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Bron: VanDyke Software

SecureFX geeft de gebruiker een versleuteld SSH2-kanaal waarop bestanden uitgewisseld kunnen worden via SFTP en FTP. Hiermee wordt voorkomen dat je belangrijke wachtwoorden in platte tekst over de lijn stuurt. Voor meer informatie over de werking van dit programma wijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina. De ontwikkelaars van VanDyke Software hebben SecureFX 4.5.2 de deur uitgedaan met de volgende aanpassingen sinds de vorige vermelding in de meuktracker:

Version 4.5.2:

  • Added support for CTRL+END in the log view, which puts focus at the end of the scrolling output.
Bug fixes:
  • When SecureFX and SecureCRT were integrated, changing the file transfer protocol from None to something else could cause SecureFX to crash.
  • On FTP servers configured to do MSDOS-style file listings, files uploaded at midnight had a timestamp of noon.
  • Under certain circumstances, when a remote file was overwritten, the timestamp was incorrect.
  • Under Vista, the Connect dialog did not allow multiple sessions to be selected using CTRL+click.
  • In FIPS mode, creating OpenSSH format keys and converting private keys to OpenSSH format failed.

Version 4.5.1:

Bug fixes:
  • If the connection was lost during an upload and the session automatically reconnected and resumed the upload, the file was uploaded to the wrong folder.
  • The Activator no longer worked when launched directly (e.g., from a desktop shortcut).
  • SSH2: SecureFX crashed when attempting to convert an SSH1 key pair to OpenSSH format. Only SSH2 key pairs can be converted.
  • SSH2: When converting an SSH key to OpenSSH format, if the filename for the converted key was not changed and "No" was selected at the overwrite prompt, it was not possible to enter a new name.

Version 4.5:

  • SSH2: The SSH_IGNORE message is only shown in trace output when the session's trace level is set to a value greater than one.

Version 4.5 Beta 4:

Bug fixes:
  • SFTP: SecureFX crashed when the network connection was lost during a file transfer.
  • SSH2: SecureFX crashed when attempting to convert a file that was not a private key to OpenSSH format.

Version 4.5 Beta 3:

New features:
  • SSH2: Added support for exporting public keys from X.509 certificates.
  • SSH2: In order to be compliant with the IETF draft draft-saarenmaa-ssh-x509-00.txt, the SHA1 hash algorithm is used by default with X.509 RSA host keys and public keys.
  • SSH2: Additional certificate information is shown in the trace output and the certificate error dialog when attempting to use an X.509 certificate for authentication.

Version 4.5 Beta 2:

  • SSH2: For Pragma Fortress Secure Shell servers, stat attributes are ignored so that the folder name is not added to the file name during transfers.
Bug fixes:
  • If more than one remote site was connected and a file was dragged from the local window to the queue, if the focus in a remote site was set to a file, the prompt to select the destination incorrectly included the file in the destination location.
  • The "*" wildcard did not correctly match files that contained multiple extensions.
  • After choosing to integrate SecureCRT and SecureFX, if privileges were not sufficient to write to the registry, it was possible to repeatedly be prompted to integrate.
  • SSH2: Attempting to change an SSH2 password from the Session Options dialog caused SecureFX to crash.
  • SSH2: Attempting to generate a DSA key that was not a multiple of 64 resulted in an Unknown Application Error.
  • FTP/SSL (explicit): Attempting to connect to an FTP SSL server that did not specify a certificate resulted in an Unknown Application Error.

Version 4.5 Beta 1:

New features:
  • Windows Vista support.
  • A set of sessions can be launched automatically on startup by specifying folders or multiple sessions as auto sessions.
  • Added a toolbar button for launching SecureCRT if SecureFX is integrated with SecureCRT. If the active session specifies a terminal protocol, that session will be started in SecureCRT.
  • Files can be dragged to the transfer queue.
  • The transfer queue window can be resized.
  • Columns in the transfer queue can be hidden and shown and these settings, in addition to the column widths, are saved.
  • SSH2: Added support for generating OpenSSH format keys and for converting VanDyke format private keys to OpenSSH format.
  • SSH2: Added support for compression. With this compression method, compression does not start until after authentication, which prevents unencrypted passwords from being cached by the zlib library.
  • SFXCL: Added /AcceptHostKeys option.
  • Removed the transfer queue window menu item "Cancel Transfer" and added the menu items "Cancel Selected" and "Cancel All".
  • When a remote file is saved to disk, the "Save As" dialog uses the transfer type associated with the file for the "Save as type".
Bug fixes:
  • Server to server ASCII transfers converted newlines incorrectly for files that had Windows style newlines.
  • If the "Save session" option was not set when using Quick Connect, the hostname was not displayed in the title bar.
  • In some cases, unnecessary CWD commands were issued.
  • SFXCL: The /P option was not honored when /QuickSync was used.
Besturingssystemen:Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website:VanDyke Software
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