confirmation prompt added before emptying the trash folder.
  • Download window now allows double-click to open a downloaded file.
  • Added popup menu to download window.
  • Resort the folder list when a folder is renamed.
  • Cmd-click on a link in the web view opens the link in a new tab.
  • Download SITX files as SITX files even if the server returns a MIME type of text.
  • Fix bug which prevented a system from going to sleep if automatic refreshes are enabled.
  • Stepping through article lists does not refresh the article pane until the steps complete.
  • Completed all localisation fixes.
  • Auto-expire now runs post-refresh in addition to at start up.
  • Don't scroll the current article after a refresh if it hasn't been changed or expired.
  • Added option to export subscriptions with groups or as a flat file.
  • Refresh when the system awakes from sleep if the refresh frequency is not set to manual.
  • Added German Localisation. (Thanks to Jan Kampling).
  • Improved handling of invalid styles.
  • Vienna can now download files. A new Downloads window has been added which tracks the file downloads. The downloads folder can now be configured via Preferences.
  • Added "Mark All Subscriptions as Read" command. (Thanks to Yann Bizeul).
  • Incorporated patches from Yann Bizeul and Adam Hammer.
  • Close button on tabs now depress and highlight properly.
  • New Preferences UI.
  • Font selection in Preferences changed to use the standard OS font picker.
  • Add an option to disable feed folder images in the folders list.
  • Moved unread count on application icon to the top right corner to be consistent with most other Mac OSX applications.
  • Support dragging URL strings from other applications into the folders pane.
  • Handle RDF:Sequence parsing for feeds such as This ensures that feeds are properly organised by date in the absence of any date in the feed.
  • Smart folder dates fields are now fixed strings representing a time range rather than an actual date.
  • Added Italian Localisation. (Thanks to Marcello Teodori).
  • Pre-build 2005 format databases no longer upgraded.
  • Removed old format display style conversion code. Styles on the web site have been updated.
  • Fixed bug where smart folder criteria was unintentionally extended when doing a filtered search.
  • Changed a couple of default preferences. We no longer check for new articles on startup and the default layout is now to have the article pane at the bottom.
  • Fixed growl notification handling not bringing the main window to the foreground.
  • Added "Skip Folder" command to mark all articles in the current folder read and skip to the next folder with unread articles. The shortcut key for this is 'S'.
Besturingssystemen macOS
Website Vienna
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)



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