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Bron: RaidenFTPD

RaidenFTPD logo (75 pix) De ontwikkelaars achter RaidenFTPD hebben donderdag een nieuwe versie van hun gelijknamige ftp-serverprogramma uitgebracht. Het gaat om versie 2.4 build 3820 en deze kan als update voor een bestaande installatie of als volledige setup worden gedownload. Het programma kan als Home-, Pro- of Advanced edition worden gebruikt. De Advanced-versie heeft alle mogelijkheden aan boord, in de Pro-versie ontbreekt de ondersteuning voor odbc-databases en de Home-versie moet het daarnaast stellen zonder ssl/tls-encryptie. Raidenftpd is alweer een tijdje niet in de Meuktracker voorbijgekomen, dus hier volgt een wat langere lijst met veranderingen:

Version 2.4 build 3820
  • changed: External IP detection servers had been changed to and
Version 2.4 build 3810
  • changed: program is rebuilt, due to some lame anti-virues softwares are saying that raidenftpd is a virues.
  • changed: now if you rename a file or directory under a VMP path, it gets renamed within the same directory.
  • fixed: [SECURITY] possible to overwrite .raidenftpd.acl files through some approaches.
  • fixed: The total output and input indicator in the bottom of the main window maybe reseted when the values are too large.
  • fixed: if any physical path entry in VFS has a trailing slash, and the path is not off the root, it will not LIST.
Version 2.4 build 3800
  • added: auto detection for the following routers and automatically use LAN IP as passive IP when users connect from WAN and the server is at port 21.
    • SMCWBR14S-N2
    • Belkin N Wireless Router
  • added: new option in raidenftpd.ini: USE_LAN_SRV_IP_FOR_WAN_USERS_WHEN_FTP_IS_AT_PORT21=0 set to 1 to have the server to use LAN IP as PASSIVE IP when users are from WAN and server is behind router and server is running at port 21 and users are not using SSL. this is required for some routers.
  • fixed: .raidenftpd.acl file isn't updated when an user creates a directory if there is no .raidenftpd.acl existed already.
  • fixed: creating user's vfs button doesn't work for the first time when you just setup the first ftp server.
Version 2.4 build 3785
  • changed: NSIS (installer) version updates to 2.46
  • changed: now RaidenFTPD detects if it's an Internet Explorer and if it is, the welcome message is disabled by default.
  • changed: now RaidenFTPD will not display welcome messages to Internet Explorer connections even if it's using named accounts.
  • changed: when client is using IE6, the max logins per IP is restricted to 2 for that client in order to be compatible with an IE6 pathname bug.
  • changed: new installer/updater icon
  • fixed: uninstaller does not remove everything properly.
Version 2.4 build 3780
  • fixed: auto detect IP from internet server does not work under Win Vista+ OSes
  • fixed: %# variable does not work. (displaying custom message file)
  • fixed: passive mode does not work when you first add a new server. (lan IP was detected as "1")
  • changed: RLA removed from package due to compatibility issue. new web based Raiden LOG Analyzer will be released to advanced license registered users.
Version 2.4 build 3721
  • added: FORCE_LAN_IP is now also available in *.ftpd as an individual setting for each ftp server (was in raidenftpd.ini as a global setting, the global setting is still valid)
  • added: new option in raidenftpd.ini DEF_SFV_TAG_MEDIA=
    now You can customize the default sfv completion tag (when the folder contains media files such as mp3 wma, the following variables are available for use.
    %MEDIA_AUDIOFORMAT% audio format of media
    %MEDIA_VIDEOFORMAT% video format of media
  • changed: updated raidenserviceinstaller.exe (service wrapper)
  • changed: program will not maintain 2 versions of log, one is for ascii only and the other one may contain both ascii and utf8 entries. (utf8 log will be the one that contains all logs)
  • fixed: when you entered too large values in input boxes of ip access editor dialog box, you could not quit the dialog box.
  • fixed: when utf8 is enabled, the site utop and dtop commands display nothing.
  • fixed: several possible buffer overflow security fixes.
Version 2.4 build 3720
  • changed: newdir.dat will only keep the information of latest 32 dirs made. (was unlimited).
  • changed: added a 5 seconds auto delay if max connections per IP is reached, this can decrease server loads for those clients who are constantly re-trying.
  • fixed: if client is in utf8 mode and is making local charset directories, the newdir.dat is properly logged now.
  • fixed: timestamp of merged path is not displayed in dir listing. now the first path's date and time is picked.
Version 2.4 build 3711
  • changed: german and spanish resource files are removed due to they are still incomplete.
  • fixed: %LASTSPD% in customized sfv tag doesn't work.
  • added: new variable for message files to use, $0024, returns the current ftp client's charset, utf8 or ansi maybe the results.
  • added: new variable for customized sfv tag (DEF_SFV_TAG), %VDIR%, to add current virtual directory's name in the tag
  • added: new option in raidenftpd.ini, PARENT_PATH_INFO_IN_MISSINGTAG=0 or 1, set to 1 to have parent directory data in the sfv missing file tag. (only for the one under the root directory, not the dir its parent directory)
Version 2.4 build 3710
  • changed: the dot in the end of default directory listing and password required message is now removed.
  • added: new raidenftpd.ini option, BUILD_DIRCACHE_BACKGROUND=0 or 1, set to 1 to enable directory size cache building procedure.
  • added: enhanced direcotory size cache, the directory size cache is built in the background when directory size is enabled. (30 seconds after the system starts)
  • added: directory size of directory mount point is now shown.
  • fixed: if writing a file over an existing one when utf8 is enabled, if the size is smaller than original one, the file is corrupted.
  • fixed: free disk space information is UNKNOWN when using CDUP command under a vmp path. see:
  • fixed: anti noop didn't work if ftp client sends only PWD and CWD commands.
  • fixed: RLA updates to 3.4.0 to supports 2009-2015 log files.
Version 2.4 build 3681
  • Changed: changing file signature so the NOD32 antivirues wouldn't report it as a virues. (It is a false alarm)
  • fixed: downloading of 0 byte file wouldn't generate any log entryu
RaidenFTPD 2.4 screenshot (481 pix)
Versienummer:2.4 build 3820
Besturingssystemen:Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Bestandsgroottes:2,91MB t/m 5,79MB
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Reacties (2)

de Home-versie moet het daarnaast stellen zonder ssl/tls-encryptie
Oei, dat klinkt al niet erg veel belovend... :|
heb er ooit wel een licentie van gehad. maar gebruik het al jaren niet meer. wel een prima programma verder. maar nu is een servertje met freenas erop veel makkelijker

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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