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Software-update: WebGUI 7.3.17

WebGUI is een content management systeem en applicatieframework waarmee op eenvoudige wijze een website kan worden beheerd en ingericht zonder dat men hiervoor uitgebreide technische kennis hoeft te bezitten. Het bevat onder andere een foto-album, blog, forum, rss-feeds en een soap frontend. Voor meer informatie is het handig om de beschrijving van het programma door te nemen, of een kijkje te nemen op de website van Wossa. De ontwikkelaars van Plain Black hebben een nieuwe stable-versie op de wereld gezet met 7.3.17 als het versienummer. De lijst met aanpassingen ziet er als volgt uit:

Version 7.3.17:
  • fix: First event in the calendar not working right (Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi)
  • fix: Uploads folder case-sensitive
  • fix: Creating and updating files in WebGUI creates multiple storage locations.
  • fix: Welcome messages shouldn't be added to inbox as pending.
  • fix: Always use correct format for Message-Id headers in mail.
  • fix: Don't reject built in groups when changing permissions.
  • fix: raw message in post is an array instead of a scalar
Version 7.3.16:
  • fix: Wiki titles not automatically linked
  • fix: Search indexer on Windows not indexing content, opening associated application
  • fix: Email to forum not working from Mac
  • fix: Unable to set size in DynamicField (Diona Kidd / Knowmad)
  • fix: Url's in rss feed don't use http_host (Yung / United Knowledge)
  • fix: race condition causes to fail (Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi)
  • fix: Incomplete Form data on Asset Edit causes asset to be unaccessible
  • fix: Calendar Events Disappearing
  • fix: Modified to handle MySQL null dates. Undefs them. Undef dates default to time(), i.e. today's date
  • fix: Thread template: next.url and previous.url tmpl_vars are always defined (Yung Han Khoe, United Knowledge)
  • fix: The POD of Form::Image is faulty (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: Method name clash between WebGUI::Asset::Post::Thread and WebGUI::AssetVersioning (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: Images in various places were broken in 7.3.15
  • fix: Able to edit locked template (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: demo site: wiki: links broken (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: DataForm does not export entry information (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: Image uploads only respect maximum size on update (Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi)
  • fix: Unable to upload new file to update contents of file asset (Martin Kamerbeek /Oqapi)
  • fix: Issue calling shortcut - incorrect template (Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi)
  • fix: Asset tree cut and paste not handled by search (Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi)
  • fix: Fixed a bug where calendars would generate corrupt iCal feed urls (Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi)
  • fix: Make search indexing work on Windows and made indexing safer overall.
  • fix: Too many directories in RSS cache (Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi)
  • fix: Help link broken for navigation template (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: HttpProxy no longer processes macros in proxied content
  • Added an error message to SQLForm if we can't find any permissions for the database link.
  • fix: Calendar events do not show up on the last day of the month.
  • fix: Event Management System -- Safari can't get past enter attendee / select attendee information.
  • fix: Search does not return exact match without quotes
Version 7.3.15:
  • Added more documentation to
  • fix: modified Form/ to use -min versions of YUI javascript libraries in order to speed up page load times
  • fix: fixed an error in the groups/db system where removing a dblink connected to a group would produce a fatal error
  • fix: Event Management System -- No longer uses session scratch to save purchase information, which breaks things when a user logs out before they complete their transaction.
  • fix: Trouble with Search Users (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: Fixed a typo in (Radix)
  • fix: Fixed an unhandled exception in Workflow/Activity/
  • Added better error handling for asset instanciation in version tags.
  • Added better error handling in asset instanciation.
  • fix: Image::Magick->Scale does nothing if given dimensions < 1, so make sure they are large enough when generating thumbnails in Storage/
  • fix: Deleting a file from an Image storage location did not delete the thumbnail as well. (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: WebGUI::Image->new doesn't obey width and height settings (Martin Kamerbeek /Oqapi)
  • fix: Calendar week view didn't display events correctly if they happened on Sunday or if first day of week was set to Monday.
  • fix: Events limit menuTitle to 15 characters yet if not specified, used Title without limiting its length.
Version 7.3.14:
  • fix: a typo in
  • fix: a typo in
  • fix: an unhandled exception in Asset/
  • fix: modifiex templates for month, week, and day, added iCal variable links. (thanks to perlDreamer)
  • fix: added ability for Workflow/Activity/ to handle unregistered posters
  • fix: (thanks to misja)
  • fix: changed's filter to allow '+' in email address
  • fix: DateTime::epochToHuman %D formatting error- getting day data directly form DateTime, not from $dt->strftime
  • fix: Duplicate Metadata (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: fixed double conversion into seconds (seconds were being stored, and then multiplied by 86400) in group expirations
  • fix: Caching (last-modified bug) (misja / E-Wise)
  • fix: calender (thanks to TjECC for suggesting a very elegant way to fix this)
  • add: User Defined Fields in Posts Edit Form can now be used as hidden form elements
  • fix: Collaboration System not deleting getCSMail workflows (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: Calendar event edit should inherit (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: Calendar: recurrance generates uncommitted version tag (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: Wrong location after login (thanks to Michelle Lamar)
  • fix: Clear Login History period is calculated 24 times longer if it is set in months (thanks to Todor Kouyoumdjiev ECoCoMS Ltd.)
  • fix: SQLForm - cannot add new asset (revisited) (thanks to Joek Hondius)
  • fix: Fixed a bug where $session->form->param() would return params twice. (Martin Kamerbeek / Oqapi)
  • fix: Can't set workflow to singleton (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
Versienummer 7.3.17
Besturingssystemen Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris, UNIX, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website Plain Black Corporation
Bestandsgrootte 14,02MB
Licentietype GPL

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