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Software-update: Mono 2.6.3

Mono logo (75 pix)Mono is voorzien van een update naar versie 2.6.3. Mono is een opensource-implementatie van het .Net Framework. Door gebruik te maken van Mono kunnen ontwikkelaars crossplatform-applicaties schrijven, die behalve onder Windows ook werken op bijvoorbeeld Mac OS X en Linux. De software bevat onder andere een C#-compiler, een .Net-compatible runtime en twee sets api's. De eerstgenoemde verzorgt de compatibiliteit met Microsofts .Net Framework, inclusief ondersteuning voor, en een aantal andere componenten, en de andere biedt allerlei Linux- en Unix-specifieke functies. Sinds versie 2.6 zijn de volgende bugfixes doorgevoerd:

Specific bug fixes since Mono 2.6 include:
  • Worse Performance reading items selected with Linq 2 Obj
  • [Regression] System.Data failure on ClubWebSite when running on mono-2.6.3
  • RadioButton.Appearance = Appearance.Button does not work
  • Invalid RichTextBox paste behavior
  • Respect pragma warning disable on partial definitions
  • DataAdapter's fill method throws exception in connection with DbProviderFactories
  • Make check fails with compile error
  • string.Normalize() frequently produces incorrect output
  • abort in mono_class_inflate_generic_method_full while JITting a verified method
  • XML parsing fails when executing on iPhone
  • [verifier] abort in mono_class_inflate_generic_class on bad assembly
  • segment fault on System.MonoCustomAttrs.IsDefinedInternal
  • backcolor strange behaviour
  • AppDomain.TypeResolve event raised for System.Int32
  • XmlDocument XmlElement creation is broken.
  • csharp shell multi-line continuation inoperable
  • int.TryParse fails with very large numeric values.
  • ComboBox popup suggestion box does not appear on linux
  • HttpWebRequest returns 'invalid length' if kernel-mode auth is not enabled on IIS 7.0
  • Unable to open project in Xcode
  • Cannot SetValue of Nullable Property
  • DomainUnload debug events have wrong id during Domain Unload.
  • Mono AOT can not handle reference to parameter type return values.
  • Process Start doesn't handle spaces in paths
  • SetMaxThreads does not allow you to set a limit lower than its default
  • WebClient.UploadStringAsync always throws NotImplementedException
  • HttpListener incorrect headers parsing under moderate load
  • System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient ReplyTo header is incorrect
  • Disk Full Error doesn't release handle on files
  • ServerCertificateValidationCallback receives wrong certificate chain
  • Exception when serializing empty byte array generated from empty string
  • Int32.Parse doesn't respect NumberStyles.AllowExponent
  • ItemGroups seem to get corrupted/truncated after using the CallTarget task within a target
  • Invalid ResX input. at System.Resources.ResXResourceReader.LoadData ()
  • xbuild does not accept properties containing ':' passed by CLI..
  • CreateItem transformation returns wrong results
  • NoWarn ignored when TreatWarningsAsErrors is true
  • xbuild does not use default namespace as part of resource id for embedded resources
  • xbuild conditional statement 'Exists' does not seem to work
  • linq expression code causes mono_method_to_ir assertion
  • Cannot run VS packaged BlogEngine 1.5 on SLES 11 w/mono-2.6.2
  • Cannot bind Web Service Type from return XML on Monotouch
  • Cannot inspect nullable values
  • Stepping doesn't walk to previous frame
  • Multi-threaded app crashed using soft debugger
  • Inlining causes exceptions if assembly isn't available
  • [verifier] abort in get_call_info (both x86 and x86_64) while JITting a verified method
  • LLVM support: this sample generates very slow code.
  • abort in mono_type_generic_inst_is_valuetype while JITting a verified method
  • sigsegv in mono_save_args while JITting a verified method
  • Ahead of time-compiled multithreaded app fails under Mono 2.6.1
  • sigsegv in mono_method_to_ir while JITting a verified method
  • SIGSEGV Error with MarshalByRefObject implementing a generic interface
  • CRITICAL **: mono_bitset_test: assertion `pos < set->size' failed
  • Modulus on Decimal values does not work as expected
  • Using checked int64 op codes results in runtime crash
  • SIGABRT when constructing java.text.DecimalFormat (through IKVM)
  • SIGABRT (ERROR:mini-trampolines.c:183:mono_convert_imt_slot_to_vtable_slot: code should not be reached) using Saxon
  • Incorrect values in array after very basic operations
  • Microsoft.Build.BuildEngine.Engine.UnloadAllProjects() throws an exception when invoked with 1 or more projects
  • monodoc crashes on search for "()"
  • Cannot implicitly convert `string' to `object'
  • Printing an array of enum shows wrong garbage values
  • Runtime Crash in ves_icall_System_Globalization_CultureInfo_construct_internal_locale_from_specific_name
  • FirstDayOfWeek not parsed when creating culture-info-tables.h
  • Soft debugger is broken on systems not supporting MMAP_32BIT flag (Solaris, probably *BSD)
  • ObjectStateFormatter fails to convert collections from string
  • Empty HtmlForm produces JavaScript Code
  • NET_2_0 profile : BuildManagerDirectoryBuilder AddVirtualDir infinite loop
  • Web.config -> tag doesn't work
  • aspx/ascx files can not be compiled when an asp:Literal-tag is embedded in another tags attribute
  • mod_mono sets max_memory on RLIMIT_DATA, which usually won't do anything
  • Incorrect JSON Responses
  • OnInit event of SqlDataSource does not fire.
  • Cannot compile ASP page using Microsoft Chart Control
  • System.Web.Hosting.HostingEnvironment's IsHosted, ApplicationID and SiteName properties not provided for a hosted environment
  • System.Web.HttpFileCollectionWrapper (System.Web.Abstractions.dll) Get method and indexer by name throw exceptions for unfound name/index
  • Running mod_mono from svn on apache gives constant "Abnormal string size" exceptions
  • System.Web.Mvc.Resources.MvcResources.resources: Could not find any resources appropriate for the specified culture or the neutral culture.
  • Treeview nodes not applying font colour correctly using stylesheet class
  • Process restarts by thread abort with AspNetForums and mono-2.6.3
  • Plus sign, +, in URLs gets messed up during MVC request handling
  • DropDownList items and GridView columns don't translate.
  • XmlDataSource does not update cache when DataFile property changes.
  • HttpUtility.HtmlDecode does not decode hexadecimal coded HTML entities
  • System.IO.MemoryStream is too eager in zeroing data
  • MessageBox.Show() makes no sound
  • Exception message uninformative (different from with MS .Net)
  • Parallel.For doesn't execute when number of iterations is fewer than number of processors
  • Monitor.Pulse() Monitor.Wait() Thread.Abort() cause mono hang
  • Construct of System.Collections.Generic.List(IEnumerable e) creates list with e.Count null-Elements
  • The CultureInfo class does not support the Georgian culture
  • Type.IsVisible might throw null reference exception
  • Directory.Exist should not ever throw an exception
  • runtime always SEGFAULT booc.exe upon exit and reports exit code 139
  • String.IndexOf returns incorrect value
  • Disabled GroupBox isn't grayed out (ie: looks the same as enabled)
  • DateTime.TryParseExact throws NullReferenceException on null string
  • Missing public default constructor on System.Transactions.TransactionAbortedException
  • TrackBar: Scroll event should occur BEFORE ValueChanged
  • IndexOutOfRangeException when loading RTF into RichTextBox
  • mono assumes c99 flexible array member syntax is available without testing
  • Mono crashes when using System.Drawing.Image.FromFile with a special TIF-File
  • RichTextBox Modified property not set when (Selected)Text changes
  • Regression in System.Configuration Test Suite
  • ForeColor for selected ToolStripComboBox item in ownerdraw mode should be set to highlighted text
  • mono_metadata_decode_row assertion with System.Reflection.Emit circular array field type
  • 13 Test Regressions in XmlDataDocumentTest
  • ValueType.Equals fails on structs containing nullables
  • Array.SetValue is very unreliable for arrays of Nullable types
  • segtaults when encoding/decoding non-UTF8 strings
  • Dynamically generated code doesn't initialize static values as expected
  • Accessing 2D array cells in dynamically generated code causes crash (assert)
  • Linq Where extension method fails on typeof(T) for generic method parameter
  • Can't build ironruby on mono 2.6.1 or trunk
  • System.NotSupportedException: Custom attributes on a ParamInfo with member System.Reflection.Emit.MethodOnTypeBuilderInst are not supported
  • HashSet does not handle null values when using a non-default comparer
  • EMail (SmtpClient) with text and html mail with linked resources are not get generated correctly
  • ResXResourceReader does not read resource comments.
  • Return key works intermittently in TextBox
  • Path.GetTempFileName () takes 100% CPU if /tmp is not writable
  • HttpListener does not handle authentication completely
  • Intermittent threading issue with Mono 2.6.1 and SmartThreadPool
  • [verifier] SIGSEGV in set_stack_value on a bad assembly
  • [verifier] abort in mono_method_get_signature_full (2) on bad assembly
  • [verifier] SIGSEGV in mono_class_init (cmethod) on a bad assembly
  • System.IO.Packaging ZipPackage does not work due to Uri issue
  • Soft Debugger: Incorrect number or types of arguments error when calling int.Parse
  • IndexOutOfRangeException on 12 Remoting test suite tests
  • Global.asax's issue
  • Fixes the IPY+Chiron test case.
  • Shadow copies of assemblies cannot be overwritten if originating assembly files are read only
  • ListView + DataPager fails while trying to set up custom paging
  • Crash in System.MonoCustomAttrs.IsDefinedInternal
  • GetGenericParameterConstraints fails on methods in dynamic modules
  • [REGRESSION] 2.6/svn gmcs throws CS1501 on overload/explicit implementation resolution
  • string.PadRight(int, char) returns empty string
Mono 2.0 (481 pix)
Versienummer 2.6.3
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Mono-project
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)


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Bron: Mono-project


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Wijzig sortering
Zijn er mensen die mono gebruiken? ik denk dat de meeste .net devs in VS(10) zitten te pruttelen.
Jazeker. Je kunt .NET gebruiken op Windows en Mono op OS X en Unix. Bovendien kun je Mono embedden in je applicatie (bijvoorbeeld om extensies mogelijk te maken), en .NET niet. En mono heeft een ahead-of-time compiler die onder andere voor iPhone apps in C# wordt gebruikt.
VS draait niet op OSX/Linux
Nee.. maar daar heb je eclipse voor.

Ik gebruik mono persoonlijk niet, maar ik juig het initiatief toe om .NET te porten naar OSX en Linux, is alleen maar fijner als apps portable zijn naar meerdere OS'en

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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