Software-update: Logitech Media Server 7.7.2

Logitech logo (60 pix)Logitech heeft versie 7.7.2 van Media Server uitgebracht. Dit programma, dat voorheen onder de naam Squeezebox Server werd uitgebracht, is nodig om de diverse Squeezebox-modellen aan te sturen, waaronder de Classic, Duet en Boom. Met die apparaten is het mogelijk om naar internetradio te luisteren en om muziekbestanden in diverse gecomprimeerde en ongecomprimeerde formaten van het netwerk af te spelen. Meer informatie over de diverse Squeezebox-apparaten kan op deze pagina worden gevonden. Logitech Media Server wordt onder een opensourcelicentie uitgebracht en is beschikbaar voor Windows, Windows Home Server, Linux, Mac OS X en de ReadyNAS van NetGear. Het changelog van deze release ziet er als volgt uit:

New Features:
  • New packages for the ReadyNAS family of storage systems to support their ARM processor based devices.
Scanner Changes:
  • The command-line scanner no longer supports scanning a path passed on the command-line. All paths to be scanned must be listed in the prefs file.
Bug Fixes:
  • Save playlist plugin locks ip3k UI
  • Artist, Album and Genre Favorites with non-latin characters don't work from Player UI
  • General install issue of LMS on ReadyNAS Pro (ends up with an install error)
  • New & changed scan does not scan playlists
  • Windows installer is showing German messages if no localization is available
  • logitechmediaserver breaks apparmor in Ubuntu
  • Squeezebox folder is breaking ReadyNAS Samba configuration
  • playlistcontrol cmd:load ... play_index:yyyy doesn't work with folders
  • Browse Music Folder fails if a file of unwanted/invalid type is in a folder
  • renaming /c/squeezeboxserver/ to /c/.squeezeboxserver/ causes repeated crashes
  • directory traversal vulnerability in the web UI code
  • LMS service does NOT install on Windows 7
  • Support for new ReadyNAS Duo and NV+ V2 devices
  • Only enable single output channel mode if actively synced
  • Web UI shows red X instead of artwork for absolute URL in private network
  • Unnecessary items in context menu for current-playlist tracks
  • Resume after underrun broken for synchronized (ip3k) players
  • BMF scan corrupts dB replacing title with file name
  • Fixed wrong MP4 MIME type for DLNA (audio/m4a was used instead of audio/mp4)
  • DLNA GetProtocolInfo needs all DLNA profiles listed first
  • Unnecessary push into current playlist when stopping playback
Squeezebox Touch
Versienummer 7.7.2
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista
Website Logitech
Bestandsgroottes 20,50MB - 55,90MB
Licentietype Freeware

Door Bart van Klaveren

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29-03-2012 • 09:12

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Submitter: seajazz

Bron: Logitech

Reacties (7)

Wijzig sortering
Helaas, cue sheets nog steeds niet gefixed volgens dit bug report. :(
Dat is toevallig mijn bug report :) en inderdaad ongelofelijk dat dit nog steeds niet verholpen is. Sinds het uitbrengen van versie 7.6 (in juli 2011) met de introductie van de (voor mij zeer welkome) feature:
  • MP3 cue sheet tracks are now played without gaps. A full rescan is required and scan time will be slower for these tracks
werkt dit al niet meer naar behoren.

Misschien wordt er eindelijk wat mee gedaan als er meer op gestemd wordt, dus als er nog mensen zijn die willen helpen, graag!
Mijn stem + reactie staan er al op O-)
mijn stem ook!
0Anoniem: 453175
31 maart 2012 11:22
7.72.. my remarks of irritation. (in English, don't want to write this twice).
There was a time when i could walk up to the touchscreen and press the pause button on the screen to pause the recording.
Well not any more!! pause button is permanently gone, even after a factory reset. Whats the use of a touch screen this way.
Only way to have that pause option reappear for a moment is a hard power off (cabel out). But one signal 'track forward' or whatever command with the remote and the menu pause and forward options on the screen are gone , not to reappear again.
Been spending hours in the settings, can find a way to activate this.. The interface is a maze but been everywhere, on pc settings and on SB.

Before v7.5ish things where fine... But now we went from Sqeezebox server to Logitech Media server, use and feel so much loved liked (and heartily recommended to others) are gone and this current interface has become very annoying.

This alone makes me look at other devices and they wouldn't be logitech.

When adding new cd's to my main folder of flac, the scanning for new files command in basic settings now blocks access to the music folder!. My man way of navigating the collection blocked during the scan. This was not the case with old software, that scan went on in background and did not paralyse me selecting new music to paly.
Selecting via a.b.c. of artist remains possible, but i don't work that way... I need my own directories..

In the past adding a new cd and doing a quick rescan of collection and in the mean time trying to see if it was already appearing was no problem,. and this worked fast and in a few minutes i was playing the new disk..
This convenient method works no more so it appears. Total turn off.

Losing interest and wonder if my Dac would love to be connected to a Sonos (or better audiophile ) player.
go back to a version that worked for you.
You do not have to use the latest software!

all old version can be found here:
Ik ga weer terug naar de 7.5, ik weet niet waar Logitech mee bezig is maar ze slopen hiermee hun eigen squeezebox formule. De hardware is gewoon goed maar de software is ronduit slecht de laatste tijd.

problemen die ik met deze update en ook al met de vorige update heb:
- indexeren duurt mega lang
- pc hangt regelmatig
- tijdens scannen kan ik alleen nog internetradio luisteren
- heel squeezebox voelt traag aan

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