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Software-update: Skype for Mac beta

Skype logo (60 pix) Skype heeft gisteren een nieuwe bčtarelease voor Mac OS X van zijn gelijknamige VoIP-programma vrijgegeven. Het versienummer ervan is beta en de download kan hier worden gevonden. De downloadgrootte is een kleine dertig MB, maar het gaat hier dan wel om een zogenaamde Universal Binary. De ontwikkelaars hebben sinds de vorige release, die alweer van eind januari is, niet stil gezeten, en het changelog laat dan ook een lange lijst van veranderingen en verbeteringen zien:

New features:
  • Chat typing indicator
  • Chat alert highlighting
  • Call transfer
  • Automatic Updates
  • DTMF tones in Skype-to-Skype calls
  • Public chat support (Join)
  • Payments for Skype Prime premium services
  • "Set my status to Away after XX minutes" can be disabled in the preferences altogether by setting the value to 0
  • new chat commands, see /help
  • added "Toggle Dialpad" menu item to call window
  • added alert icon into Services panel
  • added error message for SMS prefs number verification if country does not support setting sender number
  • added Growl notification for remote contact typing
  • added Montenegro flag
  • added Serbia flag
  • added support for mood message (%mood% tag) into chat styles
  • alert icon in the header of My Skype area when one of the services is about to expire
  • better handling of going online when awaking from sleep/gaining network connection
  • birthday reminder is marked as seen after a call or a chat is initiated from it or after it has been double-clicked
  • dock icon jumps when waiting for license agreement
  • experimental Copy Message, Quote Message commands in chat context menu (require SKChatQuotations prefs key)
  • if only one contact is filtered out in the contact list, then toolbar commands work on this contact
  • implemented chat "Copy Chat Link" context menu command
  • improved QuickAnswer panel
  • pressing "arrow down" key in the address bar will select the first item in the history list if it is visible
  • pressing "arrow down" key in the search field of history window will select the first item in the history list
  • Skype became quite slow when the number of unread chat messages was high
  • SMS prefs sender id verification code is now transformed to uppercase immediately
  • "The whole world can talk for free" tagline replaced with "Take a deep breath"
  • added an easy to see "Purchase Skype Credit" button to call window when user is out of credit
  • birthday notifications are marked read when they have been selected for 3 seconds
  • changed button labels in contact removal confirmation dialog
  • changed found contact list in search for contacts dialog - added profile button, removed language
  • changed internals to better support windows switchers
  • possible to remove multiple contacts in one go
  • removed time from birthday notifications
  • updated EULA and copyright text
  • year in birthday notifications is the year of birth now
Bugs fixed:
  • SkypeIn number was not selectable
  • SkypeOut dialler window didn't fade out in certain cases
  • "Number doesn't exist" error was not handled as expected
  • "Request Authorization" menuitem was enabled in the history window even when the selected contact had already authorized you
  • Callto xxx did nothing for already added user.
  • chat add users panel became very slow after a couple of uses
  • chat window online status indicator did not sync with main window when connection dropped
  • clicking 'Add to Conference' while in a 1:1 call changed the call window to a conference, but didn't add the participant
  • contact list was not brought into focus on right-click under certain trackpad settings
  • contacts from mobile devices had offline status icon in the contact list
  • could not change topic by double-clicking
  • crash on profile log out when searc/add window open
  • rare crash when adding contacts
  • deleting some items from history caused the number of missed events to be wrong
  • duplicate appearance of "Messages in this chat are older than..."
  • fixed opening of external chat style (opening copies it to app support)
  • "hanged up" -> "hung up" in notifications prefs
  • if a phone number with proper country code was entered into the SkypeOut dialler then the popup button was not visible next time the SkypeOut dialler was opened
  • If clicked on "1 day" link to get history of a chat for 1 day, then "445 months" message appeared
  • main window had toolbar when user was signed ou
  • main window jumped into old saved position after sign-in if the position was changed before sign-in
  • main window was moved to main screen at startup
  • Not animated SMS emoticon set actually animated in SMS window
  • only online contacts and SkypeOut contacts were in the Call submenu of the Skype menu in the system status bar
  • Opening a chat in separate window from chat drawer showed SMS chat.
  • previously used Skype names were sometimes not shown in the combo box in the main login window
  • Skype didn't recognize phone numbers without international prefix
  • SkypeOut dialler window didn't fade out in certain cases
  • splash screen image was a bit distorted
  • the duration 00:00:00 not shown for missed calls in the history list anymore
  • the chat button in the QuickAnswer panel didn't send SMS in case of an SkypeIn call
  • the country prefix in the popup button of the SkypeOut dialler disappeared for a moment when call button was pressed
  • the number of missed events was wrong under certain circumstances
  • tooltips in contact list didn't work if the missed events panel was open
  • transition from a 1-on-1 video call to a conference call messes up the call window of the receiver
  • Unable to send files to those with (?) status
  • under certain conditions "Mark All Viewed" button was incorrectly disabled after sign-in
  • URI: skype:?eula did not work
  • username was used instead of display name in the message "xxx would like to share video with you"
Skype API:
  • "set call xxx join_conference yyy" command didn't work as expected and caused subsequent calls to fail
  • contact list didn't regain focus after BTN_RELEASED DOWN commands
  • fixed "NSObjectInaccessibleException - NSDistantObject access attempted from another thread" problem
  • it was not possible to call any target with name containing ","
Skype framework:
  • fixed "NSObjectInaccessibleException - NSDistantObject access attempted from another thread" problem
Language files updated:
  • French - Jean-Pierre Kuypers
  • German - Claudius Henrichs
  • Traditional Chinese - Carlos Lee
  • Italian - Alessandro Venturi
  • Dutch - Alexander Henket
  • Spanish - Carola Clavo
  • Portuguese - Francisco Miguel Ferreira
  • Japanese - Takenori Kursawana.
Skype for Mac screenshot
Versienummer beta
Besturingssystemen macOS
Website Skype
Bestandsgrootte 29,58MB
Licentietype Freeware

Reacties (1)

Wijzig sortering
"The whole world can talk for free" tagline replaced with "Take a deep breath"


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