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Bron: Mozilla

The Mozilla Organisation heeft een nieuwe versie uitgebracht van Bugzilla waarop 3.1.3 als versienummer is geplakt. Bugzilla is een bekend 'bug tracking'-programma in een omgeving die voorzien is van Perl en MySQL of PostgreSQL. Hiermee kunnen ontwikkelaars de gerapporteerde bugmeldingen en feature requests van gebruikers overzichtelijk rangschikken op prioriteit om deze vervolgens te behandelen. De gebruikers kunnen de voortgang van de afhandeling bekijken en nieuwe informatie toevoegen. De ontwikkelaars van Bugzilla plaatsten de volgende aankondiging voor deze nieuwe versie:

Version 3.1.3:

Bugzilla 3.1.3 has had massive changes: among those, a fresh new user interface for editing bugs and experimental support for Oracle databases (caution: read the Status Update before using Oracle with Bugzilla). This release should be considered unstable and only used in testing environments.

Introduction and Updates

When we released 3.0.3, Bugzilla 3.1.3 wasn't quite ready to release. But today, few weeks after the 3.0.3 all the features we wanted for this development release are ready, and so we're releasing today!

3.1.3 has lots of new features as you can read about it below, but it's still unstable, so you definitely should not use it in a production environment.

Here are some highlights:
  • Bugzilla now has experimental support for Oracle databases. Please note that you cannot currently upgrade an Oracle database. That is, if you install Bugzilla on Oracle, you will have to drop the entire database to upgrade to any new version. This will probably be fixed before the final release of 3.2.
  • The user interface for editing bugs has been redesigned. It will be even better in the final release of Bugzilla 3.2.
  • Huge performance and memory improvements for mod_perl users (same fix that was in 3.0.3.)
  • Incoming bugmail is now converted to UTF-8.
  • Bugzilla now uses transactions instead of locking the database tables.
  • Various LDAP handling improvements.
  • Plugins can now extend the Webservice interface.
  • There's now a tool to auto-install missing Perl packages on non-Windows systems. It can install to a local directory, so you don't even have to be root or modify your system's Perl installation.
  • Mid-Air Collision protection for attachments.
  • Many useless intermediate pages have been removed, especially in admin pages.
  • You can now add comments to bugs using XML-RPC.
  • New custom field type: Date/Time field, with a JavaScript widget for picking a date.
  • You can now reverse the sort of a buglist by clicking on a header twice.
  • Bugzilla's support for multi-byte languages has greatly improved. We did this by making Bugzilla treat strings as "characters" instead of as "bytes."
Also, if you've ever looked at the code for process_bug.cgi, we encourage you to look at its code in this new release and see how different it is!

We encourage you to test this release and file bugs if you find things that are broken!
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