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Software-update: WebGUI 7.3.1 beta

WebGUI is een content management systeem en applicatieframework waarmee op eenvoudige wijze een website kan worden beheerd en ingericht zonder dat men hiervoor uitgebreide technische kennis hoeft te bezitten. Het bevat onder andere een foto-album, blog, forum, rss-feeds en een soap frontend. Voor meer informatie is het handig om de beschrijving van het programma door te nemen, of een kijkje te nemen op de website van Wossa. De ontwikkelaars van Plain Black hebben een nieuwe bčtaversie op de wereld gezet met 7.3.1 als het versienummer. De lijst met aanpassingen ziet er als volgt uit:

Version 7.3.1 beta:

WebGUI 7.3.1 (beta) is available for download. We encourage all users to test this release and help find any lingering bugs. This version is not recommended for production use.
  • Fixed a problem with IE and resizable text areas that caused IE to crash when loading edit screens.
  • Fixed a problem with the new autocommit code that caused reply posts not to work in the collaboration system.
  • Storage deletes were throwing fatals when they should throw warnings.
  • Fixed a bug in WebGUI::ProfileField->getCategory which caused it to always return undef. (Martin Kamerbeek / Procolix)
  • Fixed a bug in WebGUI::Asset::File where update did not update the internally cached storage object inside of _storageLocation. This is probably only a real problem in persistent code, like Workflow Activities and tests.
  • Added tests for File and Image assets to verify that this happens correctly.
  • fix - Unable to add EventsCalendar
  • fix - Some functions in InOutBoard not internationalized
  • fix: Calendar/Event not handling gateway properly.
  • fix: Calendar templates crushing other styles.
  • fix: Using YUI to add the appropriate events when loading the Add/Edit Event page. Should fix the strange IE bugs.
  • RFE: Add wiki page variables to
  • fix: Not translated labels no displaing

Version 7.3.0 beta:

WebGUI 7.3.0 (beta) is available for download and testing. This version is not recommended for production use. It is very important you read the gotchas file before upgrading to this version! It will save you a lot of frustration... Highlight of this release include a lot of bug fixes, a new Wiki wobject, a new Calendar wobject, new password recovery system and the ability to add file field types to your Data Form wobjects to name a few.
  • NOTICE: The Template Managers group is deprecated. It has not been removed from the system, but you do not have to be in the Template Managers group to edit or add Templates. Those privileges have been transferred to the Turn On Admin group.
  • TESTS: The help labels were broken out from the i18n/label.t test into their own test. An environment variable, CODE_COP, is used to enable the long i18n/label.t and help/setHelp.t tests.
  • documented the Deactivate Account Template.
  • Added the setNamespace and getNamespace methods to WebGUI::International.
  • Fixed bad caching via codespace in Operation::Help. The original failed all the time.
  • Implemented codespace caching in WebGUI::International. This replaces the in-memory cache by symbol table lookups into the code itself and saves duplicating the i18n entries.
  • Added accordion javascript object, which will eventually replace the current adminbar accordion. This one is less of a cludge and uses the YUI API.
  • WebGUI now has a Wiki!
  • Upgraded to YUI 0.12.0
  • Upgraded to YUI-Ext 0.33 RC2
  • Karma RFE: DataForm file upload patch. Thanks to mistoo for submitting the original patch. Although I couldn't use the code in wG 7, it inspired the RFE. Also added the feature requested in the thread to allow the files to be emailed as attachments.
  • Fixed behaviour of the Encrypt Login setting, in such way that only the form post containing the login credentials is sent over https. After authentication the user is redirected to http. (Martin Kamerbeek / Procolix)
  • fix: RSS From Parent assets should always be hidden from navigation
  • fix: profile field i18ned possibleValues with apostrophes failing
  • Added a new DateTime subclass, WebGUI::DateTime, with convenience methods to convert to and from MySQL Date/Time strings. Moving forward, this method should be used in place of the existing WebGUI::Session::DateTime, which can create problems when handling time zones.
  • Form elements Date, DateTime, and TimeField now return MySQL Date/Time strings when given a MySQL Date/Time string as a default value. This is now the recommended method of storing date/time in the database.
  • WebGUI::Search now accepts more rules, "where" for specifying an additional where clause, "join" for making join clauses, and "columns" for adding more columns to return.
  • WebGUI::TabForm->addTab now returns the WebGUI::HTMLForm created.
  • WebGUI::AssetLineage::getLineage can now limit the number of records returned
  • fix: IP addresses for adminModeSubnets not using X-Forwarded-For properly
  • add: workflow activity for expiry of email-unvalidated users. This is not enabled by default; add an instance of it to an appropriate workflow if you want it to run.
  • fix: subscription dates
  • fix: Default Rich Editor setting not rendering correctly
  • fix: visitor name disappearing on preview in CS
  • fix: HTTP proxy not passing form elements through
  • upgrade script patches some corrupted commerce template settings
  • fix: bits of other panels showing through in admin bar
  • fix: Edit Branch on threads makes them not show up in CS
  • The Events Calendar is now the new Calendar with some fun new features. All your existing Events Calendars will be migrated automatically.
  • rfe: multiple redirects on a page - which one?
  • Major change: password recovery is now based on profile fields rather than email account access
  • fix: Updated Snippets not being cleared from cache
  • fix: IE7 Asset Manager and Admin Console bug defeated!
  • fix: fixed a 508 compliance issue with login macro.
  • fix: fails in windows (Rebecca Hunt)
  • rfe: add simpleReport option to (Rebecca Hunt)
  • fix: Updated Hover Help on Possible Value and Default Value when creating new Profile Fields. This should clarify things.
Versienummer 7.3.1 beta
Besturingssystemen Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris, UNIX, Windows Server 2003
Website Plain Black Corporation
Bestandsgrootte 13,87MB
Licentietype GPL




Reacties (2)

Wijzig sortering
Het ziet er veelbelovend uit, ik ga daar eens mee spelen :9

Hier kun je de installatiegids vinden:
Yeah great system Requirements
# Almost any operating system (Windows NT/2000, Linux, Tru64, Solaris, AIX, etc.)
# Perl 5.8
# Apache 2 with mod_perl
# MySQL 5
# 1 GB RAM!
# 1 Ghz processor!
# 200MB free drive space

1 Gig ram en 1 Gig proc ;(

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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