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Bron: DJI Interprises, LLC, submitter: mrtnptrs

NewsBin Pro logo (60 pix)De eerste bètarelease van NewsBin Pro versie 6.20 is uitgekomen. NewsBin Pro is bedoeld om bestanden zoals foto's, films en programma's van usenet te halen. Deze bestanden kunnen in losse pakketjes van een of meer nieuwsservers worden gedownload en worden aan de ontvangende kant weer in elkaar gezet. Sinds versie 6.00 maakt de interface gebruik van tabs en is er er een cache-to-memory-optie die, als een machine over ruim voldoende geheugen beschikt, de constante toegang tot de harde schijf vermindert. Nieuw in versie 6.20 zijn onder andere een spamfilter en de mogelijkheid om netwerkdoorvoersnelheden  per uur en per dag in te stellen. Verder zijn de proxy-ondersteuning verbeterd, het geheugenverbruik verminderd en de betrouwbaarheid van het downloaden en verwerken van rar-bestanden verbeterd. Het volledige changelog ziet er als volgt uit:

Version 6.20 new features and changes:
  • New Option called Spam Filter Settings. Tells Newsbin to look for certain common types of spam. For example, can intercept encrypted RAR sets and RAR files containing trojans or viruses.
  • New Scheduler for pausing or speed limiting Newsbin by hour, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Can also be disabled and enabled from the Status Bar.
  • New Proxy support for Socks4/Sock5 and HTTPS
  • Reduced RAM usage by 50% when downloading files
  • Reduced RAM used by the download list
  • Increased reliability of downloading and processing RAR sets.
  • Hooked up odometer (from V5) in the Status Bar.
  • New options to reset the GUI on next restart or to load a backup configuration on restart.
  • New support for Asian language for headers posted as UTF-8

NewsBin Pro 6.00 build 965 RC 1 screenshot
NewsBin Pro 6.00 build 965 RC 1 screenshot, klik op de afbeelding voor een grotere versie.

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Het changelog dat hierboven staat is een soort samenvatting.
Dit is het hele changelog:

Version 6.20 Beta 1 Build 1423, October 28, 2011
Fixed issue with NZB autoload processing zip files containing text files other than .NZB. It now verifies
that included text files are actually .NZB files before processing.
Fixed issue with unrar paths.
Fixed issue where resetting the display in newsbin apparently cleared the shortcuts too.
Display Changes:
Hooked up the global download count again (odometer) in the bottom left side of Status bar.

Many changes to how the NBI file and config defaults are set. Fixed some "initial startup" issues.
Changed label of "Slave Mode" to "No Header Download". More descriptive
Can toggle Scheduler by clicking in the status bar. Toggles between Enabled/Disabled
Added color to Pause and Speed Limit indicators in the Status Bar when active.
Lock on the toolbar now prevents accidential closure of all windows except the post lists.

Made the search window much harder to close or hide now. Can still move it around though
Make the red lines in the posts lists show the actual error message. Signature match and viral errors now show on the post list for headers.

Changed "Load Special" dialog to work no matter whether from or to is larger. Meaning as long as there is a time span, it doesn't matter which is smaller or largers.
Now always checks the failed list for failed files in all post lists. Mark red if failed for any reason.

Added option to reset GUI on next restart. Under Options menu in the menu bar.

Added option to load backup NBI on next start. Under Options menu in the menu bar
Display: Files in the posts list will now turn red when the same files are in the failed list.
Fixed issue handling subjects that are already UTF-8 encoded. Asian language support for some
"Display Age" now capped internally to 5000. Prevents excessive values from underwrapping.

Download Changes: Reduced download list memory use by 50% by cleaning up some old data structures.
Fix for assemble incompletes not always working.
Fix for "update download list from header download" not always working.
Cut default RAM cache in 1/2. Cache: counter at the bottom reserves 100 instead of 200 buckets.
When autopar is disabled, use normal rename rules for par2s.
Hopefully fixed unexplained cases where Newsbin will stall downloads for no apparent reason.
Made changes to the subject compactor so it is more flexible

Include "webm" as a valid compactable file format.
Default chunk cache size is now 100. Min permissible chunk cache size is 50.
Added a retry the "getdiskfree" call. It seems to return no free space from time to time.
Fixed issue with Assemble incompletes.
In memory files doesn't generate any NB2 files. The final output file is written instead. Lack of rename might help some NAS's.

NZB: Generating NZB's no longer sets the "Queued" flag in the post list. Generating NZB's was adding subject to the subject cache.
ContentFilter: Fix for rar parser. Invalid rars are rejected out of hand

Posting: Now encodes all header lines UTF-8 when posting. Asian language posting should show correct language in the groups.
Autopar: Made unrar timestamp setting optional (disabled by default).
Headers: Implemented a less intensive method for importing headers into the DB

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