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Software-update: Subversion 1.6.1

Subversion is een programma voor onder andere software- en projectontwikkelaars waarmee beheer en versiecontrole over data en broncode kan worden uitgevoerd. Het programma kan worden gezien als een directe concurrent voor het welbekende cvs. De ontwikkelaars van Subversion hebben versie 1.6.1 op de wereld gezet. De bijbehorende lijst met aanpassingen sinds de vorige vermelding in de Meuktracker ziet er als volgt uit:

Version 1.6.1

User-visible changes:
  • recommend Neon 0.28.4.
  • improve performance of 'svn merge --ignore-ancestry'
  • improve 'svn merge' performance with subtree mergeinfo
  • correctly proxy LOCK and UNLOCK requests
  • prevent a crash when updating old working copies
  • don't let delete a nonexistent property
  • don't fail when upgrading pre-1.2 repositories
  • allow escaping of separator characters in autoprops
  • improve tempfile creation robustness on Windows
  • fix for 1.6.x working copies
  • improve configure's detection of Berkeley DB
  • don't allow foreign merges to add foreign mergeinfo
  • improve performance of 'svn update' on large files
  • fixed: error leak and potential crash
  • fixed: parent directory handling on Windows
  • fixed: unintialized memory errors
  • fixed: potential working copy corruption
  • fixed: working copy upgrade error
  • fixed: pointer dereference error
  • fixed: error diff'ing large data with ignored whitespace
  • fixed: potential hang in ra_serf
  • fixed: problem with merge and non-inheritable mergeinfo
  • fixed: repeated merging of conflicted properties fails
  • fixed: excluding an absent directory segfaults
Developer-visible changes:
  • ensure svn_subst_translate_cstring2() properly flushes data
  • make serf report a base checksum to apply_textdelta
  • syntax updates for strict C89 compilers
  • update RPM scripts for RHEL4
  • allow tests to be run with Python 2.6.1 on Windows
  • allow building JavaHL with Visual Studio 2008
  • stop setting default translation domain in JavaHL
  • fixed: warning with Python 2.6 and ctypes bindings
  • fixed: undefined references to svn_fs_path_change2_create()
Version 1.6.0

User-visible changes:
  • General:
    • Now require Windows 2000 or newer on Windows
  • Major new features:
    • identical files share storage space in repository
    • file-externals support for intra-repository files
    • "tree" conflicts now handled more gracefully
    • repository root relative URL support on most commands
  • Minor new features and improvements:
    • pre-lock hook can now specify lock tokens via stdout
    • svnmucc: support '--with-revprop'
    • merge: log include-descendants in operational log
    • improved operational logging for 'svn switch'
    • new 'Header' keyword, similar to 'Id' but with full URL
    • warn/disallow when storing plain-text passwords
    • support KWallet and GNOME keyring for password storage
    • client now caches SSL client cert passphrases
    • add '--prefix-file' option to 'svndumpfilter'
    • add '--ignore-externals' option to 'svn cp'
    • add '--with-no-revprops' to 'svn log'
    • new 'svnadmin pack' command to compress FSFS filesystems
    • new SVNAllowBulkUpdates mod_dav_svn directive
    • new public mod_dav_svn URI syntax: path?[p=PEG][&r=REV]
    • new 'svnsync info' command to show synchronization information
    • conflict resolver supports display-conflict, mine-conflict and theirs-conflict
  • Client-side bugfixes:
    • faulty reflexive merges
    • buffer overflow on a 0 byte string buffer
    • conflict resolver needed more useful 'diff' option
    • disable username assumption
    • more accurate usage message for 'svn log'
    • do not repeat merge if target has explicit mergeinfo
    • corruption when filtering self-referential mergeinfo
    • filter empty mergeinfo with self-referential mergeinfo
    • pay attention to partial replay from the server in svnsync
    • improved property name handling in svnsync
    • properly recognize the file:/// in repository with svnsync
    • svn+ssh SIGKILLs ssh processes
    • 'svn up'/'svn co' early abort with svn:externals
    • improve tempfile names for conflict resolver
    • ra_serf: 'svn merge' aborts
    • 'svn cleanup' failed on non-ASCII characters
    • 'svn update' fails on moved, modified file with local mods
    • easier use of NTLM for proxy with ra_neon
    • 2-url merge from DAV-accessed foreign repo makes bad wcprops
    • can't add .svn (and children) to your wc via '--parents'
    • improved performance removing unversioned directories
    • 'svn cp --parents' had path URL encoding issues
    • support shell quoting rules in externals definitions
    • new SVN_LOCALE_DIR environment variable for localization
    • scheme and domain name in urls handled case insensitive
    • merge: pick default revisions with peg revision in single url
    • many other minor bugfixes, optimizations, plugs of memory leaks, etc
  • Server-side bugfixes:
    • mod_dav_svn runs pre-revprop-change twice
    • mod_dav_svn ignores pre-revprop-change failure on delete
    • mod_dav_svn prevented lock breaks from being propagated to client
    • non-UTF8 filenames could enter repository
    • 'svnlook proplist' xml output
    • don't let mod_dav_svn hide errors from client
    • ra_serf failure during update
    • ra_serf comply with RFC 2617 in handling authentication headers
    • use both SHA1 and MD5 in the FS backends
    • many other minor bugfixes too numerous to list here
  • Contributed tools improvements and bugfixes:
    • Deprecated; use instead
    • migration tool munged svn:mergeinfo ordering
    • And other random sundry stuff
Developer-visible changes:
  • General:
    • serf 0.3.0 required, when building with serf
    • require SQLite 3.4.0 or newer
    • allow the use of an in-tree SQLite amalgamation
    • svn_log_changed_path_t now includes a 'kind' field
    • BDB `changes' table inconsistency when APIs are misused
    • configure should prefer apr-1 over apr-0 if both are present
    • make 'Not Found' errors consistent between RA layers
    • fix a potential buffer overrun
    • many bug fixes and improvements to the test suite
  • API changes:
    • notification system for properties and revision properties
    • make ra_svn's merge commit-revprops public
    • mod_dav_svn operational logging compatible with svnserve logging
    • improve speed of svn_client__get_copy_source()
    • if fsfs commit fails return SVN_INVALID_REVNUM
  • Bindings:
    • new: ctypes python bindings
    • many improvements to all bindings (Java, Perl, Python, and Ruby)
    • respect CFLAGS in SWIG bindings
    • fix building Ruby bindings with Ruby 1.9 (r35852, r35883)
Version 1.5.6

User-visible changes:
  • allow colons within mergeinfo path names
  • make it impossible to add .svn to wc via 'svn add --parents'
  • copy properties of added but uncommitted files
  • speedup JavaHL bindings on Windows
  • improve performance of log operation on < 1.5 servers
  • allow commits over Neon of files >2GB (POSIX only)
  • allow serf from behind MS ISA proxy servers
  • prevent from committing bogus mergeinfo (r35516)
Developer-visible changes:
  • fix error handling in mod_dav_svn
  • support --server-minor-version in windows testsuite
  • fix 23 on Windows with a BDB repo
  • allow svn_mergeinfo_parse() to tolerate unordered mergeinfo
  • allow overlapping rangelists into svn_mergeinfo_parse()
Versienummer 1.6.1
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris, UNIX, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

Door Japke Rosink


14-04-2009 • 14:21

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Submitter: apokalypse



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