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Bron: DJI Interprises, LLC, submitter: CreativeS

NewsBin Pro logo (60 pix)De zesde bètarelease van versie 6.40 van NewsBin Pro is beschikbaar gekomen. Met dit programma kunnen bestanden - zoals foto's, films en programma's - van usenet worden gehaald. Nieuw in versie 6.40 is onder andere dat nzb-bestanden die in een specifieke folder worden geplaatst, automatisch worden opgepakt. Verder zijn er verbeteringen in de autopar-functie aangebracht. Het changelog voor bèta 6 is hieronder te vinden.

Version 6.40 New Features and Changes Summary since 6.3x
  • New pathing mechanism to allow you to insert different elements to create custom download paths.
  • New NZB Watch Folder feature. You can create a folder for sending NZB files for processing and specify different download and unrar pathsto apply to the contents of the NZBs in each watch folder if you like.
  • AutoPAR tweaks so it will work better with a wider variety of RAR set posting styles.
  • AutoPAR state data is all stored in memory now. AutoPAR2.db3 only saves data between runs now. This increases reliability by reducing the chance of corrupting the database file and provides some performance optimizations.
  • Peforming an empty search in Internet Search is now a wildcard search. Returns the last 2000 items added to the Search database.
  • New "Performance" section in the Options menu that allows you to easily tweak options to work best on high end machines or low end machines.
Version 6.40 Beta 6 Build 1985
  • Fixed auto header download feature. Was broken in previous release.
  • Fixed issues in the Remote Control interface identified by the new NBRemote Open Source test tool.
  • New NBI option: set Append=1 in the [LOGGING] section will preserve the contents of the Logging tab between runs.
  • The "Download to New Folder" option now expands the filenames before setting the folder.
  • Layout changes to the Post List Toolbars.
NewsBin Pro 6.40 build 1897 bèta 1 screenshotNewsBin Pro 6.40 build 1897 bèta 1 screenshot, klik op de afbeelding voor een grotere versie.
Versienummer 6.40 build 1985 bta 6
Releasestatus Beta
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website DJI Interprises, LLC
Bestandsgrootte 10,87MB
Licentietype Shareware
Moderatie-faq Wijzig weergave

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Known issues:
  • 6.40 Beta does not have languages other than English built for it yet.
  • The 64 bit version is showing a ZLib Compression error in the Logging tab. Will be addressed soon.
  • Old NZB Watch folders will get translated to the new pathing scheme one time. Only the primary gets translated.
  • NZB Autoload Folder setting with an edit button for use with pathing is a placeholder, not hooked up yet.
  • New "Move Data Folder on Restart" option is not hooked up yet.
  • New "+" icon on Search tab for requesting more search results switches to old icon when you load a post list.
  • Disable AutoPAR in NZB Autoload Folder Properties doesn't work yet
  • Drag and Drop to order the Groups list in the Groups tab is not hooked up, nor can you column sort the groups.
  • There have been reports that Newsbin isn't saving the correct renamed files to descript.ion file.
  • Newsbin renames the file on disk and then lands the file. Without re-writing the descript.ion, there's no way to fix this.
  • Decreasing number of server connections requires a restart.
  • Works on Windows XP and newer.
  • Crosspost filters in the Add Groups dialog are not hooked up.
  • SMTP Authentication for email notification is not hooked up.
Version 6 Notes on using this version are being compiled in the Help Wiki
Our Beta Support Forum has current discussions about this beta release.
If you have an issue not addressed in the forums, please contact Newsbin Technical Support.

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