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Software-update: EditPad Pro 6.4.4

EditPad logo (60 pix) JGsoft heeft niet alleen zijn gratis teksteditor EditPad Lite voorzien van een update, ook van de grote broer EditPad Pro is een nieuwe versie uitgekomen. Waar EditPad Lite bedoeld is als vervanger van Notepad, is EditPad Pro meer bedoeld voor programmeurs. Zo is er bijvoorbeeld een spellingchecker die rekening houdt met syntax coloring en zijn een hex-editor, file compare, bookmarks en een ingebakken ftp-client aanwezig. Een volledig overzicht van de extra mogelijkheden ten opzichte van de Lite-versie kan op deze pagina worden gevonden. Het changelog van deze release geeft de volgende veranderingen prijs:

  • HTML content-type meta tag and XML declaration checks should offerto change the meta tag or declaration to indicate the encoding used in EditPad, to save the file as is (reinterpreting it using the encoding from the meta tag or XML declaration in EditPad), or to cancel the save, instead of merely presenting an error message.
  • Portable installation: Lists of files previously opened files should survive changing drive letters.
  • Word wrap: Allow text to be wrapped after any ideograph, even if there is no whitespace.
  • AceText: Pasting an indented clip from AceText into EditPad Pro now uses tabs to indent the clip if the line the clip is being pasted into was indented with tabs.
  • FTP: Uploading an unsaved file to FTP now adapts the file type used to the file to the name you give the file on the FTP server, similar to what happens when you save a file and give it a different extension.
  • If you open a file that starts with .LOG, EditPad now flags the file as modified, and moves the cursor to the end of the file after the auto-inserted time stamp, to better mimic Notepad's behavior.
  • Tabs: Don't show .epp file extension on project tabs.
  • Windows 7: Disable EditPad's icon next to the system clock by default, as Windows 7 hides all notification icons by default.
  • Windows 7: Show full window caption in the tasbar button's popup menu, instead of the shortened caption that appears directly on the button in previous versions of Windows. In Windows 7, the taskbar only shows the icon, and the popup menu has plenty of space for the full caption.
Bug fixes:
  • Editor: Opening a file without a BOM, saving it with a BOM, switching to hex mode (showing the new BOM), and then back to text mode, corrupted EditPad's view of the file.
  • Editor: Saving a file that is larger than the huge file threshold (set in Options, Preferences, Files) without a byte order marker (depending on the options in Options, Configure File Types, Editor) caused the display of the file in EditPad to be corrupted, requiring the file (which was saved correctly) to be reloaded before it could be edited again.
  • Editor: Avoid clipping of (italic) characters with overhang.
  • Editor: Spacing combining marks (Unicode category Mc) are no longer allowed to be separated from their base characters. This improves editing of text in South Asian scripts, such as Devanagari, that use spacing combining marks.
  • EditPad fails to restore itself after begin minimized if the active file is modified in EditPad and has been modified on disk by another application.
  • File Types: Changing the word wrapping setting in the file type configuration (i.e. for all files of that type, rather than for the current file via the Options menu) would crash EditPad if a file of that type was open but not the active file, and that file was larger than 64K, and the changed setting required a change in word wrapping for that file.
  • File|Rename/Move did not rename the file if the new name was the same as the old one, except for differences in case.
  • HTML content-type meta tag check is now more accurate, so it checks only HTML files, and not on other files storing random bits of HTML that happent to include a content-type meta tag.
  • In some situations, the text cursor became invisible until you switched keyboard focus within EditPad, such as by opening or clicking on the Search panel.
  • Pressing the delete key while at the same time making a selection with the mouse caused an access violation.
  • Scrolling a file by dragging the scroll bar's thumb immediately after opening the file did not always allow the end of the file to be reached, even if EditPad has already finished scanning it for line breaks. Making any scrolling or cursor movement (using the scroll bar or not) would update the scroll bar to allow the thumb to scroll through all lines in the file.
  • Shift+Tab deleted the whole selection if the selection was on a single line, and there was whitespace to the left of the cursor. Only the whitespace should be deleted, up to one tab stop in size.
  • File Types, Encoding: When using Save As to save a file with an extension not associated with a file type, EditPad uses the BOM settings of the "any file" file type instead of the file type selected for the file you're saving. E.g. opening an XML file with an unknown extension still uses the XML file type based on the XML declaration at the start of the file. Saving this file under a new name now uses the BOM settings for the XML file type instead of those for "any file".
  • File Types: Perl syntax highlighting now properly handles backticks and regular expressions used with split().
  • File Types: PHP syntax highlighting now handles {$name} variable iterpolation in double-quoted strings. Previously, only $name and ${name} where supported.
  • File|Close All and File|Close All But Current prompted for a file name instead of automatically saving files back to FTP.
  • Files Panel: If the active file was modified, and the file tree didn't have keyboard focus, the active file would appear as white text on a light gray background with the default color scheme on Vista.
  • FTP: If EditPad Pro remembered multiple FTP connections to the same server using different logins, and you opened a project holding files on that server, EditPad Pro did not always use the correct login for each file.
  • FTP: Login names are now URL-encoded in the URL that EditPad uses to reference FTP files in EditPad Projects. This means login names with special characters such as @ are now handled correctly.
  • FTP: Opening multiple files from FTP did not make the tabs visible if they were configured to appear only when more than one file is open.
  • If EditPad was started minimized to the tray (e.g. at Windows startup) the first attempt to open a file had no effect unless EditPad was brought to front by clicking on the tray icon.
  • Macros: Macros that recorded inserting a before and after clip from the Clip Collection or from AceText could not be imported. This also caused EditPad to lose such macros when terminating EditPad.
  • Print: If EditPad Pro remembered the "hide folded lines" option from a previous print job, the printout would sometimes put the last line on a separate page.
  • Project: Closing the only modified file in a project without saving it did not remove the * from the caption bar, as if the project still had modified files in it.
  • Regex: The POSIX classes [:space:] and [:blank:] did not match tab characters.
  • Search: Highlighting search matches sometimes incorrectly updated regular expression matches when syntax coloring was being used for the file.
  • Search: If the search toolbar was hidden in Options, Configure Toolbars and Menus, a failed search would pop up the error message "an OS function failed".
  • Search: Searching for a regular expression that finds consecutive zero-width matches skipped ahead two characters with each search rather than just one.
  • Spell check: Installing spell check dictionaries did not work on a portable installation running under Windows Vista if no spell check dictionaries were installed yet.
  • Tools: Shortcut keys for tools were not always handled correctly. E.g. Alt+Number shortcuts did not work for tools.
  • Working copies of unsaved files were not opened when EditPad was restarted with a file to open passed on the command line.

De volgende downloads zijn beschikbaar:
*EditPad Pro 6.4.4 (Engels)
*EditPad Pro 6.4.4 (Nederlands)
*EditPad Pro 6.4.4 (U3)

EditPad Pro screenshot (481 pix)
Versienummer 6.4.4
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website JGsoft
Bestandsgrootte 5,98MB
Licentietype Shareware

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

03-03-2009 • 14:32

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Bron: JGsoft

Reacties (3)

Wijzig sortering
Ik gebruikte vroeger de lite (of hoe die ook heet) versie van dit pakket, maar sindsdien heb ik Notepad++ ontdekt en dat is vele malen beter dan zowel de lite versie als de volledige, en gratis en open source bovendien!

[Reactie gewijzigd door mvdlee op 3 maart 2009 15:26]

Ik vind NP++ ook een erg fijne editor en ik gebruik het al een jaar of 2, maar ik heb het idee dat de regular expression engine speelgoed is vergeleken bij EditPad Pro. Als je regelmatig regex in je texteditor wilt gebruiken is EP Pro hoogstwaarschijnlijk de beste keuze.
geef mij maar Notepad++, die heeft gewoon een simpele interface, werkts snel, heeft ook php synthaxing en van andere talen.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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