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Software-update: Adobe Flash Player & AIR

Adobe Flash Player 11 logo (75 pix)Adobe heeft versie 20 uitgebracht van Flash Player en de Integrated Runtime. Met Adobe Flash Player is het mogelijk om Flash-content, voornamelijk swf-bestanden, op de computer af te spelen. Onder meer populaire videosites als YouTube en Google Video bieden hun bezoekers de mogelijkheid om video's met de stand-alone-Flash Player af te spelen. Adobe AIR biedt een crossplatform-omgeving voor het ontwikkelen en afspelen van zogeheten Rich Internet Applications. De release notes voor deze uitgave zijn hieronder te vinden.

New Features

Android SDK Upgrade
With AIR 20, Android SDK (API Level 21) has been upgraded in the AIR Runtime, we're now using the latest Android SDK version 24.3.4. Going forward, applications built using the latest AIR SDK will only support Android OS 4.0 or greater. For devices below Android OS 4.0, the AIR 19 shared runtime will continue to be made available on the Google Play store. If a developer wants their application to support OS versions less than 4.0 they will need to maintain multiple APKs live on Google Play store. Please read this article to know how to upload multiple APKs on Google Play store. It should be noted that when multiple APKs are live on Play store, any device receives the latest version with which it is compatible.

SecureSocket API Support for iOS
In this release we've introduced Secure socket support for AIR iOS applications. Using this feature, developers will be able to make socket connections using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols.
The supported encryption protocols are those higher than SSL 3.0, and TLS 1.0 and higher. SSL version 3.0 and lower are not supported.
Secure socket support for iOS is available from AIRSDK 20.0. Please use swf-version 31 or greater and namespace 20.0 or greater to access this feature. For more information about secure socket APIs, please refer to our API documentation. No new APIs are introduced with this feature.

AIR 64 bit on Mac OS X
AIR 64 bit provides a major change for the AIR desktop developer. Prior to AIR version 20, AIR only supported a 32 bit Runtime dynamic Library for Mac and Windows. With the release of AIR 20, we will only be providing a 64 bit Runtime dynamic Library on Mac OS X. This means that all new applications created by AIR developers will be running on this 64 bit Runtime on Mac OS X, and all the existing shared, captive, and native applications will continue to work on this 64 bit Runtime on Mac OS X.

Provide Video Rotation Information to Action Script as Meta Data
According ISO/IEC 14996-12:2008 standard, videos must provide information matrices like Track Header Box and Movie Header Box. But the Flash runtime doesn’t process the matrix field values in Track Header Box and Movie Head Box correctly. This results in incorrect positioning or sizing of videos.
This problem is now resolved with Flash Player version 20 by providing video matrix information to ActionScript as a part of meta data object of the onMetaData event (which is a property of NetStream.Client). ActionScript developers can use these matrices to render the videos as needed.

PPAPI Vector Printing
As of Flash Player version 19, Vector Printing has only been available for NPAPI while PPAPI supported only bitmap printing. Hence there was an observable difference in printing quality between NPAPI and PPAPI (with NPAPI being better). Now in Flash Player version 20, we have introduced vector printing for PPAPI on Windows, thus giving a better printing experience from PPAPI supported browsers and applications. Bitmap printing is still supported for content that requests it. We anticipate bringing support for Mac PPAPI vector printing in a future update.

Flash Player "Enable Hardware acceleration" setting for Edge & IE on Windows 8/10
The “Enable Hardware acceleration” option has been introduced to support the manual switching between software and hardware accelerated operations for the following features:
  • Video playback
  • Stage3D rendering.
The option is intended to allow users to force a software fallback to resolve display problems caused by faulty GPU drivers.

Instanced drawing
Stage3D APIs has provided developers a great way to render graphics efficiently using a devices' GPU. Developers can render beautiful graphics using these APIs, but a particular scenario may occur, where a developer wants to render a particular graphical entity, multiple time. For example, what should a developer do if they want to create a forest, having thousands of trees. They might have a few models of trees and from these, they want to create a vast forest consisting of thousands of individual trees. One way to do it is to dispatch as many draw calls as there are trees while changing relevant variables in between. For example, each tree is located in a different spot, each tree can be larger or smaller than the average, etc. Doing this with dispatching separate draw calls can be very inefficient and time consuming.

Fixed Issues

Flash Player
  • Flash Player fails to load the .SWF files that comprise much of's course content. [4087953]
  • Method URLLoader.load fails to load an xml file located within an MHT archive. [4085136]
  • Unloaded SWFs with Dialogs:Flash player hangs on clicking "browse dialog" link [4084260]
  • - Flash Player gets hang after clicking on the List tab [4074925], [4081533]
  • Embedded Flash objects stop working in SMART Notebook on Windows [4015165]
  • The candidate window displayed at wrong position when input some CCJK characters on Windows 10 Edge Browser [4021613]
  • Flash in 16:9 video resolution shows green strip (noise) on right of video window on Mac [3945461]
  • [iOS] Worker in iOS will cease execution after URLLoader or Loader .load function is called (4033753)
  • [Win][iOS] While publishing a project having more than or equal to 14 + ANE's, ipa creation failed with error "input line is too long. Compilation failed while executing: ld64.” (4003293)
  • [iOS] StageText: add FocusEvent.MOUSE_FOCUS_CHANGE event that allows preventDefault() to cancel focus loss (4057869)
  • [Android] [User Issue] App crashes while playing .flv videos on Nexus 7 in GPU render mode, working fine in auto and CPU mode. (4059244)
  • [Android] Could not to set alternate Android SDK path using -platformsdk option (3998505)
  • [Android] AIR Game Pad is not getting launched on Android M. (4015404)
  • Android build tools need to be updated (3846188)
  • ADT targeting ane will not work for Java7 (3966813)
  • [Window 10] adt is unable to detect ios devices on windows 10 with itunes 12.1 or later showing error iTunes MobileDevice library not found.(4066486)
  • [Win][Itunes] : adt is not detecting iTunes 12.3 (4059341)
  • [iOS] App crashes on iOS 9 on old devices with signal 11 (SIGSEGV) (4063271)
  • [iOS] Keyboard orientation doesn't take into account app orientation (4058764)
  • [Win10] StageWebView not working with native browser option set to true. [4043422]
  • [AIR Desktop][Mac] HTMLPDFCapability is giving error with new Acrobat Reader DC. [3969723]

Known Issues

  • [Android 6] : Stage3D AIR application fails to return from background (4083403)
  • [iOS] Crash if Class used in Main and Background worker is a CustomClass (4068748)
  • ASC2.0 compiled app report Type Coercion crashes with MovieClips in SWC. (3592482)
  • [WIN10][StageWebView]Some uppercase letters can't be entered in a form input [4091451]

Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Android, macOS, Windows Vista, iOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Adobe
Licentietype Freeware

Reacties (9)

Wijzig sortering
Meest belangrijke was nog niet genoemd:

Today Adobe has released giant security update for Adobe Flash that fixes 78 reported vulnerabilities. Out of the 78 reported vulnerabilities, 6 of them are critical as they could lead to code execution. A code execution vulnerability allows an attacker to create a specially crafted web page that exploits bugs in Adobe Flash that allows them to remotely execute code on the victim's computer. This would allow the attacker to download files, execute commands, and have full control of the victim's computer. The rest of the vulnerabilities consisted of one security bypass and the rest were use-after-free vulnerabilities that could lead to code execution.

The CVE identifiers fixed by this update are CVE-2015-8045, CVE-2015-8047, CVE-2015-8048, CVE-2015-8049, CVE-2015-8050, CVE-2015-8051, CVE-2015-8052, CVE-2015-8053, CVE-2015-8054, CVE-2015-8055, CVE-2015-8056, CVE-2015-8057, CVE-2015-8058, CVE-2015-8059, CVE-2015-8060, CVE-2015-8061, CVE-2015-8062, CVE-2015-8063, CVE-2015-8064, CVE-2015-8065, CVE-2015-8066, CVE-2015-8067, CVE-2015-8068, CVE-2015-8069, CVE-2015-8070, CVE-2015-8071, CVE-2015-8401, CVE-2015-8402, CVE-2015-8403, CVE-2015-8404, CVE-2015-8405, CVE-2015-8406, CVE-2015-8407, CVE-2015-8408, CVE-2015-8409, CVE-2015-8410, CVE-2015-8411, CVE-2015-8412, CVE-2015-8413, CVE-2015-8414, CVE-2015-8415, CVE-2015-8416, CVE-2015-8417, CVE-2015-8419, CVE-2015-8420, CVE-2015-8421, CVE-2015-8422, CVE-2015-8423, CVE-2015-8424, CVE-2015-8425, CVE-2015-8426, CVE-2015-8427, CVE-2015-8428, CVE-2015-8429, CVE-2015-8430, CVE-2015-8431, CVE-2015-8432, CVE-2015-8433, CVE-2015-8434, CVE-2015-8435, CVE-2015-8436, CVE-2015-8437, CVE-2015-8438, CVE-2015-8439, CVE-2015-8440, CVE-2015-8441, CVE-2015-8442, CVE-2015-8443, CVE-2015-8444, CVE-2015-8445, CVE-2015-8446, CVE-2015-8447, CVE-2015-8448, CVE-2015-8449, CVE-2015-8450, CVE-2015-8451, CVE-2015-8452, CVE-2015-8453
Ter info voor die gene die Adobe Flash moeten distribueren voor een bedrijf:
Ik had gelezen dat de oude versie eerst verwijderd dient te worden alvorens de nieuwe kan installeren. Morgen zal ik dit gaan testen of dat echt nodig is en hier delen.

Due to security features in the Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Control, you must first remove all existing installations of Flash Player from your Windows system before installing prerelease versions of the Flash Player ActiveX Control:
· Download Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller
· Open the Windows Command Prompt ( Run > cmd ).
· Navigate to the directory where the uninstaller was downloaded.
· Run “uninstall_flash_player.exe /clean.”

<< Getest, bovenstaande is niet nodig bij update! >>
Blijkbaar is dat alleen nodig bij een prerelease.

[Reactie gewijzigd door MrDayOff op 9 december 2015 13:57]

Voor de Firefox en Safari gebruikers is het versie (NPAPI). ActiveX en PPAPI is versie (zie site Adobe)
Nog steeds proberen ze de Flash player te bundelen met McAfee.
Oh de ironie.
Ze vinden hun eigen product blijkbaar zo onveilig dat ze je een anti-virus programma proberen aan te smeren.
Onzin, Adobe is druk bezig met een vervangend product voor Flash. Ze Willen Adobe Flash gaan verbannen en vangen voor Adobe Animate. Hiermee wordt het mogelijk om ''flash animaties'' te exporteren naar HTML5. Zo kan dus (bijna) iedere browser de animaties afspelen en ben je niet meer verplicht om Flash te installeren.

Link naar Adobe's page:

[Reactie gewijzigd door Boost9898 op 8 december 2015 19:24]

Bullshit, dat heeft helemaal niets met elkaar te maken.
Adobe brengt gewoon nog steeds Flash updates uit en dat proberen ze te bundelen met McAfee.
Dat heeft niets te maken met hun toekomstige Animate.
Sterker nog, als ze volledig zouden inzetten op dat Animate dan zouden ze per direct hun Flash in de ijskast gooien.

[Reactie gewijzigd door Kalief op 8 december 2015 19:27]

Dat zal waarschijnlijk niet mogelijk zijn ivm contracten bij bepaalde bedrijven, die verwachten gewoon een X aantal jaar support/updates en een bedrijf zoals Adobe kan het gewoonweg niet maken om dus ineens te zeggen van Forget it!

Als flash ineens verwijdert wordt of niet meer geupdate, kan dat bepaalde bedrijven geld kosten, die vervolgens weer gaan zeuren bij Adobe van.. Hey, we hadden een contract/licensie en jij haalt onze hele markt voor onze neus weg.

(Hoe graag ikzelf Flash ook zie uitsterven)

Het beste dat zou kunnen gebeuren is dat Chrome,Firefox,Safari,Edge,IE etc gewoon zeggen.. Nee wij spelen geen flash meer af, ongeacht wat de user ook kan doen (flags aan/uit zetten).

Dan is het namelijk niet meer Adobe's schuld en kunnen die bedrijven niet klagen.

[Reactie gewijzigd door Themperror op 8 december 2015 19:43]

Nog mensen die problemen hebben met het downloaden van de nieuwe adobe air : http://airdownload.adobe....0.0/AdobeAIRInstaller.exe ?
Opgelet: Adobe Flash Player Distribution zal binnenkort verdwijnen!


This page and the download links will be decommissioned on January 22nd, 2016.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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