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Firmware-update: HDi Dune 110127_2105_beta

HDI Dune logo (27 pix)HDi Dune heeft nieuwe bètafirmware uitgebracht voor diverse van zijn mediaspelers, zoals de Base 3.0, de Prime 3.0, de Max en de Smart. Deze full-hd-mediaspelers zijn opgebouwd rondom een Sigma Designs 8642-mediaprocessor. De Dune-mediaspelers kenmerken zich door een groot gebruikersgemak en uitgebreide mogelijkheden. Meer informatie over deze mediaspelers kan in dit topic op GoT worden gevonden.

In de nieuwe bètafirmware is het afspelen van media verbeterd, er kan nu muziek worden afgespeeld tijdens het bekijken van foto's en het display op de speler kan meer informatie weergeven. Verder is er ondersteuning voor het aansturen van de speler via ip-control en is het mogelijk geworden om de fabrieksinstellingen te herstellen zonder een extern bestand te laden. Hieronder is het volledige changelog van deze release te vinden.

New functions and improvements in the new firmware version:
  • Various playback improvements.
    • Improved support for PGS subtitles during file playback.
    • Improved support for playback of very high bitrate MPEG TS/PS files and streams in specific cases.
    • Improved support for recording of audio-only TS streams (implemented more precise start of the recording).
    • Improved support for playback of audio-only TS files (added duration detection and current playback position indication).
    • Improved playback of Internet Radio streams.
    • Improved playback of MP3 audio files via UPnP.
    • Improved compatibility with some Internet Video services accessible via UPnP servers such as PlayOn Digital Media Server.
    • Bugfix: stopping MKV playback with enabled subtitles could lead to a crash in some cases.
    • Bugfix: specific files could not be played smoothly from network in some cases (the problem introduced in the firmware version 100630_2131_beta).
    • Bugfix: switching between DVD chapters could cause audio problems (in bitstream mode) (the problem introduced in firmware version 100916_2027_beta, because of a new Sigma SDK). (864x)
    • Bugfix: bitstream audio output did not work correctly on some Blu-ray discs in some cases (especially when 12-bit HDMI colorspace was used) (the problem introduced in firmware version 100916_2027_beta, because of a new Sigma SDK). (864x)
    • Bugfix: some user actions during playback of certain Blu-ray BD-J discs/images could cause green screen (the problem introduced in firmware version 100916_2027_beta, because of a new Sigma SDK). (864x)
    • Bugfix: Specific MP3 files were playing with distortions when played during photo viewing).
    • Bugfix: Specific AVI files with AC3 audio were playing without sound, and no file with audio could be played afterwards.
    • Bugfix: Specific AVI files with H.264 video were not playing, and no other video file could be played afterwards.
    • Improvement: unsupported non-LC AAC audio tracks in MKV are not shown in the list of audiotracks to avoid confusing the user.
    • Bugfix: The setting "HDMI audio = disabled" did not work properly in some cases with some equipment. (864x)
    • Bugfix: Specific AVI files with AAC audio could not be played correctly. (864x/865x)
  • Added support to play background music during photo viewing.
    • Instruction: just launch a playlist consisting of both photos and audio files, e.g.:
      • Press PLAY on a folder containing photos and audio files.
      • Put .M3U playlist file with links (paths) to audio files into the folder with photos, press PLAY on this folder.
      • Press SELECT to manually mark photos / audio files (or folders with photos / audio files), and press PLAY. (Note: marking files works only within single parent folder.)
    • The following RC buttons are available for controlling background audio playback in photo viewer:
      • MUTE, V+/V-: mute and volume control.
      • PAUSE/PLAY: pause/resume audio.
      • NEXT/PREV: go to next/previous audio file.
      • REW/FWD: the same as NEXT/PREV.
      • NOTE: To navigate and pause/resume the photo slide show itself, LEFT/RIGHT/ENTER RC buttons can be used.
    • Notes:
      • Limitations: WMAPro audio file format is not supported for this feature; all other audio file formats should work (including MP3, FLAC, OGG, APE, WAV, WMA, etc).
      • All audio files are played sequentially (in the original order) in a loop.
      • Audio files using the same or compatible audio codec are played in gapless mode.
    • Other photo viewer improvements.
      • ENTER RC button in photo viewer allows to pause/resume the slide show (and LEFT/RIGHT, as before, allow to go to next/previous photo).
      • Bugfix: specific huge panorama photos were handled wrongly in photo viewer.
      • Bugfix: photo viewer could crash in specific rare cases.
    • Added support to play music w/o using TV, using the front panel display.
      • The name of the currently selected item of the file browser (e.g. file/folder) is shown on the display.
      • When playback of a file/audiotrack starts, its title is shown on the display for a few seconds.
      • The currently selected playlist item (when playlist browser is activated by pressing POP UP MENU RC button during playback) is shown on the display.
      • Long names/titles are scrolled through the display.
      • The new features can be disabled via settings in "Setup / Miscellaneous / Built-in Display".
  • Added support for ALAC (Apple Lossless) audio files.
  • Added support for WavPack lossless audio files.
  • Added support for MMS audio/video streaming protocol. (864x/865x)
    • Useful for MMS-based Internet Radio and Internet Video resources.
    • Both playback and recording of MMS streams is supported.
    • Usage: launch playback of MMS URL ("mms://...") via .M3U playlist file or in any other way supported by Dune.
  • Added 24/50 and 24/60 autoframerate modes.
  • Added "dynamic range control" support.
    • Added "Setup / Audio / Dynamic Range Control" setting, with possible values "Off", "Medium", "High", "Auto". Allows to specify the desired DRC behavior for audio tracks supporting DRC.
  • Volume control improvements.
    • New graphical volume indicator during file and DVD playback, with a special warning (red color) about possible overload (volume level more than 0dB).
    • Added a new setting "Audio / Volume control" with the following possible values:
      • "Off". Volume control is completely disabled. The volume level is fixed at 100% (0dB) and the player does not perform any modifications of the digital audio signal.
      • "Best quality". The default setting. The user is allowed to control the volume in the safe range till 0dB (ensuring no audio distortions on all audio content). When needed for specific files, it is also possible to temporarily overcome the 0dB limit by pressing and holding "V+" RC button for several seconds (the increase volume level takes effect only for the current playback session and is automatically reset to 0dB when the playback session finishes).
      • "Allow overload". The setting corresponding to the behavior taking place in previous firmware versions. The user is allowed to set the volume to values greater than 0dB. Depending on played content, this may lead to severe audio distortions and thus is not recommended.
    • Added a new setting "Audio / Volume indication" with the following possible values:
      • "Percents". The default setting. The volume level is shown as [0..100%] (corresponding to [-48..0dB] range). When the volume level is set to 100%, the player does not perform any modifications of the digital audio signal. Overloaded volume level is shown as (100..150%] (corresponding to (0..+24dB] range).
      • "Decibels". The setting corresponding to the behavior taking place in previous firmware versions. The volume level is shown in decibels.
    • Volume control OSD for background audio during photo viewing is implemented in the same way as for regular file playback.
    • NOTE: As in previous firmware versions, the player can apply volume control only to PCM audio signal (i.e. when playing PCM audio tracks or audio tracks which are decoded by the player itself); when using "bitstream" audio output mode and playing audio tracks supporting bitstream output, the volume control does not take any affect. When A/V receiver is used, it is recommended to control the volume using the A/V receiver.
  • Zoom improvements.
    • Added a new zoom preset for file playback: "full fill screen" -- similar to "fill screen" but with filling the entire screen both vertically and horizontally.
    • Bugfix: remembering zoom settings could work wrongly in some cases.
  • Blu-ray INFO OSD improvements.
    • Added showing of the total playback time in INFO OSD during Blu-ray playback.
    • Added showing the information about secondary video and secondary audio tracks in INFO OSD during Blu-ray playback; some other related changes/improvements.
  • Other OSD improvements.
    • When performing time navigation using LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN/P+/P- RC buttons (in file/DVD playback mode), the OSD does not only show the selected playback position, but also shows the offset from the current playback position.
    • Certain notification OSD elements, such as volume control and certain information messages can now be quickly hidden by pressing any non-relevant RC buttons (no need to wait for autohide timeout).
  • Improved handling of RC buttons during playback.
    • CLEAR RC button allows to restore the default vertical position of subtitles in subtitles setup mode.
    • PLAY RC button is not used anymore for starting/stopping recordings; only REC RC button should be used for this. (For models with the new RC with REC button.)
  • Improved handling of RC buttons in file browser.
    • PREV and NEXT RC buttons are handled as P+/P- in file browser (allow to switch to next/previous page in large directory listings) (the feature requested by some users of universal remotes).
    • Added a possibility to quickly toggle interface language: AUDIO RC button on the main screen shows a dialog for choosing the language.
  • Improved handling of front panel buttons in file browser.
    • PREV and NEXT front panel buttons now allow to navigate both when icon view is used (handled as LEFT and RIGHT, with ability to go from one row to another) and when list view is used (handled as UP and DOWN).
  • Added support for Hebrew (Right-to-Left) filenames.
  • Added clock on front panel display in standby.
    • Clock is shown automatically when time is synchronized (i.e. time synchronization option is enabled and Internet connection is working, or a time server in the local network is used); when time is not synchronized, clock is not shown.
    • NOTE: Time synchronization is automatically enabled after upgrade to this firmware version. If not needed/desired, it can be disabled via "Setup / Miscellaneous / Time synchronization".
    • Clock is shown in "software standby" mode only.
    • Clock showing can be disabled via "Setup / Miscellaneous / Built-in Display / Show time on display".
  • Added new UI customization possibilities (for "dune_folder.txt" applications).
    • Added dune_folder.txt feature: possibility to specify the default sorting settings for the folder. Syntax:
      • sort_field = name|size|atime|mtime|unsorted
      • sort_dir = asc|desc
    • Added dune_folder.txt feature: paths in the definition of virtual items can be relative paths.
    • Image/icon files can now have also special extensions .djpg, .dbmp, .dpng (helpful e.g. to allow Movie Collections PC applications to prevent indexing of the files by OS for better performance).
    • Added a possibility to load icons shown in the right panel of the "extended list view" asynchronously. When this feature is enabled, navigation in such folders becomes much faster.
      • Syntax: - async_icon_loading = yes
    • Added "icon_archive" feature, allowing to download a collection of icons/images from an HTTP server once when entering certain folder, and cache it in the player (in System Storage), that allows to significantly improve the performance.
      • Syntax: - icon_archive.{n}.name = {name} - icon_archive.{n}.url = {HTTP-URL-to-TGZ-archive} - icon_path = icon_archive://{name}/{file-path-in-archive}
      • When a new version of the icon archive is deployed on the HTTP server, a modified URL should be used for it, then the player will automatically reload the icon archive next time when the user opens the folder.
  • Added new possibilities for authors of FlashLite applications. (864x)
    • Added ability for FlashLite application to store persistent data in the flash memory of the player ("persistent SharedObjects").
    • Added support for showing specific text message on the front panel display (for player models having front panel display) on startup of FlashLite application.
    • More information:
  • Added IP Control possibilities (control the player from iPhone etc). (864x/865x)
    • A simple HTTP protocol allows to control the player from network (start/stop playback of the given media resources, control the playback, check current player status, emulate RC button presses, etc).
    • Applications for various devices can be created based on this IP Control procotol. Several such applications are already announced / provided (e.g.: applications for iPhone/iPad, integration with Control4 smart home systems).
    • More information:
  • Various DVB-T improvements. (864x/865x)
    • Included a newer improved version of DVB-T drivers, which improve DVB-T reception quality and fix some problems.
    • Improved support for national characters in DVB-T channel names.
    • Added a possibility to use DVB-T w/o system storage (support for nice channel icons is disabled in this case).
    • Added a possibility to specify the location (country and city) when scanning for the channels (speeds up the scanning process and also may improve the results of the scanning). The location can also be specified in Setup / Applications / DVB-T.
    • Added showing of progress information during scanning and a possibility to stop the scan process.
    • Added a possibility to launch the scan also from the settings page (Setup / Applications / DVB-T).
  • Torrent client improvements.
    • Maximum number of torrent client peers is set to 50 by default (to prevent problems taking place in some cases, as reported by some users).
    • More correct reporting of errors by torrent client in some cases.
    • Bugfix: torrent client did not support working with partition-less storage devices.
    • Bugfix: automatic startup of torrent client on boot could not work in some cases.
  • Network setup improvements.
    • Added a new network configuration mode: "Auto (DHCP), manual DNS", allowing to use DHCP for automatic configuration of basic network settings, but specify DNS settings manually (as needed for some Internet providers).
    • Improved indication when the player is waiting for IP address.
  • WiFi setup improvements.
    • Added an ability to choose WiFi network from the list.
    • Setup / Network / (WiFi) Settings -> Scan for networks...
    • Added autodetection of the best possible WiFi security method when choosing WiFi network from the list.
    • WiFi password is shown as normal text to make it easier to enter/validate it.
  • Added PPPoE support (864x/865x).
    • Added PPPoE network connection kind (i.e.: Dune connected via Ethernet cable directly to an Internet provider which uses PPPoE connection, with login/password-based authorization).
  • Added SMB server settings (Setup / Applications / SMB Server).
    • Server name.
    • Workgroup name.
    • Server description.
    • Ability to disable SMB server.
  • Time zone setup improvements.
    • Time zone configuration (Setup / General / Time zone) is made more convenient: for each listed time zone, the current time taking place according to this time zone is shown.
  • Setup usability improvements.
    • When the user tries to exit "Video" or "Network" setup screen with unsaved changes, a warning dialog is shown. The user is asked to either apply the changes, discard the chances, of cancel the action.
    • When selecting WiFi network connection type, the WiFI settings dialog is shown automatically.
    • When selecting PPPoE network connection type, the PPPoE settings dialog is shown automatically.
    • The setting "Analog audio output mode" is renamed to "Audio decoding mode" (since it affects both analog audio outputs and HDMI audio output). (Ultra/Mini/Lite 53D)
    • The setting "Maximum S/PDIF sample rate" is renamed to "Maximum digital outputs sample rate" (since it affects both S/PDIF and HDMI audio outputs). (Lite 53D)
    • Online firmware upgrade function does not require an attached storage device (such as USB flash drive) any more (864x/865x).
  • Added built-in "Reset Settings" function.
    • No more need to use a DSF file for this.
    • Usage: "Setup / General / Reset Settings".
    • Resets all player settings to default values and also clears all other user-related data stored by the player in main flash memory (such as: file/DVD bookmarks, configuration of network folders, etc).
    • Also clears Blu-ray cache (also known as Blu-ray local storage) in System Storage (when System Storage is attached).
    • Also clears all user-related data stored by the player in System Storage (including main screen shortcuts and cached icon archive data). NOTE: the content of Internet Radio and IPTV folders is not cleared automatically (since these folders may contain files important for the user); if needed, these folders can be cleared manually.
    • Also clears all data in Flash Memory Storage.
  • Added built-in functions for management of System Storage.
    • New Setup page "Miscellaneous / System Storage" provides the following functions:
      • "Initialize System Storage": allows to initialize the system storage if it is not configured yet. Two possibilities are provided: create the system storage on an empty storage device (USB flash drive, SD card, an already existing HDD partition), or partition an empty HDD into system storage and user data partitions. Usage instructions: - The system lists all found empty 1GB+ storages. - Select the desired storage. - If the selected storage's capacity is less than 100GB, the entire storage is initialized as the system storage. - Otherwise, if the selected storage is 100GB+ storage device, it is partitioned into two partitions, the first partition is initialized as the system storage, and the second partition is kept unformatted (to format it, select it in the file browser and press ENTER).
      • "Deinitialize System Storage": allows to deinitialize the system storage if it is already configured.
      • "Clear System Storage": deletes all data stored on the system storage. This, in particular, includes Blu-ray cache, main screen shortcuts, content of Internet Radio and IPTV folders.
      • "Clear Blu-ray Cache": clears Blu-ray cache (also known as "Blu-ray local storage").
  • Added support for "Flash Memory Storage" - an area of main flash memory that can be used to store data instead of System Storage in some cases. (864x/865x)
    • Flash Memory Storage currently can be used to store the following data:
      • Data cache for dune_folder.txt applications utilizing "icon_archive" function (graphics packages downloaded from Internet).
      • Data cache for KartinaTV application (graphics and some other information downloaded from Internet).
    • For all other kinds of data that can be stored in System Storage, Flash Memory Storage can not be used, and System Storage is still required. This includes, in particular: Blu-ray cache, main screen shortcuts, content of Internet Radio and IPTV folders.
    • In future, it is planned to allow to use Flash Memory Storage for more player functions.
    • The purpose of Flash Memory Storage is that it makes it easy to use the corresponding player functions for the users not having System Storage attached. When System Storage is available, Flash Memory Storare is not used (System Storage is used instead).
    • Flash Memory Storage availability and capacity depends on a particular Dune model.
      • Dune HD Max, Dune HD Duo: Flash Memory Storage is always available and its capacity is ~100MB (due to total 256MB of main flash memory in these models).
      • Dune HD Base 3.0, Dune BD Prime 3.0, Dune HD Smart D1/H1/B1: Flash Memory Storage can be enabled/disabled (disabled by default) and its capacity is ~16MB. Enabling Flash Memory Storage is performed automatically when it is needed for the first time, or can be performed manually via Setup. When Flash Memory Storage is enabled, some optional firmware components (asian fonts) are removed from the flash memory. When firmware is reinstalled/updated, Flash Memory Storage becomes disabled again and these optional firmware components are restored automatically (until Flash Memory Storage is required again by some application). If these optional firmware components are required, Flash Memory Storage can not be used (System Storage should be used instead).
      • Dune HD Lite 53D: Flash Memory Storage is always available and its capacity is ~16MB.
    • Setup section "Miscellaneous / System Storage" allows to see the current status of Flash Memory Storage and provides the following functions:
      • "Enable Flash Memory Storage": allows to enable Flash Memory Storage (only for Dune models where Flash Memory Storage is optional, other Dune models have Flash Memory Storage always enabled).
      • "Clear Flash Memory Storage": deletes all data from Flash Memory Storage.
  • Integrated "KartinaTV" Internet TV service. (864x/865x)
    • More information:
  • Integrated "" Internet Video service. (864x)
    • More information:
  • Various other improvements.
    • Changed indication of "AC3" and "EAC3" audio tracks to "Dolby Digital" and "Dolby Digital Plus" (as required by Dolby).
    • Bugfix: pressing POP UP MENU on main screen shortcuts pointing to a non-accessible network resource could cause a lockup for several minutes.
    • The function of quick video mode choosing now provides feedback using the LED on the front panel of the player:
      • When the function is activated: the LED blinks once.
      • When the user cancels the function: the LED blinks once.
      • When a new video mode is chosen: the LED blinks 2 times.
      • When the user confirms the new video mode: the LED blinks 3 times.
    • The function of checking EXT2 filesystem now correctly reports an error when the user tries to use it on an HDD with capacity exceeding the maximum supported limit. (Lite 53D)
    • Some interface languages added/updated.
    • Some other improvements/fixes.
    • Other minor fixes.

Versienummer 110127_2105_beta
Releasestatus Beta
Website HDi Dune
Bestandsgrootte 72,90MB
Licentietype Freeware

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

02-02-2011 • 09:54

13 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: Slowmotion

Bron: HDi Dune

Reacties (13)

Wijzig sortering
Er bestaat als het goed is ook een firmware update voor de D1, maar die zie ik vooralsnog niet staan op de officiële site (wel op enkele vage Russische sites)
Hoe bedoel je; deze firmware is voor ALLE Dune modellen, ook de D1:
As always, this firmware update is provided for all generations of Dune HD media players, including both all new models and all outdated/discontinued models (14 different models based on 3 different platforms: Sigma Designs 863x, 864x, and 865x):

Dune HD Ultra
Dune HD Mini
Dune BD Prime
Dune HD Center
Dune HD Base
Dune HD Base 2.0
Dune BD Prime 3.0
Dune HD Base 3.0
Dune HD Max
Dune HD Smart H1
Dune HD Smart D1
Dune HD Smart B1
Dune HD Duo
Dune HD Lite 53D
En dus:
Maar nog steeds kan ik Avatar niet op mijn Smart B1 afspelen; blijft zeuren over 'security violation'.

[Reactie gewijzigd door Neus op 2 februari 2011 11:39]

Ik heb dvd's die het niet doen... misschien nu wel. Elke versie weer even testen.
De speler crashed gewoon.. moet de power er afhalen.
En dat zal mogelijk ook niet veranderen... de melding zegt toch eigenlijk genoeg...
Wijsneus, heb braaf de Collector's Edition Blu-Ray gekocht, heb het dus niet over een of andere rip. De Smart B1 is de versie met Blu-Ray speler aan boord.

Disk 1 en 2 geven deze melding. In een 'normale' Blu-Ray speler werken ze prima.

[Reactie gewijzigd door Neus op 2 februari 2011 11:34]

Het is inderdaad een aardige lijst van updates, altijd welkom. Ik moet zeggen dat ik de interface van de Dune nog steeds erg clean vind vergeleken met veel andere spelers. Het kost wat meer, maar hij ziet er strak uit en speelt enorm veel af.

async_icon_loading, dat zou erg fijn moeten zijn voor alle dune_folder applicaties. Ben er zelf ook een aan het maken en het laden van icons kon toch altijd erg langzaam zijn.
Screenshots from IVI and Kartina tv new services in this firmwere
Dat zijn heel veel veranderingen...vanavond direct even updaten.
Jammer dat ze nog altijd met betas werken...

Met name ook omdat de firmware ten tijde van de release het absoluut nog geen volwaardig product maakte. Feitelijk vind ik dus dat ik een onaf product heb gekocht.

Hij werkt nu wel goed, maar het geeft me toch een raar gevoel :)
Ik vind de Dune al een hele verbetering tov mijn vorige speler HDX 1000 .
Van ieder product wordt de firmware steeds verbeterd. Dus ik snap je opmerking niet zo DarkHelmet!

In combinatie met yaDIS is het helemaal al top!
En eindelijk de iphone als universele afstandbediening gebruiken! :o
in de appstore is er een dune controle app en in deze versie van de firmware is ip-control opgenomen. Morgen eens even testen.
Dat werkt prima, thanks for the tip!

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