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Firmware-update: Dune HD Base 3.0 / BD Prime 3.0 100307_2100_beta

HDI Dune logo (27 pix)HDI Dune heeft een nieuwe firmware uitgebracht voor de HD Base 3.0 en BD Prime 3.0. Deze full-hd mediaspelers zijn opgebouwd rondom een Sigma Designs 8642-mediaprocessor. De HD Base 3.0 heeft een drivebay waar een 3,5" sata harde schijf of een blu-ray-drive in geplaatst kan worden, terwijl de BD Prime over een blu-ray-loader beschikt en intern ruimte heeft voor een 2,5"-harddisk. Meer informatie over deze mediaspelers kan in dit topic op GoT worden gevonden. De nieuwe firmware heeft de bèta-status en is volgens de ontwikkelaars welliswaar getest, maar zou mogelijk nog enkele kleine foutjes bevatten. Het changelog van deze release ziet er als volgt uit:


This firmware version includes quite a lot of internal code changes, and, despite a lot of preliminary testing performed, there are good chances that some functions may not function correctly under specific circumstances. The most probable areas where things may be broken are:
  • File browser (working with network shares, "dune_folder.txt" mechanism, and any other file browser features).
  • File playback.
  • DVD and BD playback (especially when autoframerate is switched on).
  • USB WiFi.
Improvements for autoframerate:
  • Implemented autoframerate also for DVD-Video and Blu-ray content (in addition to autoframerate previously supported for files only).
    • Supported for both optical discs and disc images.
    • For DVD-Video, supports switching between 50 and 59.94 framerates (no support for switching to 23.976 on NTSC pulldown content).
    • For Blu-ray, supports all framerates (including 24p).
    • If a disc constists of multiple fragments with different framerates, framerate switching is automatically performed also when switching between disc fragments.
  • Bugfix: autoframerate did not work for specific TS files.
Improvements for HDMI output:
  • Added a new Setup option (Video / Advanced / HDMI color depth) allowing to switch between 8-bit / 10-bit / 12-bit HDMI output signal. 8-bit is now used by default to ensure the best compatibility with various HDMI equipment and cables (this solves the problems with noise on HDMI output).
  • Added a new Setup Option (Video / Advanced / HDMI CEC) allowing to enable/disable HDMI CEC. HDMI CEC is now disabled by default to ensure the best compatibility with various HDMI equipment (this solves the problems such as unneeded messages shown by TV on HDMI reinitialization, wrong switching of HDMI input, etc).
  • Bugfix: The setting "HDMI audio = off" could cause severe problems with HDMI output (such as wrong picture/colors, no picture at all). Now, these problems are fixed. NOTE: For file and DVD playback, using this setting still, as before, may enable DVI output mode for HDMI output (with RGB colorspace) instead of HDMI-native output mode (with YUV colorspace), that may have some effects on the picture, depending on a particular used equipment; this issue will be addressed in future firmware versions.
  • Bugfix: Blu-ray playback could hangup when disconnecting/reconnecting HDMI cable, switching off/on the attached HDMI equipment, or switching HDMI input on the attached HDMI equipment.
Improvements for subtitles support:
  • Added support for PGS (Blu-ray) subtitles in M2TS/TS files. It is now possible to use Blu-ray subtitles not only playing full BD-images, but also when playing individual M2TS files.
  • Added support for external subtitles in SUB/IDX format.
  • Added support for UTF-16 encoding in SRT and SUB (MicroDVD) external subtitle files.
Improvements for USB WiFi support:
  • Finally fixed the support for USB WiFi adapter D-Link DWA-140 rev.B2 (in addition to the previously supported rev.B1).
  • Included WiFi driver for RALink RT3070 chipset (the latest available version, and allowed the use of all USB WiFI devices supported by this driver (31 USB-IDs in total).
  • Upgraded WiFi driver for RALink RT2870/RT2770 chipsets to the latest available version, and allowed the use of all USB WiFi devices supported by this driver (66 USB-IDs in total).
  • See here for more details on the supported USB hardware.
Improvements for working with network shares:
  • Added a new function "Add to Main Screen" for SMB shares in SMB browser. Allows to easily add a new network folder corresponding to a SMB share to the main screen. NOTE: Supported for the SMB shares only, not supported for other items in SMB browser (SMB workgroups, SMB servers, or folders inside SMB shares).
  • Implemented a better scanning for available SMB workgroups and hosts in SMB browser. Now, there are more chances that SMB resources are found immediately, w/o the need to wait or restart network components. (This should fix the problems such as certain SMB workgroups sometimes visible, and sometimes not visible.)
  • In SMB browser, all printer shares are now excluded from the list of SMB shares (previously, some printer shares could be shown).
  • Added showing drive information (total/used/available space) in the "Information" dialog for network shares (the network share should be in the "connected" state).
  • Added a possibility to explicitly "disconnect" (i.e. unmount) a mounted NFS or SMB share. Press INFO on a connected network folder, or on a connected SMB share in SMB browser, and then choose "Disconnect".
  • Bugfix: Iw was impossible to access SMB shares on a SMB server after deleting some files from another SMB share on the same SMB server.
  • The Setup option "Fast SMB Access" (introduced in the previous beta firmware versions) is now disabled by default (since some users reports problems when using this options with some SMB servers).
    • NOTE: When upgrading to this firmware version from one of two previous beta firmware versions, the value of this option is kept. If you experience any problems with SMB access from the player, please manually disable this option.
    • NOTE: Even w/o this option, on Dune 3.0 models, playback of any content via SMB should work w/o any problems under normal circumstances, so it is safe to keep it disabled (unless you have a specific setup/requirements.
Improvements for bookmarks:
  • Reenabled support for bookmarks when using playlists (the initial version of such a support introduced in 091211_1311_beta was disabled in 091229_1411_beta, and now a more reasonable implementation is provided):
    • When starting playing a playlist (e.g. by presssing PLAY button on a file in a folder containing several files), the bookmark is checked/used for the initial file in the playlist.
    • When stopping playing a playlist, the bookmark is saved for the current file in the playlist (so, by pressing PLAY on this file, the playback can be later resumed from the saved bookmark).
    • When switching between files in the playlist, bookmarks are neither checked/used nor saved (as in the previous firmware version).
    • The Setup options for disabling autoresume for video/audio files influence both individual files and playlists.
Improvements for IPTV support:
  • Added support for viewing the list of audiotracks and switching between them when watching IPTV (multicast UDP) channels.
Added online firmware check/upgrade function:
  • A new Setup section "Miscellaneous / Firmware Upgrade" allows to conveniently check for the presence of new firmware version directly from the player, and, if a new version is available, automatically download and install it (w/o the need to use a PC to download the firmware upgrade file).
  • Also, if the player is connected to Internet, the player periodically automatically checks for the new firmware updates, and when one becomes available, informs the user about it and proposes to download/install it.
  • System Storage or any other attached storage can be used as a temporary location to download a firmware from Internet; if no writable storage with enough free space is found, the user is prompted to attach one.
  • When downloading a firmware from Internet, progress is indicated, and a possibility to stop/cancel the download is provided.
  • Advanced users can fine-tune various online upgrade settings via Setup menu: enable/disable checking for non-stable (beta) versions, enable/disable automatic checking.
"dune_folder.txt" mechanism improvements:
  • Added support for "smb://...", "nfs://...", and "network_folder://..." media_url values, allowing to reference media content on SMB and NFS network shares.
    • Syntax:
      • "smb://[user[:password]@]host/share/path"
      • "user" and "password" are optional.
      • "host" can be IP-address, DNS-name, or SMB-name of SMB server.
      • "share" is SMB share name.
      • Example: "smb://"
    • "nfs://host[:/export-path]:/path"
      • "host" can be IP-address or DNS-name of NFS server.
      • "export-path" is optional; when omitted, the player tries to automatically deduce it from the specified "path" (by analyzing all NFS-exports of the NFS-server). For better performance and correct working, it is recommended to always explicitly specify "export-path".
      • Example (w/o explicitly specified "export-path"): "nfs://"
      • Example (with explicitly specified "export-path"): "nfs://"
    • "network_folder://network-folder-name/path"
      • "network-folder-name" is the name of network folder econfigured in the player.
      • Example: "network_folder://MYSHARE/folder/file1.avi"
    • So, it is now possible to use "dune_folder.txt" to organize links (e.g. Media Collection Indexes) pointing not only to any locally attached storage devices, but also to any network resources accessible via NFS or SMB.
    • Network URLs are supported for all kinds of content: regular media files (video, audio, photo), DVD-images (VIDEO_TS, ISO), BD-Images (BDMV, ISO).
    • Such network URLs are also supported in playlist files (M3U, PLS).
    • The network shares are automounted by the player on-the-fly as needed; when using "smb://" and "nfs://" URLs, there is no need to manually configure the corresponding network folders.
    • When playing a playlist consisting of items pointing to different network shares, the player automatically unmounts/mounts network shares as needed (in particular, it correctly unmounts a SMB share before accessing another SMB share pointing to the same SMB server, in order to avoid the limitation that Linux kernel can not work with multiple SMB shares of the same SMB server simultanesouly).
  • Added the following new "dune_folder.txt" parameters:
    • "system_files = {pattern1}[,{pattern2}...]".
      • Allows to specify which files should be treated as system and thus hidden (when "Hide system files = Yes" option is enabled in Setup).
      • Each "pattern" can be the exact name of file/folder, or a pattern including wildcards ("*" means any sequence of characters, "?" means any single character).
    • "media_url_check = (yes|no)" (default is "no").
      • Allows to specify whether the player should try to check if the "media_url" is valid and points to an existing file when painting the item corresponding to this media folder, and also determine a suitable icon to show (e.g. video file, audio file); if the "media_url" is not valid, the item is painted in the "dimmed" way. Such a check may reduce browsing performance, so it is now disabled by default, and this new parameter allows to reenable it.
    • Added support for specifying "dune_folder.txt" parameters which affect not just the current folder, but also subfolders.
      • This allows to provide custom look for the entire folder hieararchies (e.g. all folders on a HDD) just by creating a single "dune_folder.txt" file in the root of the folder hierarchy.
      • Almost any "dune_folder.txt" parameter can now be prefixed in the following way:
        • "direct_children.{parameter} = {value}"
        • "level2_children.{parameter} = {value}"
        • "all_children.{parameter} = {value}"
      • When "{value}" is a relative path to some file, the following syntax can be used to specify how the relative path should be resolved:
        • "rel_path://{relative-path}": treat path relatively to each particular subfolder (default).
        • "cur_path://{relative-path}": treat path relatively to the parent folder (i.e. the folder where "dune_folder.txt" file is located).
Other improvements and bugfixes:
  • Improvement: Windows 7 Recycle Bin folder is considered to be system file and is hidden by default.
  • Minor improvement for the "Hard Disk" icon.
  • Improved progress indication when preparing to play and building large playlists.
  • Bugfix: Audio could be absent when playing specific TS files.
  • Bugfix: When accessing Dune from a Windows PC via SMB, "dir" command in Windows shell could work wrongly (filename case sensitivity problem; now Dune's SMB server treats all filenames w/o case sensitivity).
  • Bugfix: Photo viewer could hang up in specific rare cases.
  • Bugfix: Optical disc eject was wrongly allowed when running file read test on a file located on the optical disc.
  • Bugfix: JPEG images (assigned via dune_folder.txt) could be displayed wrongly in the right panel of the file browser (when using "Extended List" view mode).
  • Bugfix: screensaver could become non-functioning after using photo viewer.
  • Added Thai characters into fonts (adds support for Thai language in filenames and subtitles).
  • Added more menu languages: Greek, Danish, Czech. Some other languages updated/improved.

De volgende downloads zijn beschikbaar:
*Firmware 100307_2100 bèta voor Dune HD Base 3.0
*Firmware 100307_2100 bèta voor Dune BD Prime 3.0

Versienummer 100307_2100_beta
Releasestatus Beta
Website HDi Dune
Bestandsgrootte 38,40MB
Licentietype Freeware

Reacties (4)

Wijzig sortering
Staat er op, alles werkt normaal, maar krijg nog steeds niet de ondertitels aan de praat met een BR

Mooi dat er nu automatische firmware upgrade inzit.
Mijne deed het goed (dus ook subtitles) en doet het nog steeds goed met best wel wat leuke nieuwe features
Gebruik de voorloper van deze beta. Die is stabiel te noemen als je de aanbevolen settings gebruikt. (zie forum)
Wanneer komt hij uit de beta?

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