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Software-update: WebGUI 7.4.0 beta

WebGUI is een content management systeem en applicatieframework waarmee een website kan worden beheerd en ingericht zonder dat men hiervoor uitgebreide technische kennis hoeft te bezitten. Het bevat onder andere een foto-album, blog, forum, rss-feeds en een soap frontend. Voor meer informatie verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina waar ook een korte video terug te vinden is over WebGUI. De ontwikkelaars hebben bčtaversie 7.4.0 uitgebracht met de volgende vermelding:

WebGUI 7.4.0 beta, the next major release in the WebGUI 7 series is finally here. New features include:
  • A new Admin Bar that renders more quickly, and is compatible with more browsers.
  • Full support for the Apple Safari 3 web browser in admin mode.
  • The Site Starter wizard to help new users get up and running with a new WebGUI site faster.
  • A new Newsletter asset.
  • User invitations and private messaging.
  • Attachments and keywords for the Wiki
  • Many API improvements for developers.
  • Many performance enhancements, including a reduction of rougly 5MB of memory used per mod_perl process.
  • Over 50 user submitted feature requests were added to this release.
  • api: Form Controls and Workflow Activities may now include web based helper subroutines directly in their files. See WebGUI::Operation::FormHelpers::www_formHelper and WebGUI::Operation::Workflow::www_activityHelper for details.
  • api: Asset properties that have default values are now enforced by the API as they always have been by the user interface.
  • api: You may now use a displayOnly attribute in your asset properties list that will display a field, but is not settable via the update() method.
  • api: You may now use a customDrawMethod attribute in your asset properties [root@frozen tools]# head -200 /data/WebGUI/docs/changelog/7.x.x.txt
  • api: You may now use a displayOnly attribute in your asset properties list that will display a field, but is not settable via the update() method.
  • api: You may now use a customDrawMethod attribute in your asset properties list that will enable you to add custom display options for that fields when the edit form is automatically generated.
  • Graphics::Magick is now the standard graphics package in WebGUI, but Image::Magick will be supported for backwards compatibility. See gotcha.txt for details.
  • rfe: Admin bar doesn't resize with the browser
  • fix: Left Admin Bar overlap problem
  • Color coded most buttons, green for proceed and red for go back.
  • Encrypt page now forces SSL and can check for the SSLPROXY pass through variable in addition to the HTTPS variable.
  • Added sslEnabled directive to the config file, which disables SSL related features unless this directive is set.
  • Added a trigger for when a user is created or updated by an admin.
  • fix: A bug where it was possible to delete a system page if it were made the child of a non-system page that you had edit rights to.
  • api: Added a unified contraints system for the file and image assets.
  • Added file attachments to the Wiki.
  • Added a new attachments form control.
  • Added a form control skeleton.
  • Added Site Starter to WebGUI Initial Configuration.
  • Added pagination to purchase history in commerce.
  • Replaced color picker form control with a more robust version.
  • Added keyword tagging api.
  • Added keyword tagging to Wiki.
  • Upgraded TinyMCE to
  • Safari 3 and above now fully supported in admin interface.
  • upgraded YUI to 2.2.2 and YUI-ext to 1.0.1a
  • Improved error handling in Spectre when WebGUI hands it bad data.
  • Fixed a problem where Spectre dropped cron jobs that were erroring consistently.
  • rfe: snippets should have titles too!
  • Added a mechanism for using external folders for custom code. See sbin/preload.custom.example for details.
  • Added a realtime workflow option for content publishing.
  • Added switches to auto request commit operations and skip adding comments.
  • fix: old recurring events were not deleted when changing recurrence pattern
  • fix: unable to remove recurrence on events
  • RFE: Search asset feedback. i.e. 'No results found'
  • RFE: JS confirmation Operation/
  • add: User profile data table is now a flat table, one column for each field.
  • add: Posts can now have Metadata (United Knowledge)
  • add: Users can now invite others to create an account (United Knowledge)
  • add: Calendar events now allow attachments
  • add: Calendar events now allow setting view permissions
  • add: WebGUI::Paginator now capable of more efficient SQL paginations using LIMIT clauses.
  • add: SyndicatedContent wobject now has more ways of representing the long description from the RSS feed.
  • Added an index on the userId column of the groupings table to speed up queries for groupIds by userId (instead of the usual userIds by groupId)
  • fix: Unable to upload images or edit listings for Matrix
  • fix: bad javascript string escaping in EMS
  • improved performance of EMS
  • Added import/export mechanism for EMS events.
  • fix: Show edit links on EMS search view without being in Admin group
  • Added new registration search and management interface to the EMS.
  • Added badge printing support to the EMS.
  • Removed the long depricated Memcached cache module.
  • fix: Fixed a typo in the Article with attachments template (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: Order of content position loops in Page Layout (Yung Han Khoe, United Knowledge)
  • RFE: Product (operation based) (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC.) Display the productId in the product manager to make it easier to use with the product macro.
  • Added a simple Single Sign On mechanism.
  • Added the SessionId macro.
  • fix: Package deploy: hidden assets become visible (Yung Han Khoe, United Knowledge)
  • Added Private Messaging (Funded by United Knowledge)
  • Added Newsletter Asset (Funded by United Knowledge)
  • Extended content profiling to CS Threads (Funded by United Knowledge)
  • Added User Invitations (Funded by United Knowledge)
  • fix: Calendar Event import ignores time zone
  • fix: Image profile fields edit issues
  • RFE: HttpProxy - regexp for URLs that will not be proxied. Url pattern filters can now be created in HttpProxy wobject properties.
  • RFE: WebGUI::User has no way to get a user when you only know their username (Wes Morgan, U.S. PIRG)
  • Collaboration System wobjects can now be subclassed and still work with the existing Thread and Post assets.
  • fix: Added some additional i18n that was missing.
  • add: Settings can now return error messages to the user
  • add: Password recovery can now be based on profile fields or simply by the user's e-mail address.
  • add: Button in Collaboration Systems for managing CS subscription group.
  • fix: relative links sent out in emails don't work properly
  • fix: macros not processed in HttpProxy template
  • fix: navigation shows toolbar for users who can't edit it
  • add: Database Links now have a 'Allow access from macro's' setting
  • All help except for hoverHelp and template variables has been removed from
  • WebGUI and put into the WebGUI Community Wiki,
  • The Table of Contents view was removed from the Help system. The only view is now the Help Index.
  • Allow editing previous revisions of assets in the current version tag
  • Add user to transactions list and pending transactions.
  • fix: autolinking in wiki pages with manual links didn't work properly
  • fix: javascript errors in SQL Form date inputs in IE
  • Added optional parameters for DatabaseLinks so that users can setup their database's with things like LongReadLen, etc.
  • Added ability to restrict admin console items to specific groups.
  • add: Use Post Captcha option to collaboration systems. When enabled, users will have to verify their humnity by means of captcha when attempting to post to a Collaboration system
  • fix: Fixed a bug which would print "Asset constructor new() requires an assetId" to the WebGUI log whenever the first thread in a collaboration system was accessed.
  • Changed credit card transaction failures so that the error is displayed on the checkout screen allowing users to change and resubmit information
  • Split Cash payment plugin into two seperate plugins: Cash & Check. Removed the second payment selector on the cash transaction screen. Users now choose Cash or Check on the payment gateway selection screen.
  • Add: Label to payment gateways. Itransact now has a default display value of "Credit Card". Users will no longer need to choose "Itransact" as a payment gateway.
  • fix: Fixed a bug in the Time Tracker which did not sort the list of users alphabetically making it difficult to assign resources to projects.
  • fix: project management screen of Time Tracker now uses WebGUI standard icons.
  • Add: Dutch and German date formats have been added as default choices for user profiles
Versienummer 7.4.0 beta
Releasestatus Beta
Besturingssystemen Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris, UNIX, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website Plain Black Corporation
Bestandsgrootte 16,09MB
Licentietype GPL




Reacties (5)

Wijzig sortering
iemand hier (goede) ervaring mee?

wil namelijk overgaan op een CMS, maar ben nog aan het uitzoeken welke ik precies wil gaan gebruiken
leuk progsel, leuk in elkaar gezet, maar vind de standaard styles er niet uit zien, wel mooi pakket tho.
e107 is ook een goed open source alternatief, heel veel plugins
Na lang zoeken ook overgestapt op E107. Een uitstekend pakket vind ik!
Het ziet er allemaal wel erg techie uit voor een CMS... waar geen kennis voor nodig is :)
Het schrikt mij voldoende af, om een installatie te proberen.

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