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Software-update: Adobe Flash Player & AIR

Adobe Flash Player 11 logo (75 pix) Adobe heeft versie 24 uitgebracht van Flash Player en de Integrated Runtime. Met Adobe Flash Player is het mogelijk om Flash-content, voornamelijk swf-bestanden, op de computer af te spelen. Onder meer populaire videosites als YouTube en Google Video bieden hun bezoekers de mogelijkheid om video's met de stand-alone-Flash Player af te spelen. Adobe AIR biedt een crossplatform-omgeving voor het ontwikkelen en afspelen van zogeheten Rich Internet Applications. De release notes voor deze uitgave zijn hieronder te vinden.

New Features

  • Spherical video support in Flash and AIR Spherical videos support is added to both Flash Player and AIR from version 24 onward. Spherical videos have a specific meta-data attached to them, which can now be retrieved using the new property provided by the feature. This feature supports equirectangular projection type of videos conforming to This feature is supported on Desktop and Android devices.
  • Separate HTTP and HTTPS permissions for Camera and Microphone To provide users with a better control over their camera and microphone data, Flash Player now provides a more fine-grained control over how permissions are granted. Users can now allow camera and microphone access for a domain when that content is served via HTTPS, and disallow the access when content from the domain is served over HTTP. These settings will be visible in the Global settings Manager.
  • Improved support for high resolution displays on Firefox for Windows Beginning with Flash Player version 24 and Firefox version 51 on Windows, Flash content will now scale appropriately on high resolution displays.
  • Swipe Velocity for Android and iOS Starting AIR 24, AIR Developers can read the velocity property for Swipe events on Android and iOS to estimate strength of the swipe. This value will be in pixels per second.
  • Android SDK Upgrade Beginning with AIR 24, Android SDK (API Level 24) has been upgraded in the AIR Runtime. Important: If you upload an app on Google Play using AIR SDK 24 and default targetSdkVersion value as 24 in the application descriptor, Google Play does not allow uploading the next version of your app with AIR SDK 23 or earlier (see the error message below). Using targetSdkVersion value as 21 allows you to switch between AIR SDK 24 and AIR SDK 23 for your app updates.

Fixed Issues

Flash Player
  • Enabling async drawing shows boundaries for transparent object (4196843).
  • Worker is taking more time to write object in a shared byte array (4170367).
  • "ALT GR+0" Does not return @ on french layout Keyboard(4196791)
  • Blank screen is observed until mouse click received after enabling Async drawing (4197066).
  • Scaling the swf does not trigger a corresponding scaling of the hit area of elements in browser(4197425).
  • Flash Player quits unexpectedly while playing (4195719)
  • Black screen is observed when video is seeking on Chrome(4186499).
  • Seek bar does not appear on hovering mouse cursor on video(4186564).
  • Action Script is unable to handle MOUSE_MOVE event(4186547).
  • [Windows 7]Significant overhead is observed wit Scout for Flash Player 23 on IE.(4186334)
  • Starling.display.Image mask is not rendering on mobile when rendered with starling.textures.RenderTexture (4196946)
  • Exponential Increase in GDI object handler due to which application quits unexpectedly (4194045).
  • [Windows 7]Memory leak is observed when using Cairo and HTML5 canvas in AIR Desktop Runtime(4192545).
  • [Mac] Application quits unexpectedly on Mac with OS X exception (SIGSEGV) KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS(4195975).
  • [Mac] FLEX AIR application ( quits unexpectedly (4152837).
  • [Mac] AIR application quits unexpectedly on network changes or screen invalidation(4011481).
  • [Android N] AIR apps are not able to recognise display changes & font size as per the new Android N features (4186054)
  • Android - Status bar appears when soft keyboard opens and then stays indefinitely (4184348)
  • setAspectRatio(StageAspectRatio.PORTRAIT) doesnt work if the device is held in landscape orientation [4197162]
  • [iOS] Capabilities.cpuArchitecture returning wrong value for iOS Simulator [4142569]
  • [iOS] UIDeviceFamily values are now integers(4176499)
  • [Android] While using Android Video, video will hang for a second when other operations occur such ad addChild (4161877).
  • [Android]Video blacks out and only audio plays when user stops and restarts the video ( 4194916)
  • [Android] HLS video using video texture is not playing(4186193)
  • [iOS] Background sound stuttering when going idle (4184841).
  • [iOS] GameInput API now supports iOS8 devices.
  • [Android] While using immersive mode on devices having soft navigational keys, pink bar appears under that navigational area (4100625).
  • Circled Digit characters shown as boxes when used in a flex project inside (4186628)

Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Android, Linux, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Adobe
Licentietype Freeware

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He Bart, ik zie dat je ze elke keer post. Waarom neem je wel altijd de NPAPI plug-in mee in de links maar de PPAPI niet? Is dat omdat Chrome flash blokkeert of? Bedoel die derde link is gewoon aanpassen van de file name en dan kan je die ook downloaden:

En hier dan voor de volledigheid de EXE van de PPAPI versie.
En voor nog meer volledigheid hier beta versies voor Windows, Mac en Linux(zowel NPAPI als PPAPI)!

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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