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Software-update: WebGUI 7.3.9

WebGUI is een content management systeem en applicatieframework waarmee op eenvoudige wijze een website kan worden beheerd en ingericht zonder dat men hiervoor uitgebreide technische kennis hoeft te bezitten. Het bevat onder andere een foto-album, blog, forum, rss-feeds en een soap frontend. Voor meer informatie is het handig om de beschrijving van het programma door te nemen, of een kijkje te nemen op de website van Wossa. De ontwikkelaars van Plain Black hebben een nieuwe stable-versie op de wereld gezet met 7.3.9 als het versienummer. De lijst met aanpassingen ziet er als volgt uit:

Version 7.3.9:

Thanks to a huge effort from the WebGUI Community and the Plain Black staff, this release includes more than 50 bug fixes. Major areas of improvement include the SPECTRE workflow engine and Calendar wobject. See the changelog for a complete list of fixes. Thanks to everyone who helped out!

    (Please consult the entire gotchas.txt file in WebGUI/docs if you're upgrading from a version other than 7.3.8 for other important information)
  • This upgrade may appear to freeze when it gets to the "Adding thread rating column" step, especially if your site has a large number of collaboration systems and posts. Let it run, it's working. We have to recalculate the rating for every single post and it can take upwards of an hour on large sites.
  • If you're using the Events Management System and have a custom checkout template, you will need to use the following template variables to implement the fix: isError, errorLoop, error. Documentation on their use is in the online help and you can also look at the default template for an example use.
  • The c_companyName macro now uses HTML encodings for comma and single quote to make it safe to embed inside other macros.
  • fix: SQL Form and big table imports
  • fix: Can't add task to project management (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: Error in RSS Feed (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • rfe: Asset->get should return a copy of the properties hashref
  • Fixed a typo in version number for DBD::mysql
  • Fixed a Recurring Payments processing bug: illegal division by zero
  • fix: Avatar profile field does not update immediatly when you are admin
  • fix: How to hose your assets (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: Exporting fails with strange URLs. Also factored the URL to path/file translation out into a seperate method so it can be more easily maintained and tested.
  • fix: Spectre needs new watch batteries
  • fix: (thanks to elnino)
  • fix: Added better error trapping for WikiMaster
  • fix: Wiki causes site to fail
  • fix: Wiki Error on
  • Made exipred sessions workflow activity more fault tollerant.
  • Made rss fetching more fault tollerant.
  • fix: caps problem in IntSlider (thanks to patspam)
  • rfe: added user defined fields to collaboration system rss (Dept of State)
  • Simplified Spectre's initial data load, and reduced memory footprint by around 40% in the process.
  • fix: Spectre needs to be restarted every day
  • Added a basic status interface to spectre, for troubleshooting.
  • fix: The requested URL /uploads_macro was not found on this server
  • fix: lack of testing for valid object creation
  • fix: No mention of intermediate upgrade step in gotcha's
  • fix: A newly released version of Html::Template fixes a bug with global variables and nested loops. has been updated to require that it be used.
  • fix: Image in trash though visible in article
  • fix: Direct 6.8.10-7.2+ Upgrade Problem
  • fix: Prototype creation with no permissions (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: Calendar feeds lastUpdated field only shows the year
  • fix: Calendar feeds do not work
  • fix: Sharing information between Calendars on the same server is now less kludgy
  • fix: Adding tasks to project manager has long load time
  • fix: Project manager tasks get cached (not clearing) when bouncing between edit and new
  • fix: Creating a new account when purchasing something properly redirects users to the checkout page
  • fix: Group expiration dates on subscriptions are now correct
  • fix: Rating numbers drop after rating asset (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: Sliders break if you set minimum value (thanks to Patrick (patspam))
  • fix: EMS: blank lines appearing in registrants. Note - this fix requires the use of new template variables in the EMS checkout template. See gotchas.txt for details.
  • fix: AssetExportHtml now handles periods in URLs more gracefully.
  • fix: Calendar Event Details template now uses nice dateSpan variable
  • fix: Calendar Recurring Event Duplication (when the original event occurs on a day that ALSO has a recurrence of that event).
  • fix: Calendar Event Edit erroneously apply time zone changes to all day events.
  • fix: Event edit doesn't re-apply "all day event" radio selector after error.
  • fix: Calendar Add Event now uses the last "start" passed in, or today by default.
  • fix: RSS feeds should now process HTML characters properly for RSS 2.0 standard
  • fix: Corner case which could cause to fail has been fixed.
  • fix: wiki pagination broken (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: SQLForm: set issues (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: Collab System FAQ: clicking top link does not bring you back to the top of FAQ (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: SQL Report download template (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: Ignoring shortcut overrides.
  • fix: Calendar feeds not working.
  • fix: multiple matrix sharing features
  • fix: Fixed a bug with processing macros in rich media ads. (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: WebGUI Auth create account can now be properly overriden
  • fix: Home macro fails when company name has comma (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: WSClient pagination variables. (DonorWare and perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: Add to Group Documentation (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: EMS url issues (Demo only) (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)

Version 7.3.8:
  • Fixed a template variable rewriting problem with HTML::Template::Expr
  • Added a attachment_thumbnail option to the CS RSS feed.
  • fix: No closure
  • fix: content in packages made from page layout don't include content
  • fix: No Reports In/Out Board (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • fix: The 7.2.3-7.3.0 upgrade will no longer orphan EventsCalendars and Events on the clipboard.
  • fix: The upgrade script will remove any orphaned EventsCalendars and Events.
  • fix: Media Folder (perlDreamer Consulting, LLC)
  • security: A vulnerability was found and fixed this morning that could allow a malicious user to delete assets that they don't have rights to. (Thanks to Lucas Bartholemy for discovering this defect.)
Versienummer 7.3.9
Besturingssystemen Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris, UNIX, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website Plain Black Corporation
Bestandsgrootte 13,98MB
Licentietype GPL

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