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Software-update: Adobe Flash Player 11.9.900.117

Adobe Flash Player logo (60 pix)Adobe heeft versie 11.9 uitgebracht van Flash Player en 3.9 van de Adobe Integrated Runtime. Met Adobe Flash Player is het mogelijk om Flash-content, voornamelijk swf-bestanden, op de computer af te spelen. Onder meer populaire videosites als YouTube en Google Video bieden hun bezoekers de mogelijkheid om video's met de stand-alone-Flash Player af te spelen. Adobe AIR biedt een crossplatform-omgeving voor het ontwikkelen en afspelen van zogeheten Rich Internet Applications. De release notes voor deze uitgave zijn hieronder te vinden.

New Features
  • Safe Mode in Safari 6.1 and higher
    Safari 6.1 includes an updated version of Safari with Safe Mode, which implements new security restrictions on the operation of browser plug-ins. To the extent possible, we've adapted Flash Player to transparently handle these changes. A small number of behaviors will change in the context of Safe Mode and are explained in the Known Issues section below.
  • Flash Player Mac .pkg Installation Support
    Deploying Flash Player and keeping it up to date in enterprise environments is a critical task for system administrators worldwide. We’ve introduced a new .pkg installer format for our distribution partners to reduce their workload. Administrators can now deploy Flash Player for Mac using industry-standard management tools.
  • Mobile Workers (concurrency) BETA - Android
    Our hugely popular desktop feature, AIR Workers, is now making its debut on mobile! We have added support on Android devices so that you will be able to execute code in the background without interrupting your application’s main code. Your UI will remain responsive, enhancing the user experience. We haven’t forgotten about iOS! Look for news on iOS workers in an upcoming release (NOTE: this feature will undergo an extended beta period.)
  • AIR Mobile Support for Background Execution in “Direct” Render Mode
    AIR now supports background execution on iOS and Android when render mode is set to “direct”. This will allow your applications to perform tasks such as audio playback even when invisible to the user. Due to power and CPU considerations, we recommend reviewing our release notes for additional details and guidance.
    In the past AIR on iOS and Android did not support background execution when render mode direct was set. Due to this restriction,Stage3D based apps were not able to execute background tasks like audio playback, location updates, network upload/download etc. iOS does not allow OpenGLES/rendering calls in the background. Applications which attempt to make OpenGL calls in the background are terminated by the iOS. Android does not restrict applications from either making OpenGLES in the background or other background task(like audio playback).
    With this feature, we will now allow AIR mobile apps to execute in background when renderMode direct is set. AIR iOS runtime will throw an error if OpenGLES calls are made in background. However no error will be thrown on Android, as Android native apps are allowed to make OpenGLES calls in the background. It's recommended to not make rendering calls while your app is executing in the background as its important to utilize the mobile resources judicially.
  • AIR Support for iOS7
    iOS7 has launched and we are making sure that AIR is compatible and performs as expected.
  • AIR Mac OS 10.9 Support
    We have tested against the latest developer releases of OS X 10.9 and are making sure that your applications support the latest technologies such as “App Nap”.
  • AIR XXHDPI (144 x 144) Icon Support for Android
    With this feature we have added support for beautiful, high resolution icons on devices such as the Nexus 10.
Fixed Issues
  • [3633176] [Win7] - Corrects a problem introduced in 11.7.700.224 where Simple Chinese characters were displayed as a box or question mark on the AutoUpdate dialog
  • [MSFT 3612555][Win 8] - High DPI Displays - Corrects an issue where some content was not scaling with zoom changes
  • [MSFT 366785] [Win 8.1/IE11] - Corrects an issue where an initial button press was ignored
  • [3634589] - Corrects an issue introduced in 11.8.800.94 where layout of the AutoUpdate notification dialog was incorrect in localized languages
  • [3634362] - Corrects a problem introduced in 11.9.900.4 that only affected the beta, where HTTP Live Streams would not buffer after an Ad insertion
  • [3632291] [HLS - Trickplay] - Corrects an issue where memory usage doubled with Trickplay mode enabled
  • [3626978] [Windows] - Corrects an issue introduced in 11.7.700.164 where video was not rendering on some systems when using StageVideo with WMODE set to Window
  • [Mozilla 902630] hangs Flash Player
  • [3584089] [HTTP Live Streaming] - HLS Streams created with Apple Media Segmenter now work as expected
  • [3630266] - Resolves an issue introduced in Flash Player 11.8.800.168 where the method called with multi-byte text as a parameter, corrupts the multi-byte characters on the JavaScript side
  • [3622168] - Resolved an issue introduced in Flash Player Beta 11.9.900.77 where exiting FullScreen mode during video playback on would cause a crash on Windows
  • [3630373] [Win8] [Internet Explorer] - Resolved an issue where when zoomed in the browser >=150% , video controls on Youtube where rendered too large after exiting from FullScreen mode
  • [3580628] [MSFT 84699][Win8] - The EPM notification bar now appears for embedded PDFs with Adobe Reader installed
  • [MSFT 138222][Win8] - Metro/IE10 - Resolves an issue on High-DPI displays where controls are rendered too small on Youtube in FullScreen mode
  • [3581370] [Win8 ARM] - Resolves an issue where 4096x4096 textures could not be rendered when the backbuffer is large
  • [Chrome] - Copy To Screen performance in PPAPI has been significantly improved
  • [Chrome] - Resolves an issue where video noise was encountered when moving between fullscreen and embedded mode during video playback
  • [HTTP Live Streaming] - Resolves an issue where AES encrypted video was skipping back and forth during playback.
  • [3613440] [HTTP Live Streaming] [WebVTT] - An issue where captions would be delayed after returning from an ad have been resolved
  • [3615084] [HTTP Live Streaming] [WebVTT] - Corrects an issue where the caption would wrap around the video display when the specific font was too large
  • [3585544] [HTTP Live Streaming] [WebVTT] - Corrects an issue where large, non-default fonts would sometimes overlap
  • [3616952] [Mac] [StageText] - Corrects an issue where when zooming multiple times on a Mac equipped with Retina display, text would not scale correctly when maximizing the window.
  • [3612492] [StageVideo] - Corrects an issue where a few visible black frames could be seen during the transition between two MP4 video streams.
  • [3596293] [Flash Pro] - Corrects an issue where Live Preview would hang when zooming very far (>200%) into content with filters applied
  • [3622405] [AIR] [iOS7] - iOS7 requires 5 new icon sizes: 76px, 120px, 152px, 40px, 80px
  • [3621111] [AIR] [Android] - Cannot load files asynchronously in StageWebView
  • [3613819] [AIR] [iOS7] - on using app asks permission for accessing the Microphone even when microphone API is not used in the app.
  • [3587773] [AIR] [iOS] - Creating too many FileStream objects will cause app to crash on iOS
  • [3587452] [AIR] [Android] - 144x144 image size icon should be supported on android
Known Issues
  • AIR Badge Installs - AIR Badge Installer will not launch an installer when running Safari 7 in Safe Mode. Users will instead see a dialog with a link to more details and workarounds on an Adobe website.
  • Adobe Connect Plug-In Install - The Connect Plug-In Express Install will no longer work on Safari 7 in Safe Mode. Users will instead see a dialog with a link to more details on an Adobe website.
  • Flash Player Global Settings - When a users launches the Global Settings menu from the Flash Player context menu on Safari 7 in Safe Mode, the user will be taken to the classic SWF-based preferences menu on an Adobe website, instead of the native Flash Player settings UI in the MacOS Control Panel.
  • LocalConnection - When a LocalConnection is constructed from a SWF hosted in Safe Mode, it may only establish a connection with other SWFs also hosted in Safe Mode. If a LocalConnection is constructed from a tab with Safe Mode disabled, it will not be able to communicate with a SWF in a Safe Mode tab.
  • [3640207] [Android] [Captive Application] - orientationChange event handler fetches wrong stage.orientation values.
  • [3616981] [iOS] - Sound gets stop on clicking Power button even when UIBackground tag value set to Audio in application.xml

Versienummer 11.9.900.117
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website Adobe
Licentietype Freeware

Reacties (19)

Wijzig sortering
Gelukkig zelf niet meer nodig om te downloaden heb Chrome die heeft standaard al flash ingebouwd en windows 8, deze installeert nieuwe flash via windows update.

[Reactie gewijzigd door Carlos0_0 op 9 oktober 2013 09:47]

En ondertussen is het met Firefox ook niet meer nodig om het zelf te downloaden. Flash Player kan zichzelf nu namelijk updaten.
Moet je hem toch een keer downloaden zelf, bij chrome zit het a ingebouwd en bij windows 8 ook.
Maar goed uit zich zelf updaten idd wel handig ja als dat nu kan.
Jammer dat geen prioriteit heeft om gefixed te worden.... :/
Mij was opgevallen dat het volume van Youtube-video's plotseling was uitgeschakeld in Firefox. Ik moest iedere keer het volume handmatig omhoog zetten om geluid te krijgen. Behoorlijk hinderlijk ...
Ik had dit ook maar dan in Chrome zowel op me pc als laptop gemerkt een keer, ik vond het al in de ochtend zo raar denk he waarom heb ik geen muziek snapte er niks van.
Maar ja na dat ik bakje koffie op had op me werk zag ik het pas :P
Grappig genoeg is de genoemde frequentie op de bugbase-pagina: "Few users will encounter".

Ja.. want bijna niemand kijkt videos op Youtube :D
Ik vraag me toch af wat het bestaansrecht van Flash is. Wat ik hoor van mensen is dat ze het eigenlijk nog alleen maar voor youtube installeren (en dan liever zelf s niet vanwege al die iritante flash banner ads die ze op andere site's tegen komen).

En het schrikt mensen ook al af vanwege de hoeveelheid adware/viruses etc weet te installeren als men bv online games willen gaan spelen. Hoeveel pc's ik wel staan opschonen omdat men een spelletjes site hebben bezocht valt niet op een hand te tellen.

Enb last but certainly not least. Het is wel zo gigantisch log. Op menig tablet draait het niet tot nouwelijks omdat ze het niet aankunnen en bijvoorbeeld mijn toch wel aardig geliefde oude mac kan niet eens meer normaal youtube video's afspelen doordat die flashplayer te zwaar is geworden.
Flash is niet debet dat andermans pc is ge´nfecteerd. Dat doen ze dan toch echt zelf door niet op te letten. En die spelletjessites zijn dan waarschijnlijk van de dubieuze categorie. Makers van online games zoals Aeria, Kongregate, gPotato, Bigpoint, etc, installeren geen ad/spyware of virussen op je pc.
En wat het bestaansrecht is? Wel, juist voor online spul, zoals die MMO's en browsergames als wartunes. Flash wordt nog redelijk veel gebruikt.
[3613819] [AIR] [iOS7] - on using app asks permission for accessing the Microphone even when microphone API is not used in the app.
Ik kwam deze melding al een paar keer tegen met het openen van Apps na de update naar iOS7. Vroeg me al af waarom ze ineens toegang tot je microfoon willen hebben.
Deze meuk gaat net zo goed over Adobe AIR en niet alleen Flash.
Moest hem via de link binnenhalen. De optie ''Contoleren of uw plug-ins up-to-date zijn'' in Firefox (Palemoon) liet me zien dat versie 11.8.800.94 reeds de laatste was..
Je bedoelt deze link?
Hier kan je alles in 1 overzicht zien en downloaden.
Is dit nieuws? Ik heb altijd het gevoel dat ik dat ding 3x per week moet updaten :P
Nee, ik bedoel de link rechtsboven op deze pagina onder ''Details''
Sinds deze update werkt op geen enkele browser nog youtube bij mij, dus om nu te zeggen update....
Binnenkort? If only. *zucht* Dat zeiden we een paar jaar geleden ook.

Nu maar hopen dat mijn echtgenote het niet installeert. Op dit moment werken al haar kleine spelletjes.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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