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Software-update: Unreal Tournament 3 1.1

Unreal Tournament 3 logo (67x67)Epic Games heeft de eerste officiŽle patch voor Unreal Tournament 3 beschikbaar gesteld. De update heeft versienummer 1.1 meegekregen en kan via dit topic op het forum van Epic vanaf verschillende servers gedownload worden. De ontwikkelaars van UT3 hebben op het gebied van gameplay en networking veranderingen doorgevoerd. Daarnaast zijn ook de gebruikersinterface, de hud en het afspelen van gamedemo's aangepakt. De volledige lijst met veranderingen ziet er als volgt uit:

  • Fixed scaling of certain player meshes (increased in size some human and robot meshes). Addresses meshes being smaller than collision box, as well as eyeheight issues.
  • Fixed feigning death into/through ForcedDirVolumes.
  • Fixed grenade effects in water.
  • Increased hellbender rear turret damage.
  • Reduced Goliath machine gun spread, plus slight damage increase.
  • Fixed warfare scoring for locking down a prime node not called "prime node".
  • Slightly increased momentum taken for damage by mantas and vipers.
  • Flak, Rocket, and Shock do slightly more damage to manta and viper.
  • Made sure Hellfire SPMA cannon can't fire through walls.
  • Increased incoming SPMA fire sound radius.
  • Fixed impact jumping with hoverboard.
  • Fixed bot Pawns losing their PRI at the end of the match, causing them to, among other things, be invisible
  • Fixed being able to switch away from the rocket launcher in the delay between the third rocket being loaded and the weapon autofiring.
  • Fixed weapon crosshair incorrectly turning red when hit enemy on the client, but not on the server.
  • Disabled attenuation/spatialization on mission briefing sounds.
  • Improved bot AI with darkwalker.
  • Tweaked bot voice message frequencies.
  • Bot aiming tweaks.
  • Fixed bots attacking friendly player in rare cases when that player recently stole an enemy vehicle.
  • Fixed bots not handling the "Hold This Position" order correctly when the player giving the order is in a multi-person vehicle.
Demo playback:
  • Fixed demo playback not ending/looping correctly when the demo ends due to the DemoRecSpectator being destroyed before the end of the file is reached.
  • Demos can now be paused.
  • By default, demo playback now runs at full speed and interpolates in between demo frames using the normal client simulation code. The old frame-locked method is still available by passing ?disallowinterp. Timedemos are unaffected by this change.
  • Fixed demoplay URL parsing counting the options as part of the filename unless an extension was specified in the demo name
  • Added a "Delete Demo" button to the demo playback menu.
  • Demo playback now properly handles rotation when viewing a Pawn in first person.
  • Fixed looking around while spectating a vehicle.
  • Fixed demo playback not working if the PlayerController didn't get recorded into the first frame
Server Browser:
  • Implemented History tab page in server browser, with ability to "lock" favorites on that page.
  • Implemented a Favorites tab page in the server browser.
  • Added 'Join as spectator' feature.
  • Server browser uses smaller font to display more servers.
  • Fixed custom mutators not appearing in server browser.
  • Fixed custom gametypes not displayed in server browser's window.
  • Fixed server browser's listed MaxPlayers being incorrect.
  • Added filter option for dedicated servers.
  • Fixed server browser showing an incorrect goal score and time limit when the .ini values were used.
  • Fixed incorrect mutators appearing in server browser details if client & server are not using the same language
User Interface:
  • Can now save settings/progress even if have never created a profile.
  • Added ping and connect time to scoreboard.
  • Removed annoying confirmation menu when starting a game.
  • Removed unnecessary top settings page (can use tabs at the top of the settings to navigate).
  • Added a Messages tab to the mid game menu.
  • Friends messages now saved until explicitly deleted.
  • Finer control over mouse sensitivity, using an edit box instead of a slider.
  • Added framerate smoothing and FOV options to the advanced video menu.
  • Increased max players/bots in menus to 32.
  • Fixed auto switching to vote menu at end of match.
  • Improved mid game menu performance (don't render world behind it).
  • Added version number to main menu.
  • Fixed binding gamepad/joystick keys (you must set AllowJoystickInput=1 in the [WinDrv.WindowsClient] of your UTEngine.ini to enable gamepads/joysticks).
  • Fixed up the GDF project for Vista
  • Added the killer weapon to victim messages.
  • Fixed flag and orb scaling in minimap at high resolutions.
  • Fixed node teleporter not showing "You can't teleport with orb" message on clients.
  • Fixed situations where "get in vehicle" pictograph wouldn't work correctly.
  • Still draw the clock on the scoreboard after the game is over.
  • Fixed Duel HUD issues.
  • Implemented STUN support (Simple Traversal of UDP Through Network Address Translators) to enable clients and servers to connect from behind a NAT.
  • Fixed "open" console command when connecting to Internet servers
  • Fixed team scores very rarely not updating for a client.
  • Fixed bot faction option when running a listen server.
  • Fixed link setup not reset correctly when going from a map with a custom link setup to one using the default.
  • Fixed a case where Duel would place an incoming player on the wrong team when some players were still travelling.
  • Bullseye stats are now properly recorded.
  • Fixed clients not travelling to downloaded maps correctly.
  • Fixed the client and server getting into a loop sending each other close messages in some situations.
  • Quick match incorporates player rating into search decision.
  • Fixed issue where Vista clients would not receive all servers from a server browser search.
  • Applied proper fix to suppressing voice on dedicated servers.
  • Fixed issues with players not getting on right team in Duel and Duel+Survival if a player leaves in certain timing windows during map transitions.
  • Fixed previous level PRIs showing up on the scoreboard/leaderboard after the client travels (making it look like players have already scored lots of points when those clients are in fact still loading)
  • Fixed losing your custom character mesh after changing teams during a match.
  • Implemented DUEL match stat reporting for gamespy ladder.
  • Fixed bugs and exploits associated with ServerViewNextPlayer()/ServerViewPrevPlayer()/ServerViewSelf() being received after the server has already moved the PlayerController out of the spectating state
  • Added "BecomeActive" exec to switch from spectator to player
Server Administration:
  • Dedicated servers do not require CD keys.
  • Added -configsubdir= command line option to cause .ini files to be loaded/saved from the specified subdirectory of Game\Config\
  • Added QueryPort configuration and command line option.
  • Added an "AdminChangeOption [option] [value]" console command for server admins. This allows changing most simple .ini values (e.g. GoalScore) from the client. This command will not override URL options. The change will take effect after the next map change.
  • Added an "AdminPublishMapList" console command for server admins. This overrides the server's map list for the current game type with the one on the client that used the command.
  • Uses GameReplicationInfo.ServerName if set for the name of the server on the server browser.
  • Added "AdminForceVoiceMute" and "AdminForceVoiceUnMute": Stops/Starts a player from sending voip to others
  • Added "AdminForceTextMut" and "AdminForceTextUnMute": Stops/Starts a player from send text messages to others
  • Updated AdminPlayerList to show the PlayerID of the players on the server.
  • Updated Kick/Ban to allow for using either the player name or the id
  • Fixed servers advertising as the wrong gametype if the gametype is changed without restarting the server
  • Fixed IP addresses being reported in host byte order instead of network byte order
  • Added new IdleServerTickRate property to IpDrv.TcpNetDriver. If not set, IdleServerTickRate defaults to MaxTickRate. Can be set to lower values to reduce server CPU utilization when 0 players. Reported ping will increase if set lower.
Map Specific
  • Fixed WAR-Avalanche terrain LOD popping issue on high end PCs.
  • Fixed bots rarely getting stuck in mid air in DM-Gateway in the city section.
  • Fixed some VCTF-Suspense pathing issues.
  • Fixed issues with circular lift on DM-Deimos.
  • Fixed translucent mesh sorting issues in DM-Gateway.
  • Improved bot AI with Leviathan in Torlan.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause too many bots to be added to co-op matches in some cases.
  • Added support for seamless travel interrupting a travel to start another travel. This fixes single player breaking if the host selects the next mission before the clients have finished travelling to the mission selection level
  • Fixed extra copy of a character when a human player leaves a co-op game at the right time.
  • Changed network loss during single player to result in player signed in locally.
  • Improved support for creating PS3 mods.
  • Added a SupportedGameTypes field to UTUIDataProvider_Mutator. If some entries are in this array, the mutator will only be visible in the menus if the selected gametype is found in the array.
  • Fixed custom gametype midgame menus not being used correctly.
  • Shipping script compiler now allows localized/config defaultproperties because otherwise autodownloaded mods have no way for their localized/config variables to work.
  • Added Get/SetSpecialValue() stubs to Object to allow mods to expose values that can be modified without creating a dependancy.
Versienummer 1.1
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows XP, Windows Vista
Website Epic Games
Licentietype Freeware

Reacties (16)

Wijzig sortering
Mooi spel, update voelt goed aan.

Toch mis ik DM_Tempest en CTF_Face (facing worlds) heel erg :(
Hopelijk komen ze nog in een map pack.
Al getest net en idd fijne veranderingen. Gewoon makkelijker dingen in te stellen in het menu. Ook heb ik het idee, dat hij op mijn (trage pc) wat beter loopt. Helemaal super fijn dat je nu de snelheid van je muis kan fine-tunen super
Dedicated servers do not require CD keys.

Ligt het aan mij, of is dit nogal dom? Gezien het aantal goeie dedicated servers zou dit best wel eens potentiŽle kopers kunnen kosten.

Aan de andere hand is dit wel handig op LAN parties om ook nog met de buitenwereld te kunnen spelen.
Uhmm er staat servers en niet clients, je zult dus alsnog een key nodig moeten hebben om op de server te kunnen spelen. Logisch aangezien men anders voor elke server een key nodig moet hebben..
8)7 Inderdaad zo had ik hem nog niet gelezen. Bedankt voor de opheldering.
De mouse sensitivity slider is verdwenen en er is een edit box voor in de plaats gekomen waarin je een getal kan zetten (0 tot 9999). Naar mijn mening een vreemde keuze, vooral voor de orde van grootte, want wie merkt het verschil nou tussen 999 en 1000? Geen verschrikkelijke wijziging, je verandert dit natuurlijk vrijwel nooit meer zodra je de beste setting hebt gevonden.
Ik vond het wel raar dat mijn muis ineens vrijwel ongevoelig was geworden met setting 2500 (dat bleek 1 cm muizen per pixel op het scherm). Staat nu op 7500 en het speelt weer fijn.
Ook de brightness en gamma moest ik opnieuw instellen.
De user interface had wat sneller gemogen. Tijdens het gamen zelf draait UT3 prima, maar de user interface werkt raar genoeg nog steeds vrij traag.
Nu Creative nog met een patch voor het OpenAL probleem bij de X-Fi geluidskaarten.

Komt er eigenlijk ook nog een post-release demo? Want er zijn toch wat fixes in deze patch die heel welkom zouden zijn in de demo. Vooral deze:

Fixed issue where Vista clients would not receive all servers from a server browser search.

Ik moet in de demo tot wel 20x refreshen en dan ineens 5 servers tegen te komen die er eerst nog niet waren. (niet flamen omdat ik 50 euro gewoon te duur vind voor een computerspel)
Nou eerlijk gezegd hoop ik dat niet, want deze patch maakt het nog niet compleet.
Ik vind het eerder teleurstellend, epic kennende hadden ze eerder de UT reeks wel op een rijtje. Maar met UT3 is het gewoon gerushed. De gameplay is goed, nog niet perfect maar beter dan de voorgaande reeks. Maar juist de kleine "bugs" in UT3 zijn irritant!! Maar dat is mijn ervaring!

Eigenlijk zou patch 1.1 de final retail release moeten zijn imho!

Deze patch maakt het wel wat prettiger om met de game te spelen (het lijkt iets soepeler te spelen), alleen crashed de game zelf nog steeds in alle filmpjes die in SP mode te zien zijn. Maar ik heb ook vernomen dat het kan komen door de Creative drivers die ik heb....Nou ik kijk uit naar de 2e patch, hopelijk is deze een hele verbetering ten opzichte wat het nu is.
Ik heb via het forum van Epicgames begrepen dat Creative nu zelf ook de fout heeft kunnen reproduceren met de Creative X-Fi kaarten en UT3.
In eerste instantie ontkende Creative dat de problemen met de OpenAL optie betrekking had op hun X-Fi geluidskaarten.
Er schijnt nu aan gewerkt te worden door Creative. De enige optie is voor de X-Fi kaarten de optie OpenAL uit te zetten.
Ik heb net UT3 gekocht, zal eens downen dan.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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