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Firmware-update: Intel Server Board S2600CW / S2600KP / S2600TP R01.01.0020

Intel heeft een nieuw bios met nieuwe firmware uitgebracht voor de moederborden uit de Server Board S2600CW-, S2600KP- en S2600TP-lijnen. Deze moederborden bieden allemaal plek aan twee Intel Xeon-processors van het type E5-2600 v4. De versienummers zijn vastgesteld op R01.01.0020 voor de BIOS, voor de ME-firmware en 01.48.10351 voor de BMC-firmware. De veranderingen van deze uitgaven zien er als volgt uit:

System BIOS - R01.01.0020
  • CCB 480: To support OEM activation feature in ITK on Grantley
  • EPSD 100255536 : Boot order in UEFI mode doesn’t change to default after saving changes and resetting system
  • Update ucode 00000039 for E5-2600V3, 0b00001f for E5-2600V4
  • Update ME to
  • CCB 466: To support early VGA video display on Grantley
  • EPSD 100035007 The screen which is provided for user to confirm TPM2 clear operation.
  • Fix chipsec security Test failed in SMI 0x26, 0x28 and 0xef(BIOS Security enhancement for SMM communication buffer)
  • EPSD 100034250 - [E5-2600V4] Slot ID shown in type9 is different from PciSlotTest.efi shown
  • CCB488: Provide an option to enable/disable SSC in BIOS Setup Menu
  • Update RC to 3.9.0
  • EPSD 100035506 : [E5-2600V4] SMBIOS Type 9 structures are wrong on WCP with some riser cards configurations
  • EPSD 100035920: System will hang on diagnostic screen when press F2/F6 button continuous under MFG mode
  • EPSD 100255932: Fix remote terminal show corrupt BIOS Setup screen when Console Redirection Baud Rate is 9.6k/19.2k/38.4k/57.6k issue
BMC Firmware - 01.48.10351 (Release version)
  • EPSD100256480: The fault LED of NvME SSD keep blinking on S2600TP 24HDD system after AC cycle
  • EPSD100256247: S2600WT system (LWT2224YXXXX221, LWT2224YXXXX129 ) will hang on post after AC cycle with BIOS R16
  • EPSD100255719: APPSOL-31180: Web Server Vulnerable to Redirection Page Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
  • EPSD100035907: The HDD fault LED no light and no rebuild event be logged when plug out the HDD from HSBP(G97158-371) and plug back the HDD to rebuild RAID.
  • EPSD100256365: [S2600WT]The NVMe HDD can not be detected in EWS web sensor reading interface when install the NVME HDD in the 2nd HSBP's NVMe slot.
  • EPSD100256457: In Redhat grub edit mode Backspace and cursor move operations can't be consistent between local Screen and remote KVM session's Screen
  • EPSD100035838: Can not display Simplified Chinese content after EWS was login when language was change to simplified Chinese.
  • EPSD100254723: S2600KP BMC FW Health reports HSBP Temp has failed
  • none: Fix generic overflow attack on port 5120 and 5123 for cdserver and fdserver
  • none: update PSoC to version 1.27
  • 01.48.10259 (Internal version)
    • EPSD100255012: [S2600WT] - Riser2 Temp lower issue with A2UL8RISER2
    • EPSD100255833: Linux Kernel vulnerability – Dirty COW attack
    • EPSD100254817: The HSBP's FRU can't be detected if install 4 HSBP in WCP system. (Long term solution)
    • EPSD100035118: HDD Fault LED didn't amber blinking at 1HZ frequence during HDD rebuilding
    • EPSD100033884: The HDD fault LED no light and no rebuild event be logged when plug out the HDD from HSBP(G94339-371) and plug back the HDD to rebuild RAID.
    • none: Upgrade openssh to 7.3
  • 01.48.10239 (Internal version)
    • EPSD100035162: LCD shown frusdr version is 1.3a, not 1.13a with BIOS setup.
    • EPSD100255280: BMC Debug Log does not dump IIO configuration in case of ERR2
    • EPSD100255284: BMC Debug Log generation code reads wrong bus to get GFERRST value on socket 1
    • EPSD100034909: It shows the HSBP FW update status as "00 01" by executing the "cmdtool 20 c0 38" command in power off status
    • none: Increase EWS stability after Nessus/Qualys scan
    • none: Update openssl to 1.0.2j
ME Firmware - Issues fixed in release
  • Flash from Grantley FW to Grantley-R FW could cause SPS reset.
  • System unexpected shutdown with SPS FW exception error.
  • ME FW changes P state value when no policy is active imapcting performance.
  • C8h command power readings for CPU domain are invalid.

Deze update kan in de volgende smaken binnengehaald worden:

Versienummer R01.01.0020
Releasestatus Final
Website Intel
Licentietype Freeware

Door Japke Rosink


12-01-2017 • 16:22

1 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Intel

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