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Firmware-update: Dune HD Base 3.0 / BD Prime 3.0 100916_2027 bta

HDI Dune logo (27 pix)HDi Dune heeft nieuwe bètafirmware uitgebracht voor de HD Base 3.0 en BD Prime 3.0. Deze full-hd-mediaspelers zijn opgebouwd rondom een Sigma Designs 8642-mediaprocessor. De HD Base 3.0 beschikt over een 3,5" drivebay waarin een sata-harde schijf of een blu-ray-drive kan worden geplaatst, terwijl de BD Prime een blu-ray-loader heeft en er intern ruimte voor een 2,5"-harddisk is. Meer informatie over deze mediaspelers kan in dit topic op GoT worden gevonden.

In de nieuwe bèta firmware is onder andere de mogelijkheid toegevoegd om de colorspace in te stellen. Verder starten audio-cd's sneller op, is de comptabiliteit met diverse eSata-drives verbeterd en kan de film Avatar nu goed worden afgespeeld. Daarnaast bevat deze firmware alle verbeteringen uit de niet vrijgegeven firmware versie 100828_0034. Deze firmware is gebaseerd op de nieuwste Sigma Blu-ray SDK en bevat naast diverse verbeteringen met betrekking tot het afspelen van Blu-rays ook de langverwachte mogelijkheid om schijven met een ntfs-indeling te kunnen beschrijven. Hieronder is het volledige changelog van deze release te vinden.

Changes in version "100916_2027_beta:
  • Added a possibility to adjust the vertical position of subtitles during Blu-ray playback.
  • Added a possibility to adjust the vertical position of PGS and VobSub subtitles during file playback.
  • Improved handling of PGS subtitles in MKV and TS files.
  • Improved "Audio / HDMI audio = Disabled" setting, which should now work more correctly with various HDMI equipment. Now, it only disables passing audio through the HDMI, but does not force DVI mode with RGB colorspace on the HDMI output any more.
  • Added a new setting "Video / Advanced / Force DVI output", which allows to force DVI mode on the HDMI video output. This allows to achieve player behavior which took place previously when using "HDMI audio = Disabled" setting. (Note, as previously, this does not affect Blu-ray playback.)
  • Added a new setting "Video / Advanced / Output colorspace", which allows to specify the desired colorspace on the HDMI output.
    • Supported values:
      • Auto (use BT.709 for HD video modes and BT.601 for SD video modes)
      • BT.601.
      • BT.709.
      • RGB-Full.
      • RGB-Limited.
    • The default value is Auto.
    • Note: does not affect Blu-ray playback (for Blu-ray playback, "Auto" is always used).
    • Note: in previous firmware versions, the actually used setting was BT.601; if you think that you had a better picture quality during file or DVD playback in previous firmware versions, you may try to set this setting to BT.601 (see also the new setting "Video / Advanced / Default decoder colorspace").
  • Added a new setting "Video / Advanced / Default decoder colorspace", which allows to specify the default colorspace which should be assumed for files having no explicit indication of the colorspace actually used when encoding these files.
    • Supported values:
      • Auto (use BT.709 for files using HD resolution and BT.601 for files using SD resolution).
      • BT.601.
      • BT.709.
    • The default value is Auto.
    • Note: affects only file playback.
    • Note: in previous firmware versions, the actually used setting was BT.601; if you think that you had a better picture quality during file playback in previous firmware versions, you may try to set this setting to BT.601 (see also the new setting "Video / Advanced / Output colorspace").
  • Improved Audio CD playback startup speed.
  • Improved compatibility with specific models of eSATA HDD enclosures.
  • Implemented improvements/fixes for Avatar Blu-ray playback.
  • Added automatic clearing (when needed) of Blu-ray Local Storage after firmware upgrade in order to prevent possible Blu-ray playback problems.
  • Added a new setting "Misc / Playback / Save zoom settings", which allows to remember the choosen zoom mode even after stopping playback and switching off the player.
  • Added a new setting "Misc / Playback / Show recording indicator", which allows to enable on-screen indication (blinking red circle) during recording of IPTV / Internet radio / DVB-T streams.
  • Improved the firmware recovery procedure: the LED indicator on the front panel is blinking during firmware recovery process.
  • Improved handling of specific unsupported files (such as GMC-encoded AVIs): information about this is reported to the user.
  • Bugfix: HDMI color depth and HDMI CEC settings could be set to wrong values when using "safe" video modes (triggered by MODE + 1..6 RC buttons).
  • Bugfix: very high-birate IPTV channels could be played with artefacts and picture distortions (a problem introduced in firmware version 100630_2131_beta).
  • Bugfix: specific MKV files could not be recognized and played at all.
  • Bugfix: ".djvu" files wrongly considered as supported.
  • Bugfix: creation of debug dumps did not work in specific cases (when the current folder path contained whitespaces).
  • Some interface languages added/updated.
  • Some other improvements/fixes.
Changes in version "100828_0034:
  • Note: Download: N/A (has not been released for this player model, the listed changes included into next firmware versions)
  • Integrated a new version of Sigma Blu-ray SDK:
    • This improves compatibility with new Blu-ray discs.
  • Integrated commercial NTFS read-write driver from Tuxera. All kinds of write access to an NTFS HDD should work, including:
    • Copying/moving/deleting/renaming files via file browser.
    • FTP access from network.
    • SMB access from network.
    • Torrent client.
    • Recording of IPTV, Internet Radio, DVB-T.
    • NOTE: If you do not plan to use your HDD both with Dune and with PC, it is still recommended to format the HDD to EXT2 or EXT3 filesystem (as these filesystems are better tested, and as this may provide better performance in some cases, e.g. when using Torrent client).
  • Included Korean fonts.
  • Added a workaround for MKV lipsync problem (a small A/V desync when bitstreaming AC3 through S/PDIF or HDMI, noticeable by some users on some A/V equipment).
  • Bugfix: 192kHz/24-bit FLAC audio could not be output to HDMI TV.
  • Bugfix: audio could be absent during playback of specific MPEG files.
  • Bugfix: audio could be lost after specific user actions (such as SLOW -> PAUSE -> PLAY) on specific files.

De volgende downloads zijn beschikbaar:
*Firmware 100916_2027 bèta voor Dune HD Base 3.0
*Firmware 100916_2027 bèta voor Dune BD Prime 3.0

Versienummer 100916_2027 bta
Releasestatus Beta
Website HDi Dune
Bestandsgroottes 71,70MB - 83,10MB
Licentietype Freeware

Door Bart van Klaveren

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19-09-2010 • 10:36

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Bron: HDi Dune

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