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Bron: jAlbum, submitter: mrtnptrs

Jalbum 8.0 logo (60 pix) Versie 10.4 van jAlbum is uitgebracht. Met dit programma kunnen op eenvoudige wijze professioneel uitziende html-fotoalbums worden gegenereerd en bewerkt. In een overzichtelijke interface kunnen foto's eenvoudig worden bewerkt, kan de volgorde worden gewijzigd en kan het uiterlijk van de webpagina worden bepaald. Als alles naar wens is, kan het resultaat via de ingebouwde ftp-client op een webpagina worden geplaatst. Omdat de software in Java wordt ontwikkeld, is jAlbum voor een groot aantal besturingssystemen verkrijgbaar.

Sinds versie 10 is het programma niet langer gratis voor commercieel gebruik. Een licentie voor versie 10 en alle updates uit de 10-serie kost 39 euro, verwijdert alle reclame en geeft toegang tot ondersteuning met een hogere prioriteit. Ook nieuw zijn volledige ondersteuning voor xmp-metadata, de mogelijkheid om gemaakte albums nu ook in websites te integreren en de mogelijkheid om afbeeldingen en zelfs complete folders tussen verschillende projecten uit te wisselen. In versie 10.4 zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen dorrgevoerd:

News and Updates
  • Support for making whole web sites and not just albums. Currently supported by "Turtle", "Galleria", "Minimal" and "Base" skins (now bundled). More skins to follow.
  • About 40% faster page processing due to better use of multi-core CPUs
  • Bundled updated Turtle 3.0 and Base 2.0 skins. See skin pages for a full list of enhancements.
  • Support for transparent images and PNG writing. GIF and PNG files are now written as PNG files
  • Images can now be individually scaled to different sizes (by overriding the max* image size variables for specific images.
  • Album projects missing a "directory" entry will now pick the image directory path from the project file location. This will soon help to making album projects truly portable
  • Alt-clicking preview will bring up final published album (only valid for albums uploaded using jAlbum 10.4 and up)
  • Removed "Generate Search engine friendly file names" feature for now. It wasn't ready for prime time (caused too many side effects)
  • Images can now be oriented in any direction
  • Added a "no IPTC" title source
  • Supports dragging and dropping .ico files too
  • Camera copyright messages are now filtered from the EXIF "Image desc." field
  • jAlbum now keeps track of dates and locations for made and uploaded albums (will be put to use in future versions)
  • Added "Activate license" button to about window
  • Introducing "licenceManager", "currentObject" and "currentFolder" and "rootFolder" variables to compiled code
  • Added a pageType variable (values are "index", "slide" or "page")
  • Puts a unique ID in the widget loader for anonymous / not signed in albums. This will make it considerably easier to later get rid of ads for such albums. (Will remove the need for rebuilding and reuploading albums after purchasing a license)
  • Made the objects "rootFolder", "currentFolder" and "selectedObjects" available via the system console as a convenience to developers
Bug fixes
  • jAlbum wasn't actually using the recently added "FTPES", "FTPS" and "FTP (ftp4j)" transfer protocols.
  • Xmp captions would be deleted from images that were linked into jAlbum when such images were deleted from jAlbum
  • jAlbum's notification system failed to work on OS X Lion (spitting out loads of error reports on the system console)
  • Fixed minor rounding error for scaling images (could get one pixel too small)
  • Images could show up incorrectly oriented if "Include photographic data in images" was checked
  • Rewrote progress dialog window. Now improved performance and fixed bug causing the progress dialog to spontaneously reopen after having been automatically closed after a successful album build
  • Unrelated files could be accidentally deleted from a server folder the second time an album was uploaded to a server folder where other files are already present
  • Moving images didn't also move the corresponding generated files
  • Some albums were made without thumbnails if a previously used skin switched off thumbnail generation
  • Replaced files (when adding files to jAlbum) are first removed, then added again. This removes stale cached thumbnails and stale generated slide images
  • jAlbum's settings window could become larger than the screen with certain skins and settings
  • AlbumObject.getLastModified() is now correct for folders too (senses structural changes to children)
  • The "onload.bsh" script file now has access to "rootFolder" and "rootImageDirectory" variables
  • Images taken upside down weren't oriented right

jAlbum 10.3.1 screenshot (481 pix)

Besturingssystemen:Windows 7, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista
Bestandsgroottes:10,10MB t/m 46,60MB
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