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Software-update: SecureCRT 5.5.2

SecureCRT is een client voor remote control, file-transfer en data-tunneling met behulp van SSH. Dit is een methode om een beveiligde verbinding op te zetten tussen twee computers, waarbij zowel de data als een deel van het ip-verkeer wordt versleuteld. Voor meer informatie en een overzicht van alle mogelijkheden verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina. De ontwikkelaars van VanDyke Software hebben SecureCRT 5.5.2 uitgebracht met de volgende veranderingen sinds de vorige vermelding in de meuktracker:

Version 5.5.2:

  • Under Vista, the default upload and download folders are in the Application Data folder instead of the SecureCRT install folder.
Bug fixes:
  • SecureCRT could crash if the session was disconnected while a script was running.
  • When SecureCRT and SecureFX were integrated, changing the terminal protocol from None to something else could cause SecureCRT to crash.
  • When the session option "Enable Keypad Mode Switching" was off, escape sequences that switched the keypad mode were not ignored.
  • When /T was specified on the command line, the command line was truncated.
  • IPv6 addresses were displayed incorrectly in log and trace output.
  • Under Vista, the Connect dialog did not allow multiple sessions to be selected using CTRL+click.
  • Under Vista, when "Open URL" was selected, the link did not work if it did not contain "http://" at the beginning.
  • In the installer, text was cut off on the install success dialog when large DPI was enabled in the system Display Properties.
  • In FIPS mode, creating OpenSSH format keys and converting private keys to OpenSSH format failed.
  • SSH2: SecureCRT crashed when attempting to import a host key.
  • SFTP: In the SFTP tab, commands that require remote paths did not work with IBM 4690 and MultiNet 5.1 servers.

Version 5.5.1:

Bug fixes:
  • The Activator no longer worked when launched directly (e.g., from a desktop shortcut).
  • The cursor was always placed in the main window when SecureCRT regained focus, even if the cursor had been in the chat window.
  • The default upload and download folders were in the SecureCRT install folder, which may have required Administrator privileges to access under Vista. The default folders are now in the Application Data folder under Vista.
  • SSH2: SecureCRT crashed when attempting to convert an SSH1 key pair to OpenSSH format. Only SSH2 key pairs can be converted.
  • SSH2: When converting an SSH key to OpenSSH format, if the filename for the converted key was not changed and "No" was selected at the overwrite prompt, it was not possible to enter a new name.

Version 5.5:

  • SSH2: The SSH_IGNORE message is only shown in trace output when the session's trace level is set to a value greater than one.

Version 5.5 Beta 4:

Bug fixes:
  • VT100 line-drawing characters were not displayed correctly under Windows Vista or when the East Asian language pack was installed.
  • The word delimiter characters session setting did not work correctly for tabbed sessions.
  • If the log file name or custom log data substitution %h (2-digit hour) was used between 03/11/07 and 03/31/07 or 10/28/07 and 11/03/07, the hours could have been off by an hour.
  • SSH2: SecureCRT crashed when attempting to convert a file that was not a private key to OpenSSH format.

Version 5.5 Beta 3:

New features:
  • SSH1/SSH2: Added support for optionally making SecureCRT the default URL handler for SSH1 and SSH2.
  • SSH2: Added support for exporting public keys from X.509 certificates.
  • SSH1/SSH2: Added a command-line option (/Z 0) which turns off compression.
  • SSH2: In order to be compliant with the IETF draft draft-saarenmaa-ssh-x509-00.txt, the SHA1 hash algorithm is used by default with X.509 RSA host keys and public keys.
  • SSH2: Additional certificate information is shown in the trace output and the certificate error dialog when attempting to use an X.509 certificate for authentication.
Bug fixes:
  • The escape sequence to turn off line wrap mode was honored even though the option "Enable line wrap mode switching" was off.

Version 5.5 Beta 2:

  • The default font has been changed to "Lucida Console" due to a Windows Vista compatibility issue. This change only affects new installations of SecureCRT.
  • It is now possible to change the passphrase for an OpenSSH style private key.
  • When the Disconnect custom string is logged, an end of line is appended.
Bug fixes:
  • If the "Open in a tab" option was off in the Connect dialog and multiple sessions were selected after choosing the "Connect in Tabs" menu item, the sessions were not opened in tabs.
  • If the specified log file was a valid path, but did not have a filename and the "Prompt for filename" option was not set, when logging started, an error that the specified file could not be created was reported.
  • After choosing to integrate SecureCRT and SecureFX, if privileges were not sufficient to write to the registry, it was possible to repeatedly be prompted to integrate.
  • SSH1: If an SSH1 session was disconnected while a terminal window size change was in progress, SecureCRT could crash.
  • SSH2: Attempting to generate a DSA key that was not a multiple of 64 resulted in an Unknown Application Error.
  • SFTP: Under certain circumstances, ASCII files being transferred in an SFTP tab were corrupted.

Version 5.5 Beta 1:

New features:
  • Windows Vista support.
  • Added a script recorder, which generates VB scripts. When "Start Recording Script" is selected from the Script menu, all keystrokes in the current session are recorded until "Stop Recording Script" is selected.
  • A set of sessions can be launched automatically on startup by specifying folders or multiple sessions as auto sessions.
  • Added the ability to insert custom data to log files. Custom data can be inserted when a session connects, disconnects, or on each line. Substitution parameters for session, date, and time information are supported. Additionally, there is an option to log only custom data.
  • When ANSI color is being used, it is now possible to use a color scheme, which allows the background to be something other than black and the foreground to be something other than white.
  • Added script function GetScriptTab, which returns the tab from which the script was started.
  • Added new custom menu item MENU_TAB_LIST1, which causes all the tabbed sessions to be displayed in the menu.
  • SFTP: Added "ascii" and "binary" command options to the SFTP tab.
  • SSH2: Added support for generating OpenSSH format keys and for converting VanDyke format private keys to OpenSSH format.
  • SSH2: Added a global option to cache passwords for SSH2 sessions.
  • SSH2: Added support for compression. With this compression method, compression does not start until after authentication, which prevents unencrypted passwords from being cached by the zlib library.
  • By default, Internet Explorer 7 disables Telnet through a registry setting. Added support for overriding this setting so that SecureCRT can be set as the default Telnet application. Administrator privileges are required in order to override the setting. Versions of Internet Explorer prior to 7 are not affected by this change.
  • When multiple sessions are opened from the "Connect" dialog, if the "Open in a tab" setting is off, the sessions are opened in tabs in a new window.
  • The chat window can now be toggled when SecureCRT is maximized or full screen.
  • When creating a session, if the Terminal, VT100, or VT102 font is selected, the "Use Unicode line-drawing characters" will be unchecked.
  • The "Save connected folder state" option was moved from the "Connect" dialog to the "General" page in the "Global Options" dialog.
  • Files with .VBE extension are included in the Script Files filter in the "Select Script to Run" dialog.
Bug fixes:
  • Under certain circumstances, text was highlighted incorrectly after highlighted text had been pasted into a session.
  • Under certain circumstances, when SecureCRT got an error and became unresponsive, the Migration wizard ran.
  • It was not possible to cancel out of the "Global Options" dialog if an incorrect status indicator width or minimum tab width was entered.
  • When using send string functionality with a mapped key, \p (pause) did not work correctly.
  • If the specified log file was a valid path, but did not have a filename and the "Prompt for filename" option was not set, when logging started, an error that the specified file could not be created was reported.
  • If a script that connected to a session was run in a tabbed session that had been disconnected, the script hung.
  • The script function ConnectInTab used the default session font instead of the specified session's font.
  • The /SCRIPT command-line argument was not honored when /T was used and the session was opened in a tab other than the first tab.
  • SSH1: The command-line option /I pubkeyfile command-line option did not work with /SSH1.
  • SSH2: Under certain circumstances, using a SOCKS proxy caused the Secure Shell transport to hang.
Versienummer 5.5.2
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website VanDyke Software
Bestandsgrootte 7,33MB
Licentietype Shareware

Door Japke Rosink


17-08-2007 • 12:49

3 Linkedin Google+

Bron: VanDyke Software


Reacties (3)

Wijzig sortering
Wat is nou precies het voordeel van SecurCRT t.o.v. PuTTY of TeraTermPro (de Sourceforge-versie)? PuTTY en TeraTerm zijn beide gratis, hebben SSH en serial-support en kunnen SSH-tunnelen...
Dat hangt er vanaf wat je er mee wilt. Als het je alleen om SSH te doen is dan kan PuTTY genoeg zijn. Net zoals voor een simpel drie-regelig memootje Notepad genoeg kan zijn, dat wil nog niet zeggen dat Word overbodig is voor iedereen.

Ik zit tegenwoordig niet meer zoveel op Windows maar toen ik dat nog wel deed betaalde ik liever voor SecureCRT dan te kiezen voor PuTTY.

Overigens wordt deze vraag heel vaak gesteld in de meuktracker bij SecureCRT. Als je bij de vorige discussies kijkt zie je wel wat aardige redenen.
Kijk eens hier (wat ook in het artikel staat)

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