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Software-update: NewsBin Pro 6.50 build 2579 bčta 3

NewsBin Pro logo (60 pix)De derde bètarelease van NewsBin Pro versie 6.50 is uitgekomen. Met dit programma kunnen bestanden - zoals foto's, films en programma's - van usenet worden gehaald. Nieuw in versie 6.50 is onder meer een Watch-functie, waarmee naar specifieke content uitgekeken kan worden bij het ophalen van de headers. Ook kan het uitpakken van de download naar een andere locatie worden gedaan dan waar deze in eerste instantie wordt opgeslagen. De volledige release notes zien er als volgt uit:

Versie 6.50 new features and changes summary since 6.42
  • New Watch feature. Configure Newsbin to pull out items of interest during header downloads.
  • Ability to launch post unrar processing scripts.
  • Provides the ability to download parts of a post to one drive and have them assembled to another. Useful if you want to minimize I/O bottlenecks by downloading to a fast internal drive then save the assembled files on larger external media like a NAS.
  • Optimizations for downloading to SSD drives
  • Uses new hashing code. Seems to solve the rare problem where Newsbin and quickpar don't agree on the hash value
  • If you have two unique Regular Expressions with a space between them, it'll AND the results.
  • Intermediate NB2 files are no longer used.
  • New logic to verify all downloaded files even without pars so it won't download dup files ever.
  • Startup checking is much faster, like if you exit with large sets in the download list.
  • Compacts more posting styles
  • The "Small File Filter" is now disabled by default (Show PAR/NFO)
  • Unnecessary files in the data folder gets purged on startup now.
  • Now supports SMTP authentication for email notifications.
Tech Notes:
  • When downloading, all the chunks go to a common folder in the data folder.
  • When downloading headers, all the updates are sent to a common folder and not "per group".
  • Only 2 downloading modes, fully buffered in memory or chunks in the common folder.
  • The chunks folder is only used if the memory cache has to be flushed.
  • Current in memory chunks get flushed out.
Version 6.50 Beta 3 Build 2579
  • Fixed issue where deleted files were not going to the Recycle bin.
  • Fixed the Signature Cache (Duplicate detection).
  • Fixed issue with Growl and Email notifications.
  • Autopar: new .001 rar formatted files weren't getting renamed because they look like QPMS.
  • Autopar: Fixed issue where if a QPMS file makes it into the failed list and you re-add it back to the download list, it wasn't getting assembled or repaired.
  • Autopar: Fixed issue where if a QPMS file makes it into the wish list, re-adding it back to the download list wouldn't download.
  • Display: Make sure a default download path is set on clean install
  • Display: When an updated gz is imported that includes part of a file that's already shown in the post list, it was showing a new record and not the combined record.
  • Display: Add lock display to one of the menus.
  • Display: We think we fixed a long-term issue where toggling hide old on and off might reveal more posts.
  • Display: Fixed duplicate subject issue for some image files.
  • Display: Make sure header downloads when delta are loaded in the post list never load posts older than current display age.
  • Display: Fixed the option to open the Server Options dialog from Servers tab.
  • Display: Fixed use of utf8 characters for naming folders
  • Display: The Column sort is now case insensitive.
  • Display: Switched back to "stable_sort", maintains order of other colums as much as possible.
  • Display: Menus options in the menu bar now change based on the current tab.
  • Display: ImageDB - Changed the progress bar for delete.
  • Display: When restoring the NBI file. Now uses the default NBI file location as the base path.
  • Display: When the low free space dialog pops up, now keeps downloads paused after it is clicked away.
  • Display: Removed the OK button from the low disk space pop-up, it wasn't working anyways.
  • Watch: Watch list doesn't permit a blank "Search In" field when looking for posters.
  • Watch: Fix to improve REs (force parens on each element)
  • Watch: Fixed ability to use OR in a Watch RE (the pipe "|" character).
  • Watch: Added the ability to test strings against the watch profile.
  • Watch: Added support for validating a search string on the watch options window.
Version 6.50 Beta 2 Build 2554
  • Autopar: Expanded support for obfuscated rar file formats that rename but, look like QPMS.
  • Spam: Fixed issue where some spam filters couldn't be disabled under Options/Spam Filter Settings
  • Display: Fixed issue where adding "Reject" filters in a filer profile was actually adding them as an "Accept" filter.
  • Display: Fixed option to clear search and filter history.
  • Display: Added code to prevent drag and drop of watch topics and custom lists
  • Display: Fixed issue where "Unsorted" group folder wasn't updated when all headers are updated.
  • Display: Fixed issue where date/age toggle (Ctrl-T) wasn't applying to all lists.
  • Display: You can turn grid lines on in the .nbi file by setting Gridlines=1 under the [COLORS] section.
  • Download: Performance improvement: Download list should feed faster.
  • Download: Disabled debug mode of saving the raw headers (GZ files).

Versienummer 6.50 build 2579 bčta 3
Releasestatus Beta
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website DJI Interprises, LLC
Bestandsgrootte 11,66MB
Licentietype Shareware


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